1. F

    Teleport station problem

    Hi! What's up? Before explainning my problem I have to say, 1. English is not my maternal language, sorry if I have mistakes! 2. This is my first post, sorry if i don't follow any rule. Well, my problem is that I'm developing a game with a few friends, everything was going (almost) excellent...
  2. W

     Cosmic Base [Graphic update, game name]

    Hey. My nick is Weiner and I would like to introduce my newest project. I am working on two projects (actually three) I posted here, but I am making them in Game Maker Studio 2 and I am stuck because of license. I did not know about objects restriction. So I am working on my GM: S 1.4 project...
  3. Misu

    Post your working station!

    This is my working station... What does your working station looks like? Post pics!
  4. G

    Windows Stations of Blarp

    A brave futuristic adventurer is seeking for treasure and lost technologies inside an nearly endless, huge and very old wreck of a spacestation. Unfortunately the station is populated by nasty and evil aliens wich dont like unannounced invaders ... The levels are randomly generated and increase...