1. KPJ

    Question about the Stealth Genre

    Hey all. So, I've been thinking about developing a game, a 2D side view Stealth game, inspired a bit by Gunpoint and Mark of the Ninja, along with it's own unique mechanics/twist. I'm planning to sell it on Steam, so I've been thinking about some things. After some research, I learned that...
  2. frd

    La Squirrelle

    Hello, La Squirrelle is a top-down stealth game about a mysterious freedom-fighting squirrel. It's inspired by characters like Zorro, The Three Musketeers and the Scarlet Pimpernel. Hope you are all well out there, Fergus
  3. Raonak

    Android DOT Debug - Stealth/Action (PC & Android)

    Hello everybody. Over the last few years, i've been working on a simple stealth game focused around a black square that can blend into walls by standing next to them. Sorta inspired by my love of MGS. DOT as a stealth-action game about a black square that can hide by standing next to...
  4. KPJ

    Design Stealth Game Perspective/Type?

    Hi everyone! I just wanted your opinion on this question. I'm making a 2d stealth game in GMS 2, and I was thinking about which perspective or type I should have it. Whether I should have it from the side like a platformer (like a game such as mark of the ninja) or a top down view (like hotline...
  5. 2

    GML Player Object; Stealth Initiation, Disable during Interaction not working.

    Hello, I have been working on video game creation through Game Maker 2 (v2.2.1.375) and have been creating a basic landscape for game mechanics. The desire is a semi open world rpg; in this case I am focusing on movement, dialogue, and a stealth mechanic. I have it set that if the player...
  6. Z

    GML Collision_line not working.

    Hi, I'm making a top-down stealth game, and I don't know how to make it so specific enemies can't see through walls. For the guards, I made it so the fire out pellets towards the player, and they are destroyed when hitting a wall. When the player touches one, it changes a global variable called...
  7. orange08

    HTML5 Voltage

    Navigate 10 levels fraught with danger. Use stealth and extreme high voltage shocks to clear your path to the center of this mysterious digital dungeon. I created this game in 2 days, and a few days later I made an HTML5 port. Controls: Arrow keys or WASD, use X or spacebar to shoot. Play on...
  8. Jack Matthew

    Gator Vacator

    Hi everyone! For the past ten or so weeks I've been working on a quirky stealth/action game and documenting my development progress. Gator Vacator is a stealth game... unless you want to get mowed down by the aggressive gators that outnumber you. Unfortunately you only have one bullet - and a...
  9. WolfWoot

    Demo NAMELESS - psychological shooter where you don't have to kill everyone

    My game is done. Itchio Page steam Page Both have demos too, that are more up to date. ------------------------------------------------------ (older post) Hi all I've been working on a top down shooter for about a year and a half now. You play as a felon who is given a second chance to...
  10. Bingdom

    GMC Jam Diverge [Post Jam]

    Created by: @Bingdom, @Iodinex64, @KrotoR You were always an unusual child; lonely, quiet. Never had many friends, but always so curious and inquisitive. Unbeknownst to you, a watchful eye was kept for all these years on you until you approached your pitiful young adulthood; lonely and sad. One...
  11. T

    Unwanted Delay W/ Collision Event

    Hi, so I am trying to build a stealth aspect into the game. When my player (obj_heroteam) moves, it creates obj_sound (not solid), which is (at the moment) represented as a white circle around him that lasts half a second before being destroyed, with a radius of 250. I want my enemy characters...
  12. F

    Team Request Welcome Home Nik: A 2D top down stealth game with a dark theme.

    What is it? Welcome Home Nik is a top down stealth game following the story of serial murderer Nikolas Young. Using the early sunsets this time of year he stalks and kills people at random after work with just a knife and his patience before returning home to his wife and daughter for dinner...
  13. R

    GMS 2 Manhunt-esque A.I. Help

    Once again, I am having trouble with something. This is more... concept than code. I'm looking for an answer, describing what I could do. Many of you may know of an infamous game by Rockstar, Manhunt. Manhunt is a stealth game, in which you must hide in the shadows and try to catch your...
  14. S

    Need Help with a little problem. Thats the file. so my problem is that my guards only look at right and thats not good for a stealth game. pls help me!!! währe sehr nett wenn auch ein paar deutsche antworten XD
  15. A

    A conceivable drop down menu with d-pad input

    Hello, to anyone that reads this, I'm in need of advice/directions. I'm working on a stealth-styled game and I would mainly like to implement a drop down menu the player can access by holding down on a directional pad (up, down, left or right) to make a row of items stretch and appear visible...
  16. D

    Windows Echo Away - a mix of stealth and rythm. [GGJ 2017]

    Echo Away is a puzzle game in which you have to be stealthy and feel the beat. The main character uses echolocation to overcome it's blindness, but sometimes using it can be harmful. The game was my entry for Global Game Jam 2017, which's theme were Waves. Download Link...
  17. S

    Team Request BOOM 3D

    BOOM 3D is a game attempting to follow the same style as DOOM 3D. It will officially be 2D even though it will be rendered to appear 3D. I plan for it to either be a stealth-action FPS or a purely action based FPS. I am currently looking for an artist(nothing that hard just pixel art) and an...
  18. S

    Top down game building cutaway

    I'm making a top down stealth game where a player can go in and out of buildings on the map. Because i want the player to be able to both walk on the roofs of buildings and go inside buildings my current design involved the player entering the building and then being teleported to another part...
  19. S

    Steam Mini Thief (Early Access)

    BECOME THE MASTER (mini) THIEF! Can you escape with the loot? Play as the Master Thief and steal as much as you can. Burgle houses in order to obtain some sweet, sweet loot but, be careful not to be caught!. Your objective is simple, search the area for items which are exchangeable for money...