1. F

    Android Strange Warrior

    Hello everyone! Strange Warrior is one of the best strategy online games on the Play Store, it contain also some skills during battles. Game Play: Defeat Monsters attacks, Build your village, upgrade weapon, collect Gold from villager, conquer another villages in the Global Map, attack other...
  2. HighlandCoo

    Windows Your Country Needs You! [Demo Updated! 11/05]

    Hi Everyone, Introducing.. "Your Country Needs You!" 10 second description Set in the great nation of Puritania, you must direct the resources of your country to ensure the greatest number of our brave and valiant soldiers can be sent to face (and defeat!) the guns of our enemy - the vile...
  3. yvodlyn

    Windows How To Make Player Wait His Turn?

    Hello, does anyone know a simple way to allow the player to wait their turn? Let me explain. There are two players, Player 1 and Player 2. Each player has a maximum of 5 steps. After the 5 steps of a player falls to zero, he can not move. He leaves his turn to the other player. Would anyone have...
  4. mikix

    Asset - Extension Tower Defense Strategy Extension (Desktop / Web support)

    TDS Deluxe is fully completed. If there are bugs in the extension, I will fix them. But all the features I planned for this extension are working. Missile Trajectory Fog Of War Simple + Missile can be bought here...
  5. jackrucel

    Windows My First Game,Cube Souls.

    Game snaps. In this game you are a powerful being with the power to create a fragile life-form. Keep them fed and warm to harvest their souls, to eventually, open the portal to other universes. Download: GameJolt Download page. If any problem with the link, you can also go to Game Jolt site and...
  6. Drazex

    Design Ambitious Strategy Game

    Hi, I'm a fairly new programming hobbyist. I've already designed one simple game with GameMaker, and now am aiming for something more ambitious. My goal is to create a strategy game framework that I can build on and make more complex over time, for something that basically bridges the gap...
  7. S

    Free Survival Chess

    Hello! This is a strategy game that puts a new twist on chess mechanics. Play as a noble knight and beat back endless waves of chess pieces, unlocking other pieces abilities to help you out. As you progress new pieces are introduced and new maps are unlocked, adding another layer of strategy on...
  8. G

    HTML5 Tower Capture 2

    Play Here: Description: Tower Capture is back! The goal is simple: entrap your opponent in as few moves as possible. Each turn you may move and launch a maelstrom of arrows at your enemy. In campaign mode, battle through 10 boards to claim victory...
  9. L

    Released Winter Of The Bomia

    Hello to everyone! Becaus I introduce me new game to you I wanted to wish you good luck to the new year! Also I want to apologize for any possible grammar mistakes I make, I am not native english speaker. Winter Of The Bomia is game I have created during 1+1=3 game jam. It was my first...
  10. J

    Legendless (MVP Build)

    Hello Everyone! Legendless is a turn-based strategy RPG that I am working. Inspired by some of my favorite strategy RPGs and has some tabletop elements to it. This version contains the basics for the battle mode where you control 5 characters in combat against 5 enemies. You control the player...
  11. W

    Released Oracle of Megalopolis, an apocalyptic tale of an alien race

    The Oracle of Megalopolis is about an alien race living in a megastructure built around it's host star Tabby, and it's inevitable demise from the materialization of a wormhole. For millions of years an overpopulated race of beings in the Tabby star system have avoided the extinction of their...
  12. sv3nxd

    Free 4Gravity

    Hey! I finished this game 01.04.2017 and uploaded it on steamcommunity. It's a really simple gameplayidea - You need to put the diamond into the hole by changing gravitation using the arrowkeys. I really liked making the game and wanted to upload it on - 35 levels - Savestates to...
  13. L

    Free Zer0 0ne

    Welcome Zer0 0ne. Ready to get your hack on? There are so many computers and networks to infiltrate its absurd. Its like people think they can live without fear of getting digitally rekt! The nerve. Prove them wrong. Zer0 0ne is a hacking strategy game I've been working on for the past...
  14. A

    Beta Iron Age Kingdoms - ONLINE Strategy Game Looking for Beta Testers

    FREE TO WIN GAMES! Tired of having to spend money to compete in a strategy game on the world stage? Look no more, Iron Age Kingdoms is HERE! Manage your Kingdom in Real Time. Build, Research and Train your Army to complete against other players in a game of World Domination. Game is...
  15. G


    It's been a while, but I just added a new game to HTML High 5! I recently placed 2nd in a bot programming challenge, and I decided to remake the bot in GML for a game. How to Play: You are red. Each turn you can move orthogonally and fire an arrow orthogonally. If a square on the board is...
  16. S

    Team Request Game Designer for RPG

    Hello! My name is Sajid and I am working on an Isometric Turn Based Tactics RPG called SIDON. I am the main programmer and writer. I'm interested in having another game designer on my team to help me design RPG mechanics and systems which I will then implement. I understand the theoretical and...
  17. YanBG

    Turn-based strategy

    That's the tactical mode(i plan few more unit types and province map). Huge thanks to this tutorial: This is the shader that changes the player color(red to blue):
  18. B

    iOS Asibot Artificial Super Intelligence Battle of Tiny

    Now life on the App store: Search Asibot, under Iphone games Hi all, Please try out my game ASIBOT. It is a top down strategy game.
  19. Adrien Dittrick

     The Executive Game

    The Executive Game is about making elaborate plans to execute various crimes like robbery, kidnapping and assassination. Each mission has a certain amount of random generation, but after that everything becomes deterministic: If the player informs himself sufficiently, he can prepare for any of...
  20. R

    Alpha Terminal Dominions - Frontier Sim in Space

    Latest Alpha version can be found here: Link (Unzip to its own folder and run the executable) Follow me on Twitter for updates. Devblog slash changelogs found here. Hello GMC! I haven't really posted much here in a while, but on my last project I remember getting some great feedback...