1. Elgarion

    Demo Enlighter demo is complete & out

    Hi friends ! Let me introduce my game : Enlighter is a 2D puzzle-tactical game. It features a single player campaign, a skirmish mode and some cool local 'player versus player' mode. Release date to be determined ; this is an early demo of this game. The demo can be downloaded here The...

    Demo Rising Lords : Medieval Turnbased Strategy Game (Multiplayer/Singleplayer)

    Hi everyone :) we have been working on Rising Lords for years already, time to give you people the chance to have a look and hopefully have fun with it! For us of course the chance to get valuable feedback and bug/crash reports. Here is a current demo: (see below the...
  3. Alivesoft

    Windows Animal Quest - Action Strategy

    Name: Animal Quest - Forest Survival Genre: Action Strategy Adventure Platform: Windows PC and HTML5 Current State: Beta Version 0.970 [Updated] Release Target Date: October 2020 Publisher: Alivesoft Game Design: Bill Dedes Download latest Windows executable (zipped) Play the HTML5 demo...
  4. M

    Problem with one type of enemy object attacking both player objects + other type of enemy objects

    So in my strategy game, there's player units and then there's computer player units. There is also a third party, namely wildlife enemy units, that are also computer controlled and hostile to all (both player AND computer player units). These are supposed to attack the nearest player OR computer...
  5. ZombieLawyer

    Aye Aye Captain - Pirate Crew Permadeath

    Demo here! Hey everyone, I've been working on a pirate ship crew management game as a hobby for the last year or so. The game has quite a few features (saves to .ini file, several varied rooms/combat situations, etc.) The graphics are from a graphics artist I commissioned. I'm self-taught and...
  6. Jeremy

    Windows RISK - World domination (W.I.P)

    I've been working on a simplified version of Risk for a few days now, to challenge myself; and have already had a lot of fun with it playing a few games with my family! Most notable rule changes: - Cards have been removed. - Players automatically roll with the maximum amount of dice their...
  7. Kezarus

    Distribution Big Marketing Questions (Help o.O)

    Ok, where should I start? I am trying to answer some marketing questions and I have no idea where to start in some of them. I am a programmer and I am planning a release on July and preparing other games to start production. So, these are the questions: Competitors: ok, I think I can get the...
  8. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Branching corpses - The network

    What is this about? Part of the "branching corpses" series, "The network" is a strategy game with a simple premise: Between the moment where you choose an attack and the moment where the attack happens, all enemies will have the time to move away. Make sure to block every possible outcome where...
  9. Japster

    Released TetraLogical - Now fully released/live on Steam! - FREE Keys!

    Firstly, I have to say, that although I know that GMS2 has it's faults, I've absolutely LOVED working with it, especially coming from another engine that is nowhere near as well maintained, functional, powerful, or user friendly! Am I right, @Toque ? ;) Oh yeah, I also showed Toque my game...
  10. mikix

     Warhead - Survival RPG

    What is Warhead? Warhead is a survival top-down rpg in a fantasy setting about an exile -- promised a fortune, in return that he loses his memories and become a servant of Ignis the Shaper. Ignis puts an overmind skull on the player, so that he can watch every move he makes, while the player...
  11. A

    Pocket TBS - Turn Based and Real Time, Strategy, Medieval, Multiplayer

    Pocket TBS is a minimalistic turn based/real time (yes, both) strategy game. You can play alone or with friends, or not so friends, Pocket TBS is a online multiplayer game, play from and against the world! Turn Based/Real Time: this means on every "turn" you'll have a timer to make moves, and...
  12. C

    Steam Shoot Bugs, Earn Upgrades, GROW PUMPKINS!

    Hello everyone! My game Pumpkin Death Garden has just been released on steam! Made entirely in GML, of course. If anyone has any questions about coding I'd be happy to answer them. Steam link: There's some strategy and a...
  13. A

    Need help/advice with designing Space Sci-Fi game

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here and in GMS 2, I only made 1 arcade shooter for 2 players on 1 keyboard, so my skills are not so high but I'm a fast learner. The thing I would like to receive an advice to: I have a concept of a space sim game, maybe even multiplayer one. It will contain...
  14. M

    Asset - Extension TDS Deluxe

    Hi. I'm back again and have finally fixed the mouse clicks feature in TDS Deluxe Extension. Here is a link to a HTML5 build for you to test it out: Press Q to build on the platform. Left mouse click to move (easily change the mouse bind on...
  15. BG Games

    Windows Classic 2D Real -Time Strategy Engine

    Classic real-time strategy in 2D 1) Base construction 2) Gathering resources 3) Hiring units 4) Fog of war 5) Artificial intelligence 6) Improved Pathfinding In the best traditions of the genre
  16. D

    Windows Aliens Are Rude!

    Hello, I made Aliens Are Rude! with Gamemaker. It's a dual genre retro rogue-like with a heavy emphasis on switching between strategy and action quickly and procedural generation. Description: The robots were dancing happily away until the aliens came and crashed the party! Engage in space...
  17. M

    Good top-down character collision code

    Hey, does anyone know a way to make player's units not get stuck in objects in a top-down (RTS) game. I've tried altering sprite masks, and using some collision codes i used back in Gm7 - 8, but to pretty poor results. What ways are there to make units smoothly move around, avoiding obstacles...
  18. F

    Windows Strange Warrior (Free)

    Hello everyone! Strange Warrior is one of the good strategy online games where you can join an alliance, message/attack other players and... it contain also some skills during battles. Game Play: Defeat Monsters attacks, Build your village, upgrade weapon, collect Gold from villager, conquer...
  19. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Gun Kata game: Bullet flow This game is sort of a mechanical engine to test a few thngs for a possible future project which would feature actual graphics and nice bullet-time animations. The system itself is heavily inspired by XCOM cover mechanics, and will be...
  20. woodsmoke

    Free Catacomb Chess

    The city of Chessfield is under attack by bloodthirsty creatures! They come from ancient catacombs under the church. King, Queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns descend beneath the surface to end the evil monster menace from down below. CATACOMB CHESS