1. Appsurd

    Asset - Scripts Simple string_split script

    Introduction Appsurd presents you the superuseful and handy script: string_split(substr, str, ignoreEmptyStrings) ! It works on GMS 2.3+. The script returns an array which contains the splitted string. You may also choose a substring which is longer than one character! Of course the script is...
  2. Sebastian Wich

    Getting the game version as a string

    Hey Guys, How can I include the current game version of my Android game as a visible string in the game? Have a nice day, Sebastian
  3. A

    User Input with Text Field or Text Box

    Hello, I'm working on a small desktop application and would like to integrate user input through a text field / text box. Specifically, I'd love to have a large text box - something like notepad. A multi-line input area for text, where the string will wrap on to the next line once it reaches...
  4. Surgeon_

    Asset - Scripts [FREE] NSP 2 - A GML String Interpreter

    Good day, people of GMC! Some of you already know what this is. Some of you don't. Either way, it's nothing new, just a continuation of an old thread (Link) about an old asset. OVERVIEW: -Name: N String Parser 2 -Version: 2.6.5 (16th of March 2018) -Purpose: Interpreting GML strings. -Game...