state machines

  1. K

    Animation issues

    I have been working on state machines and have gone through Gloomy Toads tutorial, Shaun Spaldings tutorial, and looked through several pre-built options. The issue I have regardless of the code I use is that the player character gets suck on animations/sprites. When I land from a jump it...
  2. Kaijyuu

    GML [SOLVED] How to avoid exiting state machine if there is a wall ontop of my character?

    Hello, noob 856431684 here! Im making my first game after space rocks in GMS2 and i've "learned" state machines, basically all my animations have a state machine. the problem is that when I press "C" my character crouches OK BUT when I press "C" again and there is wall ontop of my character...
  3. A

    GM:S 1.4 [State Machine] Crouch Animation Loop

    How do I stop my crouch animation at the last frame? I tried setting it up like this and it still loops. // Get Input scr_jpgetinput(); // Crouch Animation sprite_index = sp_jplayercrouch; image_speed = 0.4 if sprite_index = sp_jplayercrouch && image_index = 6 { image_speed=0 } // State...
  4. TheSly

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop Platformer Series

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: A detailed tutorial series on creating a platformer using traditional hsp/vsp collision methods, but implemented in drag and drop. It will eventually cover collision code, states, enemies, basic tiling, parallax scrolling...
  5. Eoin

    GMS 2 Animation not resetting resetting while in the air

    Hello everyone, I'm a wee bit of a newbie at this, so please forgive me any errors. I'm having a problem with changing between states. I'm using Pixelated-Popes animation end code. While the char is on the ground the state switching ( player.attack) working flawlessly, attacks hit...
  6. M

    GM:S 1.4 NPC AI switching states issue

    I have created a switching states code for an NPC in my game that is supposed to: ** wake up when a player is near and move up until the y is in the middle of the screen ** stay idle ** if player gets close enough then follow ** if player gets too close go to idle state But my issue is is...