1. BCrash

    Velocity - Twitch Racing Game controlled by chat

    VELOCITY is a Twitch streaming game controlled by chat commands (yes, it's designed to work with Twitch's delay). To start type play in chat (while no one is playing). Then use a to move left or d to move right. You get points for avoiding other cars and collecting coins. Once you crash your...
  2. Z

    Windows Single stream

    Hi all! I make long calculations and at this time I can not draw. Can I somehow display information about the state of calculations? Thank you in advance!
  3. S

    Legacy GM File IO Causing Crash

    Hey guys. I'm making a music game. My background music uses audio streams. I open and close them when I need them. My sounds also use the audio_sound_play function, but never have a stream so they aren't closed. For some reason, when I leave the room with all the objects, even if I don't...
  4. AnomalousArcane

    Game Dev Streamers

    Just curious if there are any other game developers that also stream? If so, what methods have you used to immerse yourself within the streaming community?
  5. J

    Is there a place where Devs livestream their projects in the making?

    In simple terms, is there a platform where people who use gamemaker do livestreams of their projects in the making? I tried looking up the gamemaker topic on and nothing came up. Perhaps there should be a part of the yoyogames community dedicated to this? I think it is a clever idea...
  6. G

    Streaming 2 Hour Game Design Challenge

    Hey guys! Today I am starting a weekly 2 hour game design challenge where I attempt to create a full game in 2 hours on stream! This week I will be trying to create a tower defense game! The stream will be at 8pm Central -05:00 GMT tonight! Come hangout if youd like! GMS2...