1. Nodamex

    Steam Lufulus' Creatures (Action RPG)

    Lufulus' Creatures is my second long-term game project. It is a top-down RPG. The game is now on Steam Early Access. I really want to read your ideas about the game. You may also send me message if you need a key to test the game. Get it on Steam...
  2. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 Why do the steam commands don't work on me?

    No matter what Steam command I execute in the code. the function block is always ignored later when I run the game on steam! My Steam achievements are online on steam see screenshots: if (!steam_get_achievement("find_the_exit")) {...
  3. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 "steam_activate_overlay_store" Opens DLC Page

    Hi everyone. I have a game on Steam which I launched last October. Right now I'm experimenting with adding a demo and have included an in-game button to launch the Steam store page. The problem is, "steam_activate_overlay_store" with the correct app ID opens the DLC page for my game instead of...
  4. M

    Demo Risen Kingdom [Survival RTS / Demo available]

    Risen Kingdom is a real-time strategy game with building and settlement management mechanics. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world years after a great Kingdom has been overrun by hordes of the undead. Now, the bravest warriors are going on a campaign to claim back the land once lost by...
  5. rogonow

     Broken hyperlink

    I was reading about how to publish a game on Steam, and i found next broken link: I found it at at Steam...
  6. Cyranh

    GMS 2 Embedding a Google form inside my game

    Hi everyone, I just made a Google form to collect player feedback and for them to report bugs and crashes. It's embedded on my website through the html embed URL. Would it be possible to somehow embed such a form into the game so people can give feedback without even leaving the game? That...
  7. Zuurix

    Linux Game doesn't launch when uploaded to Steam, needs libraries [Solved]

    EDIT: If you're trying to use my solution also check this thread out: Hey, can someone GameMaker + Linux + Steamworks savvy help me figure out what to do? I'm trying to upload Linux build and it's not going well, supposedly Steam uses "outdated libraries", whatever that means... I use Xubuntu...
  8. Fredrik

    Steam Moor - First Person dungeon crawler

    A first person roguelite dungeon crawler Released on Steam 20th of december 2019 Website Greenlight Previous forum tread Second forum tread First forum tread Hey! Since Moor's release in december 2019 it has had several patches which has improved the game alot! Moor is currently in...
  9. FredFredrickson

    Mac OSX [SOLVED] Steam not able to initialize on macOS

    I wanted to push a small bug fix out for Fatty Rabbit Hole on Steam, where I have versions of the game for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu. Just a little backstory: as some of you are aware, a lot has changed for macOS exports since the last time I've compiled this game, with the introduction of...
  10. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How works the Steam Archivments

    I tried a lot but I can not get any achievements on Steam in my game. I wrote this keyboard_check function, which also worked when I swapped the Archivment command with a sound effect that should be played as soon as I press the "O" key. To test whether the function is called at all and even...
  11. MrDave

    Steam UNDERCREWED: 1-4 player online cooperative spaceship commanding game.

    In Undercrewed you and your friends control the same spaceship by running around and activating parts. It can be played local and online 1 to 4 players. Work together to build a ship that can get through the many ordeals you will experience. You are the last 4 survivors on your...
  12. O

    Question - Code Writing a patch & how to check for updates (if on steam)

    So, a bunch of TOTALLY novice queries here! 1) How do you write a patch for your game? Since it's all bundled in one exe... how do you fix a faulty code line? How would you apply a patch? 2) Assuming your game is on steam: how to make the game check for updates whenever you launch it? Would...
  13. JapanGamer29

    Steam Steam Leaderboard with non-roman names

    My game on Steam, Shisensho Solitaire, has a built-in Leaderboard that pulls data from Steam Leaderboards. My problem is that players with names in Japanese or Chinese don't show up on my leaderboard, presumably because I don't have the fonts for them. I'm currently using a Verdana font. Not...
  14. Carcophan

    Question - IDE Steam being down leads to GMS2 not being available??

    Hello everyone. I purchased and installed GMS2 Mobile from Steam, and am now looking for an 'offline' version. I had an issue the other day where (i think) that Steam crashed and because Steam wouldn't load, GMS2 would not load. I thought this would be resolved by downloading a second copy...
  15. Goldoche

    Steam Type Knight has released!

    Type Knight is a short atmospheric typing game. Type as fast as you can on your keyboard to survive. Discover what lies at the end of the cemetery at the cost of your life. Available now on Steam and! TRAILER FEATURES Dynamic Weather: During the game, fog, wind, rain and lightning...
  16. JapanGamer29

    Steam Shisensho Solitaire

    Hi everybody. I finished and launched my first game on Steam. I made it in GMS2 Desktop (Steam version), and it took me about three months to complete. It's based on the classic Japanese game, Shisensho. Unlike Mahjong Solitaire, pairs of tiles can only be matched by a single line with no more...
  17. FoxyOfJungle

    Is Steam's license permanent?

    Hello, I would like to know if the license for Game Maker Studio 2 purchased from Steam is permanent? Can I receive new updates with this license? It's worth buying a "bundle" of Desktop+Mobile+HTML5? Thank you :)
  18. J

    SDK Explanation?

    Hello, I’m new to GMS2 and have recently learned about SDKs. I’m a little confused about what they are and why they’re needed... Are they only necessary for publishing? Do you need to download an SDK before making a game or can you do it after when you’re ready to export? Edit: I am interested...
  19. NazGhuL

    Steam local multiplayer in online mode

    From this article: Imporant part: Total pleasure to hear! That would be very very cool. complete article:
  20. MilesThatch

    Distribution Online co-op without networking?

    Good day, everyone. So steam just dropped something interesting and I wanted to talk about the possibilities this could open up. Especially if other distribution platforms follow suit. This could potentially save tons of labor but for now, if this works, this would lock you to steam platform...