1. Xitilon

    Some of most popular games made with Game Maker (on Steam, by the end of 2020)

    Hi, everyone! I thought, what are the actual numbers behind games made with Game Maker? Everyone (well, almost) heard about UnderTale, Katana Zero, etc, but how much exactly are they popular? Not talking about money here, just the reception, without taking positive/negative opinions into...

    Steam Endless compilation (Бесконечная компеляция/загрузка)

    (eng)Hello, I have a problem when I press F5 (Play) Or debug my infinite download starts, I waited 20-30 minutes, but the download did not end, and so on in all projects. (12gb RAM, ssd, i5, gtx 1060 if you need) Please help (ru)Здравствуйте, у меня проблема, когда я нажимаю F5 (Играть) Или...
  3. S

    Steam Bug, mouse will stop working when leaving and entering GMS2 until i right-click somewhere

    Also. for some reason when i do right click and return to GMS2, it will write out "r f" where ever my cursor is situated. I have no idea, and this sounds so bizzare, so i tried recording it. This only started happening recently. But i haven't gone into any beta modes. And i've tried...
  4. KyleRansford

    Steam (Title removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.

    (Removed by original poster) Moderator please delete topic.
  5. Brodie

    Beta There Will Be Ink – Beta 5.0 – Major Update, Roadmap, & Giveaway

    Hey There! I've just released a major update for my game, There Will Be Ink, a difficult, tactical action game for 1-8 players in which stick figure armies battle it out on a lined paper notebook, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! The update includes a new...
  6. Lightning Gravity

    Windows Single RPG Making List Just To Sell To Make A Lot More Money - [WIP]

    Hi I am Alan Chan and I am the owner of the Lightning Gravity gaming company. I am uncertainly kind of behind my own working schedule base on because the COVID-19 was lasting way too long very boring at my own house to keep on focusing into my own working field. So far I am creating my own 2nd...
  7. CreativeBand124

    Steam Achievements

    Hello everyone! I was able to successfully activate the following commands: if keyboard_check(ord("L")) { draw_text_color(100,80,"Debug",c_green,c_green,c_green,c_green,1) var t = steam_get_app_id(); draw_text_color(100,100,"App ID...
  8. CreativeBand124

    Steam Steam Commands

    Hello! I'm having trouble using the steam commands ... Can anyone tell me why on Game Maker Studio 2 when I call this script every time after i kills NPC /// Achievements for killing if steam_initialised(){ switch(global.kills) { case 15: if !steam_get_achievement("total_kills")...
  9. Nodamex

    Released Physics-based RPG, Lufulus' Creatures is on Steam!

    Lufulus' Creatures My long-term project, Lufulus' Creatures, is now fully released. You can play it on Steam. I really want to know your advice and comments about the game. I'll share some useful code from the project. Thank you all, for your help. Screenshots Game Features 25+ Quests, 200+...
  10. JapanGamer29

    Steam Need a Steam API call that counts total leaderboard entries

    Hi. The Steam API has the following function: int GetLeaderboardEntryCount( SteamLeaderboard_t hSteamLeaderboard ); ( ) But there doesn't appear to be an equivalent API call in GameMaker. I'd like to be able to...
  11. Baseline Games

    Steam After 3 years of development my game Nira finally launched in Steam Early Access!

    Hey everyone! Today, after 3 years of development, my survival exploration game Nira finally launched in Steam Early Access. Nira is a fast-paced survival exploration game. Explore endless procedurally generated worlds and gather resources to survive. Build a base and a farm, go fishing, cook...
  12. bocoboc

    Steam Steam Cloud Synchronization

    Hello, I'm currently trying to implement steam cloud to my game but I ran into a problem. I decided to use Cloud API and all my writings to server are fine, but steam only downloads these files to its own "userdata" folder and not where they should be. Is this how it suppose to be? Neither GMS...
  13. R

    Steam Workshop file system??

    Hi all so at the moment I am having major issues with getting steam workshop to work with my game. So I have everything setup how it should in Steamworks, I have looked on as much forums that I can find and I can't get my game to upload anything to the workshop. So here is my code as it stands...
  14. E

    Steam Reinstall after clean formatting the same pc

    Hello, I bought license from steam. And there writes that you have 3 install rights. My question is, if I make clean installation to my pc, format everything and reinstall again. Will my 3 rights be 2? Thank you.
  15. C

    Steam NEED HELP! "The directory name is invalid (0x10B)" Cannot run game on steam.

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my game to run on steam but every time I install to play it comes up with the error "failed to start process , The directory name is invalid (0x10B)". the appbuild and depotbuild are correct, it all connects to steamworks correctly, the build is set to default and the...
  16. fireday2

    GMS2 and steam Proton

    Hello all There is steam Proton. Which give possibility to run MS Windows software on Linux. Proton is based on wine. And the Proton already included in steam, you just enable it and then you can run the windows games/soft on your linux. But there is a problem - not all soft can be launched and...
  17. Dwighty4000

    Windows What is YYC and VM? And what did I wrong in my case?

    I have put the code in the place in the YYGML.h file as indicated. Then I pressed: "Delete Asset Chache" in "General Settings" -> "paths". Then I saved and ran the application with F5, then saved again with: "Ctrl + S" and exported. When exporting, however, the specified additional files were...
  18. Kezarus

    Deny new GMS updates (Steam version)

    Hi all! I am starting a new project and would like to have the current GM Studio version throughtout the development phase. I have the Steam version of it. How can I avoid new updates and keep the current version? Thanks! =]
  19. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 What is wrong with the Steam Screenshot fuction?

    When I didn't know I pinned the ID from the Steam page in Gamemaker Studio to my game to unlock achievements etc. Everything still worked independently and I was able to take screenshots in my game without programming a specific function for it in GMS2 in my code. But since I inserted the Steam...
  20. N

    Buy from steam or website

    So I'm curious what is the difference from the steam version and the version from the website? And where should i buy it?