1. D

    Beta PyroMind: Bombs, Explosions and Local Multiplayer[Steam Greenlight]

    Name: PyroMind Genre: Puzzle Players: Single Player, Local Multiplayer, Bots Platforms: Pc, Mac, Linux Approximate Release Date: 2017 May Hello, fellow GM developers! Recently I submitted my first little game to Steam Greenlight. It's a minimalist survival puzzle about defusing bombs and...
  2. jtmx

    Steam Using steam inventory items.

    Is it possible to add steam items from your game to your steam inventory that you can then sell on the steam community market for your game? Forgive me if this is worded badly but is this possible? If so can someone point me in the right direction please :) I plan on releasing a free to play...
  3. F

    Windows GameMaker2 Desktop

    Sorry for my stupid question GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop Is this the correct version for anyone who wants to play and put green light on steam? I am very noob =( tnks
  4. LM_anthony

    Steam Lil Tanks [Steam for Windows/Mac/Linux]

    Lil Tanks is now available on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) for only $7.99 (20% off). The game will return to its original $9.99 pricing after one week (April 11). Steam URL:
  5. N

    Steam leaderboards.

    Hello. Anyone has been using Steam leaderboards? I'm talking about steam_download_scores. Uploading works fine, but I can't figure out downloading. I'm using ds_map_secure_save to save it as a file, but after I open it, all I can see is random digits and letters. I might be doing it wrong...
  6. S

    Question - IDE Upgrade pricing and Steam

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I can't find a definitive answer. Priced in Sterling, it looks as though Studio 2 upgrades are slightly cheeper bought through Steam than they are directly from YYG. If I buy an upgrade on Steam, will I also be able to access direct download from my...
  7. M

    Windows GMS 2 Keeps running on steam after closed

    Sometimes when I close GMS2 it appears on my steam library as if it's still running. GMS2 process on the task manager isn't running or anything. As such, it won't let me close steam or run GMS2 because it thinks it's already running. Does anybody know what may be causing this? Has anyone had...
  8. A

    Steam How to get Greenlit fast?

    I've actually already had a game "Greenlit", but it took me 0 effort and 8 months of just being "out there". Now I'm in a position that I'd like the process to be over as soon as possible (due to the fact that Steam Direct is coming very soon). So, any help would be appreciated :) If it...
  9. D

    Discussion Resolved: Does the upgrade to GMS 2 from Trial on YYG automatically upgrade it on Steam?

    Okay, I've searched through a number of the Steam questions, but did not see this one. Forgive me if I missed it in the flow and search. I have downloaded the trial version of GMS 2 from YYG. I also connected my Steam account and pushed all of my YYG purchases there so that I had a single...
  10. Posh Indie

    Discussion Game Maker Studio 2 "Add On Steam"

    So, to be clear... if I click the "Add On Steam" button, I will have my standalone still available... as well as the Steam versions? I ask because that warning message could be taken as, "It turns your standalone version into the Steam version indefinitely" or "It binds to this Steam account...
  11. RyanC

    Releasing a game on Steam and Google Play - Which one first?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can tell me the best order to release games for PC and Android. I'd like to release my games on Steam and Google Play but am concerned about putting a game on Steam Green light that has already been released on Google Play. Anyone have any info on what's...
  12. ramos

    Distribution STEAM direct just got a rival on his level

    hi Any of you know about this ? Twitch is launching a game distribution platform and have same release time window as steam direct (end of spring) , also the twitchers will have 5% money from sales made off ther twitches so huge marketing posibilities , basical you dont need to see twicth and...
  13. A

    Steam [solved] Help - getting the game on Steam

    Long story short: I followed the tutorial on how to put a game on Steam and there are no steps that last longer than 2-3 seconds so I am confused, where did I miss the step where my huge 600mb game is being uploaded to the Steam servers? Did I make a mistake somewhere or is the upload done in...
  14. M

    Windows Ice Guns [2D](arcade,action,platformer)[Greenlight]

    Hi guys! Please vote for the game! Go to the link and vote! Do not forget to leave a comment! steam://url/CommunityFilePage/861546742 Features «Ice Guns»-This arcade action platformer, sometimes hardcore, about the gnome with...
  15. W

    Steam How to do Online Multiplayer useing Steam API

    I have tried to look for tutorials on how to use steam as the server so users don't need to connect to a server to add friends right in the game. If anyone can give me a tutorial to connect to. I think the best example of what I am looking for is like Duck Game's Internet connection. The level...
  16. Fredrik

    Moor - outdated thread

    *** This is a outdated forum thread *** Due to the long time between this tread (with the v2 of the demo) and the third thread (with the v3 of the demo) there was made a new forum thread instead of updating this one!. Link to the new one: Moor - thread 3 ~ MOOR ~ A rogule-like dungeon...
  17. gamedev4life

    Distribution Steam Greenlight no more! your thoughts?

    Steam Greenlight is dead! Long live Steam! Or no? (from Evolving Steam FEBRUARY 10 - ALDEN When we consider any new features or changes for Steam, our primary goal is to make customers happy. We measure that...
  18. J

    Beta Nadia Was Here (RPG) - Looking for beta testers.

    Game name: Nadia Was Here Genre: RPG (Turn based/ real time hybrid) Platforms: PC/ Mac Progress: About 90% finished, now in testing fase. Demo (NOT the beta): (Last udated may 2016, windows only) Website: Twitter...
  19. H

    Will Game Maker Studio 2 be on Steam?

    Won't buy it before i know it will be on Steam or not.
  20. B

    Linux GM:S v1.4.1763 Ubuntu Export Not Working

    Hey forum I have a bad case of :eek: regarding GM:S's Ubuntu build of my game Urban Pirate. I wonder if any Linux users/devs might know about this problem, or maybe you have experienced it yourself? The export: Recently our team ported an Ubuntu build of our game Urban Pirate. At first we...