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  1. rls1312

    Mac OSX GMS2 Crashes on startup after update (Mac)

    I just updated to the most recent version of GameMaker on Mac (2.2.5) and since updating, the application won't open. I've deleted all relevant files and cleared the ~/.config file as well before reinstalling. I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing, or if anyone else has had the same...
  2. clee2005

    Mac OSX MacOS problems with new 2.2.4 IAPs?

    Everything seems to work well in my testing on 10.14 and 10.15. But I have 1 confirmed user that is on 10.13.6 (High Sierra) and cannot open our games (3 of them all exhibit the same behavior). Crashed Thread: 4 Dispatch queue: SKProductsRequest reply queue Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)...
  3. D

    Textures pages and game load time

    [Solved] I have a question regarding a games load time. I read in the documentation that in the Windows platform all texture pages are loaded into memory. If these texture pages are 4096 x 4096 and there are more than 100 in total, will this impact the games startup speed? If so I would assume...
  4. cheezy_squeezy

    Windows Consistent extreme lag on startup of any project - then running fine?

    I've been dealing with this problem on my desktop for a fair while now with any of my projects made in GMS2. Literally every single time I run a project the first second or so is fine and then there is extreme lag almost to the point of freezing, then a few seconds later the game runs fine? It's...
  5. S

    Android [SOLVED] Game "has stopped" at startup

    I am using GM:S 1 Professional Edition 1.4.9999 and have a licensed Android module. I had compiled Android games before but now am not able to (granted, my laptop had previously crashed and I reinstalled GM:S all over again). Completed making an Android game and I can even compile it and...
  6. G

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio 2 Won't Start

    Coming back from a long break, I'm trying to open GMS2, and it simply won't do anything. No process shows up in Task Manager, except a background process for the exe does pop up for less than a second before disappearing. I've tried the following: Install newest version (which includes...
  7. A

    Article Overpowering Game Maker Html Plans

    Overpowering Game Maker Html Plans Goals Earning around $40000 CAD money per year. Host Gator Website with SSL + Game Maker HTML file + PayPal Developer= Is an all the cross platformer if you have a website hoster from an all html file. Download free game if you have all the Html files...
  8. A

    Windows Unusual delay running the game, VM and YYC

    So this only started happening today, in all of my projects. When I press run, it would normally takes seconds for the thing to finish and run the game. Now it takes about 40 seconds each time, which seriously hampers the ability to quickly prototype and test things. I've seen more threads...
  9. Drell

    Job Offer - Artist [RevShare/Paid] 2D Artist Needed for Long Term, Contracted RevShare Project

    Weapons Grade Studios is a small, international indie dev studio currently working on a competitive 2D fighter and MetroidVania action-puzzle platformer called Evolver. We are currently seeking a skilled artist to join our team as we move out of our pre-alpha/proof of concept phase and into a...
  10. M

    Windows GameMaker Studio error at startup [Solved]

    Program gives an error at startup. Error is related to Chromium Embedded Framework. How to fix this error? (Sorry for bad english)
  11. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 buffer based palettizing? game currently really slow.

    does anybody know how to make a my palette_create and tileset_create functions faster? right now it takes about 2 minutes to load everything before the game starts to draw. I'm trying to make custom palettized tile drawing so I can make a zelda game. currently its coming along very well but...