1. sofaspartan

    Discussion Is Google Stadia the future of gaming?

    (Sorry! I just found out that Misu created a very similar thread that covers this. Feel free to close this thread if you want, admin.) I have been following Google Stadia quite closely for the past few months and wanted to see what you all thought of this new video game streaming platform. I...
  2. Sammi3

    Async_Load Reading HTTP Stream

    I'm trying to connect to a Firebase Realtime database using their RESTApi. To get realtime data from it, I have to send a http_get request with the header Accept being equal to 'text/event-stream' Here's how I did it: var url, header, payload, _session; url = "https://[DATABASE]/servers.json"...
  3. rockzom

    Twitch streaming channels

    Note: I tried to adhere to the community guidelines to the letter here, and I am including this intro paragraph to be even more explicit. If you aren't interested in watching a Twitch stream or hearing my brief story, feel free to take a pass on reading this; however, if you are interested in...
  4. S

    Streaming videos

    Hi, Looking around I understand that Gamemaker studio does not natively support video in games. However I am working on a project that would most likely require videos to be used. Does anyone know of a way to perhaps stream videos instead of having them put in the game before it starts? (I.E...