1. A

    GML only part of a string...

    you know in file searching you can say... search: thisFile10_*.* and it will find any thing that begins with just "thisFile10_" is there a way to phrase strings in GM to achieve something similar?
  2. A

    GMS 2 String function characters

    What I'm looking for is to create, for example: If a string looks like this: This text is /rred. Then it should look like this: This text is red.
  3. T

    Help with random numbers and using those random numbers

    I'm trying to make a randomly generating item generator. that will make another item at that location that will repeat the same code but with different variables etc. let's say that the object before it picked 3 (down) So what it would do is R1X= 3 //from before when the object before picked...
  4. R

    Legacy GM Is it possible to convert a string into a sprite/object name?

    Hi again everyone! Another strange question for everyone here, I'm afraid: Is it possible to make game maker interpret a string as an entity/sprite/object name, etc? Sorry for the vagueness of the question, I'm kinda grappling with a code structure idea and I'm wondering how it would work...
  5. R

    A little help checking off a variable string against an entry in a DS_list (etc)?

    Hi again everyone, It's been a while! I've had a tiny bit of spare time recently, and I thought I'd get back into some gamedev stuff. I've only been back into it a couple of days though, and I've hit something of a road block! Basically, I've been trying to figure out a way to make an engine...
  6. andev

    GML String functions that start at 0 instead of 1

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: All Download: Download Links: <N/A> It bothers me that the string functions start at id 1 and not 0, because it means you have to add offsets sometimes. So I wrote some pass-through scripts that fix it. Further reading. All scripts are ready to drag straight...
  7. andev

    Why do strings start at 1 in GML?

    Something I've been wondering for a while now, why does game maker treat string position ids differently? Everything else starts counting from 0. Lists Grids Arrays Sprites Objects Scripts Sounds Buffers Buffer seek Backgrounds Rooms Instances (+100000) And I'm sure there's more... But...
  8. Pfap

    global variables adding 1

    [solved] When my game starts I set a global variable to zero. global.streak = 0 in the create event of another object I have: global.streak += 1 then in a different object I turn the real that global.streak is holding into a string and draw it to the screen. I get the number 120 drawn on...
  9. Pfap

    GML [SOLVED] Global variables and strings

    Hi all, I'm trying to implement this type of code in my game with six objects. My issue seems to be that the global.current_code string isn't being added to, because it works fine with one object. The first object create event: global.current_code = " " spacebar event: if place_meeting( x...
  10. M

    Legacy GM How to use 1 text box object but use different strings and manipulate the strings through the player

    This is probably the last issue regarding text boxes, but from the stat i thought i was only going to have a couple of textboxes so id just use separate objects, but now thinking it through ive realized i needed more, but i think i used the wrong tutorial because the one i did only had the part...
  11. C

    Destroying Drawn Items & Strings

    Hey guys, Chris here. I'd like to know how you're supposed to delete drawn objects, strings, et cetera. Thanks!
  12. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] keyboard_string conflict

    So, i have 2 objects using the keyboard_string variable to generate user text input, something like this: // obj_chat_box if chatbox_selected { text = keyboard_string; } else { keyboard_string = text; } // obj_character_sheet if input_text_selected {...
  13. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Help: Multi-line string output.

    I have a little trouble finding the right words to describe my problem so i'll try be as objective as possible: What i want: - Left Click the dice > roll dice > Message on the chatbox: ("You rolled a d6 and got a 5"). - Left click the dice again > same thing, but with the new dice result...
  14. Fixer90

    String Zeros to O's? (SOLVED)

    How would I go about making an automatic string system that converts 0's into capital O's in any string?
  15. L

    Legacy GM How to Convert Bytes to String? viceversa?

    Hello, I wanted to know how i could take a string, for example "Hello" and convert it to bytes "33749023" ? I saw this one example posted by someone on reddit seed = 0; s = "my string seed"; for(var i=0; i<string_byte_length(s); i++) { random_set_seed(seed); seed =...
  16. N

    Asset - Project Powerful Dialogue Engine (Video Included)

    String Bean is an original, powerful, flexible and easy to use Text Engine coded entirely in GML. Marketplace for GM 2: Marketplace for GM:S: The core of String Bean consists of...
  17. K

    LoadString error when running compiled .exe

    I recently used GameMaker:Studio for a school project, an interactive map of sorts that is supposed to show text when colliding with an object. Both in the IDE and the .exe, the program worked just fine. However, on my school PC, when trying to run the .exe, an error pops up saying "LoadString()...
  18. W

    Can someone detail this please?

    I started looking at text box tutorials to see if I could get the hang of making one and I followed this tutorial on youtube. The code works of course but I don't really understand parts of it. This is the whole draw text box object so anyone familiar with this setup will know it : Create...
  19. A

    Storing a lot of strings

    Hi! I've got a question about handling a lot of strings in GMS(2). I'm thinking about developing a game that needs some kind of database which can hold a couple of thousand strings. What's the best way to do this? Because I really don't want to hardcode it. It's also supposed to be a mobile...
  20. R

    Dialogue Sound Effects

    I've got a text engine set up similar to that of Shaun's, and I'm having trouble establishing a sound effect that plays whenever a new letter is shown. Every time I try to incorporate sound to text, the sound keeps playing every step and I don't know how to fix it. Does anyone have a simple...