1. J

    Windows Right analogue stick not responding as expected.

    Hi all, this is my first post so aplogies if its in the wrong place. I have a google stadia controller plugged into a windows laptop. All the buttons work fine as does the left analogue stick. The right analogue stick on the other hand performs a little weird. -gp_axisrh returns right stick...
  2. sofaspartan

    Discussion Is Google Stadia the future of gaming?

    (Sorry! I just found out that Misu created a very similar thread that covers this. Feel free to close this thread if you want, admin.) I have been following Google Stadia quite closely for the past few months and wanted to see what you all thought of this new video game streaming platform. I...
  3. Misu

    Discussion Google Stadia: your thoughts

    So Google Stadia has been announced. I like the idea how it tries to enhance gameplay experience by increase performance and memory using streaming service but I dont like how it destroys gaming tradition. The fact its just a web stream service on any device makes me feel like its just an...