1. Red Phantom

    Demo Meskhenet - A Platformer/Adventure [closed by author request]

    [UPDATED] Download Link (you must be persistent in clicking yes to download this old-gamemaker-version executable): Video is updated. Sound effects muted in video It's a very short demo (5 minutes expected completion...
  2. Repix

    Windows Tanaria - The Spirit Stone (Demo)

    Download: - The Spirit Stone Demo.exe?dl=0 File Size: 2.21MB File: Single runtime exe Genre: Action Adventure with RPG elements.
  3. Gamerev147

    Idea Any Story Line Ideas?

    So I'm in the process of making a game called Warcraze, as many of you know. There is a thread on this game already (in depth), but here is a main idea of the game so far: You and a man named Jim wake up one day only to find that you are the only humans left un - effected by a disease called...