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  1. gdkid

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED]Saving encrypted INI files to the Steam Cloud

    Hi guys I use Steam Cloud to save and load the player data and stuff. However, the data is saved using INI file, which is very easy for players to modify. Is there a way to encrypt an INI file before uploading it to Steam Cloud ? There's one possible solution using the Steam Auto-cloud...
  2. CrazyNinjaMike

    Steam Does Steam Cloud allow creating folders? (Solved)

    Edit: Nm, will just use Steam Auto-Cloud. Seems to be a simpler solution that will work for me. Does anyone know if the Steam Cloud functions allow you to include folders? Like for: steam_file_write_file(steam_filename, local_filename); If I put...
  3. haloregit

    GML [SOLVED] Steam cloud with encrypted ini

    After searching for quite a while, I was unable to come up with a proper solution. I use SafeSave - INI & More to encrypt my save ini files. It works perfectly, but now I am unable to figure out how to use Steam's cloud saves. I have tried several solutions such as the one from Jorge León...
  4. wheel

    GMS 2 Am I missing something or is it impossible to retrieve a non-text file from Steam Cloud

    I was hoping to store an image file on Steam Cloud and retrieve it, but the only function for retrieving files from Steam Cloud that I see is steam_file_read() which reads the file as a string. I am able to upload image files to Steam Cloud using steam_file_write_file() (The documentation for...
  5. Daniel Mallett

    Steam own dlc on steam

    I understand that there is a function called steam_user_owns_dlc. In short how do I check a user that is not me (the current user) for the same thing?
  6. A

    Steam Cloud Save Help, what file type is GM default

    Hi. I have a small issue with setting up steam cloud saves in my game, I am using the auto-cloud config as my game only support windows right now. My main question would be what is the file type that GM saves games using? When going to C:\Users\'MyPCName'\AppData\Local\'GameName' the save file...