1. thom

    steam_download_scores only returns 100 entries

    Hi, when using this: score_get = steam_download_scores("Game Scores", 1, 1000); It will only return the first 100 entries, even when there are more entries uploaded on Steam leaderboards. When I use this: score_get = steam_download_scores("Game Scores", 101, 1000); It will return the scores...
  2. Scienitive

    steam_stats_ready() is always false

    Hi, I'm trying to implement Steam Achievements to my game but I can't do it. I have my game on Steamworks and I have a public store page on steam. I am using SDK version 1.42 because in the manual they say it's the latest version GMS:2 supports. I have enabled Steam on Game Options - Windows...
  3. M.G.

    Steam Leaderboard Problem

    I have created a best list in my Steamworks Game ..., And when you exit a certain mode you come to a room where there is an object with the following code: steam_create_leaderboard ("Name", lb_sort_ascending, lb_disc_numeric) steam_upload_score ("Name", global.score) This is to convey...
  4. E

    Steam_upload_score only updates once

    Hi I think someone else had a previous problem with this a few years ago, but don't think it got resolved. I have got it so at the end of my game the overall score is uploaded to a steam leaderboard; but like it says above it only does it for the first time round. I have got a visual cue so I...
  5. H

    I don't know which site I buy my gamemaker from (steam or yoyo games)

    hello, i want to buy gamemaker and post my games, but i don't know which one i choose (the steam version or the site itself) i heard that the steam version you have to buy the desktop version and the web version, and from the original site you have to pay a monthly fee, someone can give me a...
  6. T

    Windows What am I doing wrong when uploading my game to steam?

    I'm on a modern patch, i downloaded the sdk, 1.42, unzipped it, set it as the steam destination. Enabled steam, entered in the steam id properly ( 1714020 ). Yet I don't get the steam notification for the game. I'll link the video below.
  7. Yizzard

    Steam Publishing Problems to Steam

    So I'm currently trying to build my game to Steam, but I am just completely unable to do so for some reason. I have a SteamWorks all set up and have completed every item on the checklist other than the submit build. I have been following the official tutorial on...
  8. A

    doubt (GMS2 STEAM)

    can I sell the games created (GMS2 Steam desktop) by the steam version platform?
  9. Scienitive

    Steam Steam API Setup

    Hi I am currently making a game on GMS2. I wanted to setup steam achievements and that stuff before applying to steamworks. * I downloaded the supported version of SteamWorks SDK which is version 142. * I setup the SDK location on GMS 2. (Preferences > Platform Settings > Steam) * I checked...
  10. taylor458

    Steam Cliché Adventure "Co-op open world ARPG"

    Wishlist on steam ---> Game info: Cliché Adventure is an open world top down adventure game. It can be played as single player, or with a friend. The game has five unique regions joined by a hub world. Each area contains an over world...
  11. OWagner

    Free [android] [windows] Career of the President

    Good day everyone! I am glad to share my first development - the game Career of the President. The game is localized into English and Russian. Two months ago I started to master Game Maker Studio 2 and now the game is available on Google Play, and will also be released soon on Steam. Life...
  12. Yellowhite

    About Steam Achivements

    Hi guys, i wanna know about How i start to program a Steam Achivement, of the process of create the funcion until how make It the Achivement Works it! I would thank If of some way i can test in 'test mode' too to see if works, thanks. And here i put a imagem about one these: Thanks If i can...
  13. mbeytekin

    My steam game does not work in steam offline mode

    All I want is to check if a user who owns my game on Steam has this game every time the game is opened. Even if Steam is in offline mode. I am currently checking as follows; global.steam_api = false; if steam_initialised() { global.steam_api = true; }...
  14. lost

    Released Apolune 2 - Deep Space Mining (with friends!)

    Official Site: Steam Store Page: Originally, I wanted to write a game for Atari VCS -- when TrogdarRobusto @ Atari VCS Backers Discord approached me. Unfortunately despite submitting content to Atari I've...
  15. KyleRansford

    SOLVED steam_send_screenshot() is not uploading screenshots to Steam

    The steam_send_screenshot() is not uploading screenshots to Steam. The screenshot function works, since it saves the screenshots on my PC. I just don't see them in the Community section or the Screenshots section on my Steam profile. I'm logged in to Steam on my PC and the overlay shows up on...
  16. Seabass (The Human)

    Bring Me Hope - A game about passion, love, and loss

    Join our Discord server or follow us on Twitter for updates! Discord Steam Twitter Bring Me Hope is an adventure RPG with roguelike inspirations, drawing from other indie titles such as Risk of Rain and Enter The Gungeon. This is a story rich role playing experience with a nontraditional...
  17. Dramon

    Steam Make the Burger - by Creative Hand

    Make burgers with assorted ingredients, memorize orders and be quick before time runs out. Make your customers happy by eating delicious hamburgers, but remember, nobody likes to get wrong orders. BUY ON STEAM _______________________________________ About me Hi, I'm Ramon Barbosa, founder...
  18. J

    ¿La licencia de Game Maker en steam es permanente?

    Hola, quería hacer una pregunta sobre el precio de Game Maker Studio 2 en Steam, por lo que sé la licencia permanente de Game Maker en el sitio web oficial es de $ 99 y hay otra licencia de $ 39 que funciona por 12 meses, Aclaro que lo que acabo de mencionar es respecto a la página oficial de...
  19. Athena's Owl

    GMS 2.3+ Online Lobby Networking / Limits of Broadcasting

    My question is more about the function network_send_broadcast or broadcasting in general and its limitations. I would like to achieve what it does that isn't limited to a local reach and the best way to go about that for my purposes using Steam and being flexible enough to use outside of Steam...
  20. meltypixel

    Mac OSX MacOS YYC with Steam crashes: EXC_BAD_ACCESS

    Is anyone able to successfully compile a game for MacOS with YYC and Steam enabled? I seem to be able to compile just fine without Steam enabled, but when I flip it on, I get a bunch of EXC_BAD_ACCESS errors that crash the game as soon as it tries to launch. In Xcode, they look like this: I've...