1. clee2005

    Mac OSX Uploading App to Mac App Store with 2.3.1

    Hey gang, Not sure what to make of this at all, but I'm trying to get an update into the Mac App Store which I used to do fairly simply by building the Mac VM and then using App Wrapper to sign the .dylib files like the IAP extension. Using Transporter to upload the .pkg as the Application...
  2. zendraw

    GMS 2 Get list of files

    How do you fill a list with the names of files? like you have multiple saves, then you do a loop and store theyr names in an array. i done this before but cant remember how was it done.
  3. T

    GMS 2 How to store an objects x position on the first step of a state

    Hello, New to GMS, first game and currently working on the movement for a platformer and I'm stuck on one particular movement. When on the ground the player is in the "grounded" state, by tapping left or right on the analogue stick the player enters the "dash" state. When in the "dash" state I...
  4. Krenzathal77

    Windows Find ID of creating instance by created instance

    What's the best way for an instance/object to reference the instance that created it and then store that as a variable, but without doing it via checking for a collision or which one is nearest? I have an enemy instance which creates an instance of a hit object and I want it to follow the enemy...
  5. RhyminGarFunkle

    Question - IDE Store rather than blend colors in sprite editor

    A year and a half ago, I made a thread about getting back the color blend/replace dialog options, which have been in the sprite editor for every prior version of Gamemaker, in the sprite editor for GMS2. Staff talked about ways to duplicate that functionality, and I talked about how those ways...
  6. E

    ANDROID: Two games are not on the same device

    Hi, I created two games in game maker studio 1.4 and I launched them both in the Geometric or Color Dash and Infinity Leaps, but I can not keep both installed at the same time if I have one installed when trying to install the other one error, with the normal Builds other than the derivatives of...
  7. clee2005

    iOS Apple rejection policy 4.3 Spam

    Ok so I'm VERY frustrated with Apple after having our 2.5 year old app suddenly denied with an update submission siting this policy. I tried another of our games and got this same thing. Got a phone call from an Apple rep finally and got this policy repeated to me over and over as I...
  8. G

    Android Targeting the latest API

    As most of you might know, a few months ago Google announced that by the end of 2018 it will be required that developers upload/update apps targeting the latest API, otherwise they will be rejected (READ HERE). What concerns me is that, as far as I know, GMC 1.4 does not support targeting an...
  9. K12gamer

    Do I need UWP to release Desktop Only Games in Microsoft store?

    Just purchased GM2 Professional + HTML add in for $149 total (Discounted because I already had the GMS versions). The UWP module ($400) is out of my price range...but I have several educational games I wanted to put in Microsoft's App Store. I just need Windows Desktop...and don't plan on...
  10. D

    UWP Store certificate problem.

    Hello guys, I have a problem with certification to Windows store. I tried reinstall Visual studio 2015. I really don´t know what to do to pass this. Can You help me ? Game Maker EA 1.99.551 Game Maker - Install certification is OK Thanks for help :)
  11. D

    Legacy GM IAP Problem

    Hello guys, I have problem with my IAP. If I test my app on Android device and try to guy some of my IAP ITEMS, this message appears "requested item is not available for purchase". I just do know what am I doing bad. BUT real problem is, I do not change anything, because few days before it...
  12. O

    How can I use (or substitute) pointers?

    Hey! :) I'd like to store a series of variables in an array list. Not the values of these variables, but the actual adresses in memory. How can I do this? Thanks in advance! xoxo, Olive
  13. zbox

    Asset - Extension SafeSave - INI and Data Structure Encryption

    Safe Save Marketplace: Category: Extensions Price: $5.99 $3.99 Modules: All Description: Securely save data on your user's devices! Whether you are used to using INI files or are...
  14. K

    [SOLVED]How to make a currency system based off of in game score?

    So I want to make an in game store where the player can buy different sprites to play as with their currency. I want the currency to be made based off of their score they get within the game. To give you an idea of what the game is, it is a quick mini-game that usually lasts between 10-20...
  15. G

    How to create and iterate through an array of instances? [SOLVED]

    Is it possible to add object instances to an array or perhaps some other way to store a list of instances? I see that I can store enums and other primitive types. I'm working on a block of code that is supposed to return a list of surrounding tiles when given a tile. I was expecting to do...
  16. Misu

    Forum Game The Vending Machine

    I did not stole this game, honestly... You put something in the machine and take something out in exchange. Simple as it is. I go first... I shoved a doll into the machine
  17. GMWolf

    Legacy GM Set of arrays

    I need to store a set of arrays in a way that would allow very fast adding/removing of any elements in the set. (so hashset, treeset, etc. A List would be too slow). I must store the array given (not a copy of the array), as the array is used as keys throughout the project. Im currently...