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  1. S

    Windows Problem with Ladder State Machine

    Hi i'm making a platformer/metroidvania and I'm new to Game Maker Studio 2. I'm having difficulty getting a ladder state machine script to work due to an error. Here's my code: scr_getinputs(); hsp= 0; vsp= 4* (key_down -key_up) x = (instance_nearest(x,y,oLadder).x) if (key_jump) ||...
  2. Palocles

    SOLVED Trying to display one sprite followed by another in same state

    Hopefully this is simple, I don't want to spam the forum with questions... So i've got a state engine and need a couple of states to run multiple sprites. This works ok for jump where a different sprite is running for upwards movement to the downwards movement sprite (if/else) statement. I'm...
  3. Palocles

    GMS 2 double tap for dash/run, where to put in state engine

    I'm implementing a State Engine for my game and I'm wondering how double tapping a button for a dash move, at higher speed than a walk, will interact with the state engine. When the 'forwards' button is pressed the machine puts the player into the walk state but if i release the button...