1. W

    Steam How to do Online Multiplayer useing Steam API

    I have tried to look for tutorials on how to use steam as the server so users don't need to connect to a server to add friends right in the game. If anyone can give me a tutorial to connect to. I think the best example of what I am looking for is like Duck Game's Internet connection. The level...
  2. Fredrik

    Moor - outdated thread

    *** This is a outdated forum thread *** Due to the long time between this tread (with the v2 of the demo) and the third thread (with the v3 of the demo) there was made a new forum thread instead of updating this one!. Link to the new one: Moor - thread 3 ~ MOOR ~ A rogule-like dungeon...
  3. gamedev4life

    Distribution Steam Greenlight no more! your thoughts?

    Steam Greenlight is dead! Long live Steam! Or no? (from Evolving Steam FEBRUARY 10 - ALDEN When we consider any new features or changes for Steam, our primary goal is to make customers happy. We measure that...
  4. J

    Beta Nadia Was Here (RPG) - Looking for beta testers.

    Game name: Nadia Was Here Genre: RPG (Turn based/ real time hybrid) Platforms: PC/ Mac Progress: About 90% finished, now in testing fase. Demo (NOT the beta): (Last udated may 2016, windows only) Website: Twitter...
  5. H

    Will Game Maker Studio 2 be on Steam?

    Won't buy it before i know it will be on Steam or not.
  6. B

    Linux GM:S v1.4.1763 Ubuntu Export Not Working

    Hey forum I have a bad case of :eek: regarding GM:S's Ubuntu build of my game Urban Pirate. I wonder if any Linux users/devs might know about this problem, or maybe you have experienced it yourself? The export: Recently our team ported an Ubuntu build of our game Urban Pirate. At first we...
  7. V

    Thorny Mazes - Steam Greenlight

    Hello all, I am developing a puzzle - maze game with Game Maker: Studio. Has two different modes, more than 50 levels and a local co-op option. A large part of the development is completed, and I have put the game on Steam Greenlight today. So, I would ask you to visit my game and take a look...
  8. C

    Steam Steam Achievements Api problem

    Hi everyone, I recently published a game on Steam (Fearful Symmetry), and I'm struggling to implement the achievements. I read the instructions many times, but something still seem to miss. I'm using gamer maker studio v1.4.1567. I read in another thread that there is an 'Enable Steam' option...
  9. L

    Developers Needed

    Hey guys, We are an aspiring game publisher and we are searching for developers that would like o work with us. If you are interested, whether you have a game already or just an idea, please feel free to PM or message us at <REDACTED> for more details. Thanks
  10. Xitilon

    Steam Castle of no Escape 2 - free promo keys!

    Hi, everyone! We've released the full version of our game on Steam and would like to share some keys for those who dare to try it! 6HBPY-0HV66-A4MZX L3HCM-6PJ7V-90Q7L JB0D7-6T7F4-QTIM6 Of course if you decide the game's worth its price (it's also...
  11. R

    steam_upload_score() problem...

    Hey guys! This is my first time posting on the forums, but I have a slight problem I can't quite figure out. It's related to using the Steam API in my upcoming game, Mayhem ZX, involving the steam_upload_score() function. So in my game, there is a "target mode" that times how fast the player...
  12. cdgamedev

    Discussion Upgrade From Steam Version says that you can upgrade Studio 1.4 to Studio 2 for a discounted price. Was wondering if this will include the Steam Version of the game or not. Thanks, Callum
  13. H

    Legacy GM dll extension "LoadLibraryA failed with error code 4250"

    Hello new GMC! This is my first post here! ;) I'm working on an update for Fortify. I wrote a dll last spring that implements the matchmaking and peer to peer functionality from the Steam API. The update actually has nothing to do with the multiplayer, but when opening the project with...
  14. B

    MacOS build - steam

    I made a MacOS steam to build, I upload it as well, but when I want to start it, Steam drop an error: Failed to start game (missing executable). Anybody who already go througth this and can help me?
  15. P

    Legacy GM Windows 10 users crash on start up

    Hey guys, this post is relating to Zombie Party on Steam. ( I get regular messages/emails from people about the game crashing on startup, and they are all on Windows 10. Common reports - - Game starts up, but can't see screen (only white) can hear...
  16. D

    Steam illumine, a different take on the roguelike genre

    Hi all, Last week I released my first video game on Steam: illumine. illumine is a non-violent roguelike with a different twist on procedural generation and a gameplay-driven soundtrack. The game was nominated for the Innovative Outlaw Award at this year's Bitsummit in Kyoto and is part...
  17. N

    Team Request I am looking for a partner for a joint study of GMS

    Hello to all the people My name is Nazar and I'm from Ukraine. I am looking for a partner for a joint study of GMS, teamwork and game development for PC (Steam). I'm not very good at programming, but understand the documentation. I am ready to describe the game (design document), a little...
  18. Zuurix

    Distribution Should I leave Early Access as fast as possible?

    I have game in Steam Early Access and recently I have began thinking that maybe I should try to get out of Early Access faster. I've heard Early Access has pretty bad reputation. I wanted to do a lot things before full release, but if I wanted to leave EA faster, I could postpone them until...
  19. cdgamedev

    Tips For Making Games

    Was just wondering if anyone has any tips for people making their first proper games in GameMaker: Studio. In my case I want to publish it on Steam. I already have an idea for a game but don't want to jump straight into it and it ending as a catastrophe :eek:. I could only think of one place to...
  20. D

    Steam Adding Steam module to my existing Master Collection?

    Greets. I have had the complete (non-steam version) Master Collection license (all modules) since it launched, but I am lacking the Steam build output option. Can someone please guide me as to how I can add the STEAM build option to my exisiting GM output options? I already have a steam...