1. A

    Steam How do I update my GameMaker game on Steam?

    Hey! Im a freelance indie-programmer, currently working on a larger GameMaker project that im hoping to be able to publish on steam within the next couple of months. But im a self-taught not-very-experienced-with-all-the-fancy-parts programmer, and i simply have no idea of how many things work...
  2. Didjynn

    Steam Suprapong

    Hello World, Do you like Pong ? Do you like Flipper (the game, forget about the dolphin) ? Then you'll love Suprapong. Suprapong is a mix between both and even more. You move around a circular arena and both sides of your raquet can smash the ball, improving it's speed but also changing its...
  3. psyke

    Windows Is there a way to allow only ONE instance...

    I'm planning on release my game on steam, and I've noticed that I can open multiple instances of my game, this could lead to potential exploits. So, my question is: is there a way to allow only ONE instance of the game to run at the same time?
  4. T

    Steam Super Captain 3D . A Super Hero shoot em up!

    Hello everyone! We just released our new game on Steam and we would like showing it to you! Super Captain 3D is a shmup where you are a Super Hero defending Earth! The gameplay gravitates towards more of a classic feel like Space Invaders rather than being too bullet hell based. Theres...
  5. Furkan Karabudak

     GameMaker Studio 2 doesn't open ! [ Unable to login - failed to get a Steam session ticket ]

    I bought GameMaker Studio 2 on Steam. but I couldn't use it so much since I bought it. I always get the same error. I rarely see this error when I'm lucky. But I usually see this error. When I try to open GameMaker Studio 2, these events are happening respectively. • A window that says : "Error...
  6. Furkan Karabudak

    Question - IDE [SELF-SOLVED :D] I can't login to GameMaker Studio 2

    I can't login to GameMaker Studio 2 (Steam). I'll tell you everything in order. • Yesterday I couldn't export or test my project for any platform. I waited about 15-20 mins for build. But, there was no process in the output window. So, today I uninstalled GameMaker and reinstalled it via Steam...
  7. JAG

    Steam Comprehensive list of GM-created Steam games?

    Hey there! Like a lot of you, I'm sure, I'm making a game in GM which I intend to release on Steam and itch. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a decent list out there of all the GM games from the past couple years that have been released on Steam? The reason for this list would be...
  8. Caio

    HTML5 Web License Steam not active[Solved]

    I bought the web license in steam, but it is not active, how do I do it now?
  9. S

    Steam API Achievements don't work

    Hey, I can't find anything on the internet so I'll just try it here. I want to enable steam achievements for my game. - My game is on steam (But not buyable) - Steam sdk is set up in game maker - Steam is enabled and I entered the app ID I have an achievement set up and tried to call this...
  10. leveller

    HTML5 I bought GMS2 Web ... need help

    Hey folks. I just bought GMS2 Web through Steam. My Steam account is linked on my YoYo Games website profile. 1) How do I get GMS2 Web to show up on my purchased products list on my YoYo website profile page? 2) GMS2 Web seems incredibly similar to GMS2 Desktop … does this mean I can just stop...
  11. Kezarus

    Released Endless RPG

    Hi everyone! This is a project that I started in the end of 2017. So far I did a LOT of things. My game is about freedom, tactics and decisions that matter. You will be able to generate a random living world! Medieval high fantasy style. Tired from the world that you played but want the same...
  12. Shut

    Steam Kontrakt - Available Now on Steam!

    Kontrakt is a hyper-violent action-adventure game about schizophrenia with a dark and twisted story. You will assume the role of a hitman involved in mysterious contract killing, while uncovering the dirty truth and secrets behind the City of Light. High-speed action mixed with mystery...
  13. G

    Discussion Game Maker Studio showed up in my steam library

    i don't know or rebember how this happened, one day it just appeared in my steam, it's some error? I'm asking because if i make games and post them it would be illegal, so, admins, you know anything about this???
  14. B

    Steam Please help! Not uploading file to Workshop with steam_ugc functions

    Hey I have been building DASH for 8 months and about 50 people are waiting to alpha test the Workshop implementation where you can upload/download user generated levels. And everything is perfect except that no actual content gets uploaded to Steam. Only the empty shell...
  15. B

    Legacy GM Uploads Empty File Without Description and Image To Steam Workshop (Cloud Is Enabled)

    (I have posted an updated thread and I don't know how to delete this one...) Hello! I've seen other threads similar, yet they do not help me past this issue: The following code executed successfully and the audio_play_sound function is played meaning the call happened. It runs from...
  16. A

    Released Minaurs - Adventure game full of exploratory expeditions

    Hi, We would like to introduce you to our new game. Created with GameMaker studio - Master collection (v.1.4.1804). MINAURS A unique adventure game full of exploratory expeditions to the various underground worlds on different planets. Reunite the Minaur Nation! Minaurs is a complex game...
  17. V

    Steam [SOLVED] Steam_file_read doesn't work correctly

    Hello, I am trying to save a data to the Steam cloud using a file, it saves everything well. But while reading the content from file, it doesn't work. Here are the codes I use so it would describe the issue better. Uploading; score = 3; var name = "file.txt"; var data = string(score); var len...
  18. V

    Windows Gamemaker Studio 2 and Steam questions + Studio 1.4

    Would Getting GM Studio 2 give me a license key for 1.4 so I can still use it for steamworks? Also does GM Studio Desktop is that the one with Steamworks integration? I still use 1.4 and I am to far in my project to make the switch. If it isn't what should I roll with? Isn't true getting certain...
  19. Thomas N

    GMS 2 Steam Leaderboards - Optional Data

    Hello, I'm using Steam Leaderboards in my project. The Steam web page says: I would like to use the optional int32s/data but could not find a way to upload it. It seems not possible with the two available upload functions ... and might be impossible at all with GML?
  20. T

    Windows 'Steam Enabled' Not working

    Hey Everyone I've implemented the Steam SDK, and written in what I think is the proper AppID but when I run the game two things happen. Running the game in Gamemaker runs it fine, but the steam overlay does not appear. Running a .zip version of the game does absolutely nothing. The game does...