1. G

    Steam Steam API issues when getting/setting global stats

    Hi, as the title says I am trying to implement global statistics on my already released game. I have already set up regular stats and achievements, but now I want to track how many times across all the players certain actions have been done. I've seen on the Steamworks stats page that you can...
  2. C

    Steam NEED HELP! "The directory name is invalid (0x10B)" Cannot run game on steam.

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my game to run on steam but every time I install to play it comes up with the error "failed to start process , The directory name is invalid (0x10B)". the appbuild and depotbuild are correct, it all connects to steamworks correctly, the build is set to default and the...
  3. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How works the Steam Archivments

    I tried a lot but I can not get any achievements on Steam in my game. I wrote this keyboard_check function, which also worked when I swapped the Archivment command with a sound effect that should be played as soon as I press the "O" key. To test whether the function is called at all and even...
  4. JAG

    Mac OSX Steam features not working

    Hi there, Im trying to add Steamworks features to my game, but I can't get the overlay to pop up when I run on my Macbook. I've even created a brand new project just to test the Steam integration in isolation, and still cannot get it to work. I run the game, I expect to see the overlay pop up...
  5. M

    Question - Code GMS2 with SteamSDK

    Hi guys, is there any tutorial on how to use steam functions in Game Maker Studio 2? Ty, regards.