1. JamesChappFillmore

    Windows Any Fan of the Tower-Defense and Space Trade Genre???

    Hello everyone. im Working on this space trade tower defense game. and is time to get some feedback. in this game there is a space trade system implemented and working. and also in parallel are all the mechanics of a tower defense. I want to see what your opinion is on how the mechanics are...
  2. A

    The Finnish War - survival-themed RTS

    Hey, I'd want to share with you guys my solo dev project of nearly 4 years development (counting its off-seasons). It originated on GM8.1, then later moved on to GMS1.4 and it's continued with 1.4. Pro today. I introduce you The Finnish War! It's a real-time strategy game set in the early...
  3. yukaccino

    Beta HoloTactics- a Strategy Hololive Fangame

    Hello there! This is my first time posting a game, and it's far from complete, so, uh, please be patient. HoloTactics - Beta 1.0 Available for WINDOWS only Created with GameMaker Studio 2 HoloTactics is a Strategy fangame, with RPG and Auto-Chess elements, inspired by Hololive Vtuber group...
  4. Dune Veteran

    Android Castle Builder | crafting strategy early access (Android)

    Hello everyone, so I'm finally finishing off my first "real" game - and would greatly appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or bug reports. I've launched open testing stage on Google Play today, with the goal of gathering as much feedback as possible while I finish off some stuff like quests...
  5. S

    Idea Thinking of making a game that combines Panzer General, Fire Emblem and Into the Rift

    So this game is a homage and inspired by the various games above -Art style and Battle Gameplay is similar to Panzer General and Fire Emblem/Advance Wars -Historical Campaigns and Special Missions featuring historical and alt-history events (WW2, Operation Sea Lion, Mongols, Romans, Vietnam...
  6. mutasimnadeem

    Steam Unholy Alliance - Tower Defense, Strategy, Action

    Enemies from this world and the dark one fight together in an “Unholy Alliance” to destroy your Extractors. Get ready to face and defeat enemy hordes using a vast arsenal of towers and special powers at your command in a unique tower defense game that will push your tactical skills Fight on...
  7. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 I made Starcraft but I only had 3 hours

    Play it here: Itch: Gamejolt: Newgrounds: What is this? I tried making Starcraft but I only had 3 hours. This improved version...
  8. Jam373

    Windows Total Zugzwang: Arcade Chess

    Total Zugzwang is the world's first Score-Attack Arcade Chess game! Battle endless waves of chess pieces, allowed due to the dynamic, board-shifting "Total Zugzwang" mechanic. Deal with both friendly and deadly status effects like Rogue, Swift and Protected...
  9. James222


    Hey guys so most of my game maker life from 2008 to now has been starting and never finishing RTS games. so a little while back i spent a good 2 months making what would be my ultimate RTS engine. So far it has Full 3D, full online and lan multiplayer allowing all the multiplayer functionality...
  10. FrostyCat

    Free GMTactician Collection: Minimax Devkit

    GMTactician Collection: Minimax Devkit Easy turn-based AI for GMS 2.3+ Overview This library provides a basic framework for implementing the Minimax algorithm. Both synchronous and asynchronous evaluation are supported, and you can develop a basic AI off the rules of the game plus a numeric...
  11. FrostyCat

    Free GMTactician Collection: MCTS Devkit

    GMTactician Collection: MCTS Devkit Easy turn-based AI for GMS 2.3+ Overview This library provides a basic framework for implementing the Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) algorithm. Both synchronous and asynchronous evaluation are supported, and you can develop a basic AI off little more than...
  12. angelwire

    Asset - Project AI with Tic-Tac-Toe - A stylized Tic-Tac-Toe game with an introduction to Artificial Intelligence

    Marketplace link: AI with Tic-Tac-Toe Price: $8.99 Windows executable demo: Download This is a project for beginner to intermediate GML programmers who are interested in Artificial Intelligence or a turn-based game such as Tic-Tac-Toe. What you get: A well documented implementation of 4...
  13. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 Universal Thief - a game where you can STEAL EVERYTHING

    Itch: Newgrounds: Gamejolt: What is this? Universal Thief was made in only 48 hours for the GMTK game jam 2020, and got 27th place! The theme was "Out of...
  14. Y

    Windows Clarrot's Invasion So I partnered with a new friend to challenge ourselves to make a game in 1 week or less. And well, today is day 7, which we decided was release date. There were challenges in that we both have mental health issues to confront with programming and/or...
  15. kroart

    Released Battle for Hexagon - simple abstract strategy [Android/iOS]

    Battle for Hexagon - it's an abstract logical turn-based strategy game. It has simple rules but still provides you a strategic challenge. You can play with an AI or online with other players. Key features: Simple rules Clear visual style Random map generator Multiplayer battles Different game...
  16. J

    HTML5 Cellular Tower Defense RTS

    You defend your nucleus against bacterial invasion Play Now: Patreon: More games:
  17. James222

    Windows 3D Command and Conquer: Generals *Remake Game Maker Studio 1.4*

    Hey guys, So I just started a new project recently. So my last game was the halo CE remake, and now I have a new idea for a remake in mind. The game I grew up playing.... The legendary RTS game from 2003.... Command And Conquer: Generals :) Just got path finding and the 3d environment so far...
  18. M

    Demo Risen Kingdom [Survival RTS / Demo available]

    Risen Kingdom is a real-time strategy game with building and settlement management mechanics. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world years after a great Kingdom has been overrun by hordes of the undead. Now, the bravest warriors are going on a campaign to claim back the land once lost by...
  19. M


    Is there a way to declare abstract variables for strategy pattern use in superclass objects? I'm working on a version of pac man, and I want to have a strategy pattern for ghost AI, but I need to be able to declare an abstract variable to later be assigned a specific targeting method in the...
  20. mrredleg0

    Blocks Keep. (Early development devlog)

    Hey everyone! Blocks keep is a fast paced action platformer strategy defense game I am developing in Gamemaker Studio 2. You play as a noble knight who has to build a fort to defend himself from waves of enemies. Check out the devlog on!