1. Infernobomb

    SOLVED Setting up multiplayer with Steamworks using Steamworks.gml by YellowAfterlife

    I have a multiplayer game using Gamemaker Studio 1.4 with the 39dll, but am hoping to change over to Steamworks using the Steamworks.gml extension. I have downloaded the repo and following the instructions have tried importing the extension, but whenever I try and compile the project I get this...
  2. C

    Steam NEED HELP! "The directory name is invalid (0x10B)" Cannot run game on steam.

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my game to run on steam but every time I install to play it comes up with the error "failed to start process , The directory name is invalid (0x10B)". the appbuild and depotbuild are correct, it all connects to steamworks correctly, the build is set to default and the...
  3. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 Why do the steam commands don't work on me?

    No matter what Steam command I execute in the code. the function block is always ignored later when I run the game on steam! My Steam achievements are online on steam see screenshots: if (!steam_get_achievement("find_the_exit")) {...
  4. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How works the Steam Archivments

    I tried a lot but I can not get any achievements on Steam in my game. I wrote this keyboard_check function, which also worked when I swapped the Archivment command with a sound effect that should be played as soon as I press the "O" key. To test whether the function is called at all and even...
  5. mikix

    Asset - Project Selling project and migrating to your Steamworks account

    NOT SELLING ANYMORE! I've spent $1000 on it and a lot of time. I'm willing to sell this for $1500 including things that have not yet been added to the project. Includes: 1 high res room image. Custom made pixel art for you to make rooms with and download the surface (room image) to...
  6. TheCheeseMaster

    Mac OSX My Road to a Mac Port is Filled With Roadblocks

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of releasing my first game on Steam and am in "super learning mode". I've been trying to figure out Steamworks, SDK, and just generally how to get my game on the platform. Now, I've made some progress in those departments, however now I'm attempting to create...
  7. kakatoto

    Steamwork, Spacewar...

    Hello, I am creating a multiplayer game with GMS. When I run the game from the IDE, everything is fine BUT when I create an executable and then launch this executable, then Steam pops up a windows for installing SPACEWAR. I know that SPACEWAR is the default Application for testing multiplayer...
  8. T

    Job Offer - Programmer looking for someone to help me to do sdk

    I finished my game, but Im having trouble uploading my built to steam, I want someone that would help me with that or teach or whatever Send me a budget for consult pay via paypal
  9. T

    having trouble with stremworks SDK

    Having trouble with steamworks sdk , My game is already finished I have been using this tutorial to help me to upload the game but I dont understand well two scripts ap_build_AppID.vdf script and depotbuild config is there an example or another tutorial for both scripts thank you in advance
  10. J

    Steam Problems Creating Steam Build

    Hey everybody! I recently got a game greenlit on steam, but I'm running into problems actually getting a working build onto steamworks. I've followed the tutorial here but still something isn't...
  11. BPOutlaws_Jeff

    Steam's aggregated global stats don't seem to work?

    Awesome, the forums are back! And lookin' slick too. :D So I've got a game up on Steam and I've got aggregated Stats set up on my Steamworks page but GameMaker is having none of it. I'm using GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1757, and Steamworks SDK 135a as recommended in the tech docs. My theory is...
  12. H

    Steam [SOLVED] Steam Achievements do not work under Linux

    Hey guys, a user reported reported to me that he cannot unlock Steam Achievements in my game when playing on Linux. The very same build compiled for Windows does not have a problem like this, so code-wise everything should be fine. Now, the only helpful thing I found is a thread from GM's...
  13. Tommah

    Linux Question about Ubuntu Module

    So I'm very confused about the Ubuntu Module. I have it set up to one of my Ubuntu PCs and I can test games just fine. In the Preferences I have it set to "install on Create Application" (I just left it checked so I'm not sure its right). But when I go to actually Create an application and...