steam achievements

  1. Yellowhite

    About Steam Achivements

    Hi guys, i wanna know about How i start to program a Steam Achivement, of the process of create the funcion until how make It the Achivement Works it! I would thank If of some way i can test in 'test mode' too to see if works, thanks. And here i put a imagem about one these: Thanks If i can...
  2. RipRoarinBoogerBenis

    Hidden Steam Achivements?

    I browsed through the Steam API section of the manual to see if there's a way to implement achievements without the popup notification but don't see anything. I want achievements but don't want them to break immersion by popping up in the middle of gameplay, if anyone has any info on this...
  3. dyh

    Linux Ubuntu export - steam achievements not working

    Hello everyone So I just released my game on steam for Windows PC and it works ( Game + achievements both work ). I try now to export it for Ubuntu. When I run it in Game maker for windows through a Linux Virtual Machine all works as well ( Game + achievements ). BUT when I export it there...
  4. CreativeBand124

    Steam Achievements

    Hello everyone! I was able to successfully activate the following commands: if keyboard_check(ord("L")) { draw_text_color(100,80,"Debug",c_green,c_green,c_green,c_green,1) var t = steam_get_app_id(); draw_text_color(100,100,"App ID...