1. Daniel Mallett

    Steam own dlc on steam

    I understand that there is a function called steam_user_owns_dlc. In short how do I check a user that is not me (the current user) for the same thing?
  2. J

    UWP Steam Vs UWP

    Hi, I released my game on Steam a few weeks ago and the sales are... Slow. I'm looking for other avenues of income and platforms and I see YoYo is giving discounts for those of us who has the old UWP licence and if we upgrade them we get to publish on Xbox One Creators Program as well as Windows...
  3. T

    Legacy GM Need help in stacking achievements

    how to stack achievements and have them work and should i use a step event? how to set this up or what do i put ///Steam Achievement sets { if global.coins == 100 { if !steam_get_achievement("A life!") steam_set_achievement("A life!"); } } { if...
  4. Sergio

    Steam Super Jigsaw Puzzle

    Hi there! Last week we launch on Steam our first game made with Game Maker. It's a game about making jigsaw puzzles, with exclusive-and-not-too-easy images. About This Game If you like to make puzzles, Super Jigsaw Puzzle...
  5. R

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Looking for a programmer on a platform game

    Hello peeps, I'm looking for a quite experienced programmer to develop a PC platformer game with some quite unique mechanics. I'm also willing to pay for the job or split the revenues from the game. I'm also a programmer and designer but i feel like I need another partner on this so that the...
  6. Z

     Knight Time! Coming to PC and Android

    Hey guys! My talented artist friend and I have been working on the world of Knight Time in GameMaker for the past few months and have gotten some good work done on it so far. Knight Time is a wave-based survival combat game. You use the mouse or phone screen to click and drag the player out...
  7. L

    GML Get Steam username

    Hi, I've created a small game using UDP server and now i'm trying to link it with steam but I don't know how I can make this function work. //part of my code //send steam username buffer_seek(send_buffer, buffer_seek_start,0); buffer_write(send_buffer, buffer_u8,1); buffer_write(send_buffer...
  8. L

    Steam Submitting GMS2 game to Steam

    I am considering submitting a game to Steam but I want to make sure I completely understand how to make the game compatible or ready to be submitted to Steam before I pay the fee. I found a link in yoyogames with what looks like a process overview and explaining how to use the Steam SDK with...
  9. T

    Windows In Dungeon - realeased on Steam with Early Access

    Hello there. I'm here to post my new game. coming soon I'll released on Early Access on Steam. I published this game when Steam Greenlight was working Buy the game on Steam: Important: This game is still in development and can currently...
  10. Vinsane

    Windows Stick Adventures: Wizard Madness: Chapter 1 - Steam Release

    INTRO Hello everyone! First off I would like to say thank you to all the awesome members here for helping me with every question I have asked regarding Game Maker Studio 2. I really appreciate all the help that you guys supply to new developers like myself. I've taken all the knowledge that...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Publishing to Steam and naming

    Hello! I've been working on a game I want to upload to and Game Jolt and publish to Steam. The game will be free and I'm hoping to publish it as an individual. I have been worrying about the legal side of things and tried finding information but have fallen a bit short. If any of these...
  12. B

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio on Mac via Steam

    Okay, so I have relatively little experience working with computers, but I wanted to try and design a game. I purchased access to GameMaker Studio 2 via Steam, and installed it to the desktop on my MacBook Pro, and it opens up just fine. What's happens though, is that I am unable to access any...
  13. M

    Released COSMONAUT

    We have finally released our passion project after a grueling 5 years of iterative development! Steam Store: About This Game COSMONAUT is an immersive story-driven horror platformer set two centuries in our future. Suit up as Jarobi, a green...
  14. The-any-Key

    Question - IDE Where to put the Steam AppID in GMS2?

    In GMS1.4 there is a nice spot where to put it: But where in GMS2 do you put it?
  15. jb skaggs

    Discussion Was talking to a fellow gamemaker and realized that Steam has become a vanity publisher

    Vanity publishers were book printers that you paid to print your book. For the most part it was considered a mark of shame to have to use a vanity publisher to get your book in print. But as I was talking with another person, I just realized that is exactly what Steam had done. They have...
  16. kakatoto

    Steam achievement

    Hello, is it possible to set up the steam achievemetns without paying 100 bucks for getting a steam id ? I would like to do some tests before buying the steam id.
  17. Bee

    Steam Saving to Steam Cloud

    Hello wonderful people, We're so close to launching our first game! But I'm trying to figure out how to save and load from Steam Cloud. Before, I was using ds_map_secure_save and load, but if I do that and save that file, it's encoded and doesn't get decoded. So I tried writing the map to an...
  18. alexhinton

    Steam Conversion to Steam?

    Wondering if any code needs to be altered between a windows version of the game and a steam version. I realize that steam needs to be integrated in the game. Otherwise is it virtually a "windows game?"
  19. W

    Windows Steamworks SDK not found

    I want to compile my game, but for some reason, it is forcing me to have a Steam SDK even to compile (I am not trying to publish to steam). Configuration Problem : Steamworks SDK install not found, check your Preferences. What I'm asking here is how do I compile the program without a Steam...