1. D

    Question - Code Key down event stop working.

    [EDIT] Whatever the problem was, has been fixed in a later update of GMS. Hi. I'm trying to make a simple Pong game in GMS2 using GML. What I would like to do is when the ball collide with the paddle I want to take in to account if the paddle moving and which direction when the ball bounce off...
  2. L

    Hit Animation wont stop

    Hi Pals. When my Player got hit from an enemy, his hitpoint boolean turns to true, but after the animation ends, he wont stop the hit animation... here is my code if(!mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) && hitpoint = false){ if (ang > 45 && ang < 135) { sprite_index = sprt_luuup...
  3. ArtCode

    GML Make the player stop before even using "move_towards_point"

    Hello, Thanks for your time for reading my question! So, the problem is this... I have a Player that moves with the click with a mouse. This is my code and it's working great: _speed = 4; mouseDistance = point_distance(x, y, obj_Dot.x, obj_Dot.y); move_towards_point(obj_Dot.x, obj_Dot.y...
  4. A

    Android [EDITED] Sound and music stop and don't return after notifications in Android

    Hello everyone, I recently updated to Gamemaker 1.41567 (I was using GM 1.1... and when I tried to upload in GPC it was rejected due to vulnerabilities because that version was too old). The game worked fine with the old version, but now after I use GM 1.4, music and all sounds stops when there...
  5. J

    Move towards point while key is pressed

    PEOPLE Help me out here. I want my player to move towards the mouse point ONLY WHILST my left mouse button is held down. I've tried while loops but they seem to just crash the runner and I cannot find a fix. Other than that I can only get the player to move toward the point the mouse was at...
  6. M

    Level system stops at level 6 [Solved sort of]

    Hi I have a little game here with a level system where you level up by shooting enemies and with each level the enemies spawn faster and the max enemies becomes more. But at level 6 the enemies stop spawning for some reason. I hope someone can tell me how to fix this. The object I use to level...
  7. Misu

    You're shrinking and can't stop!...

    One day, you woke up and you realize you are continuously shrinking, non-stop. You are getting several micrometers smaller by the second. what would you do?
  8. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Music, Out of Sync

    So far I have not implemented full screen and thus everything is playing in a window. When you drag the window of the game around or if you right click at the top of the window then the game stops, but the music keeps on going which in my case it is necessary for the music to stop as well...
  9. R

    Legacy GM Two questions.

    Hi everyone! I'd like to know if it's possible to call a piece of code (something like a function) of an object from another one. Because I want to make things more organized in my code, and instead of writting it every time I need, I would just have it written in one object, and call it when...
  10. M

    Android Pause all moving objects (power up)

    In my game i have a lot of moving objects (also respawning ones). Now i want to create a power up that freezes all objects that are moving, and off course i want to make them move again. The power up needs to be triggered by hitting a button, and have to start again by hitting the same button...
  11. LucasSchachtMusic

    [SOLVED] Can't play multiple sounds at once

    Hey, guys! First of all: I'm absolutely new to this forum, so please feel free to move this thread to the correct section. I'm from Germany, so English is my foreign language. Please excuse my grammar :D Now to my problem: I already read about implementing sounds to game maker (I'm still...
  12. Misu

    Forum Game Another BOMB!!!

    The bomb from the previous gmc forum has recently detonated and you all survived within this forum......... OHNO! There is another bomb! And there is no escape! Quick! Stop the bomb before it explodes! TIMER 99
  13. A

    Legacy GM Hit-Stop Effect/Sleep Function Substitute [SOLVED]

    UPDATE [25/09/2016]: Turns out the simplest solution to the following problem is to write a script function that compares the 'current_time' to a specified argument within a while loop. This way, the game is unable to process anything whilst the while loop is running, achieving the desired...