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  1. Teknopants

    Get_char_at() parser not finding special characters despite being UTF-8

    I'm loading a CSV using buffer_load(), then going through it character by character with string_char_at(), it doesn't return any characters like 开始, スタート, 시작, Начать despite the .csv being encoded in UTF-8. This used to work but now it doesn't. Any ideas? I'm on v7.7.1447. Here, buffer_load()...
  2. WinuX

    GML string_char_at question

    Hello everyone Is it possible to read the whole number not just the first number that comes after the "\" Because I want to have more than 10 modifiers and i don't want to make it into a string so i can use letters as well is there any possible solution? EDIT: btw. "i" is the current...