1. Jackson Oliver

    GML [Solved] Add to Sprite During Runtime

    Hello! I'm new to the Game Maker platform. Windows 10 Game Maker | Runtime I'm trying to figure out how I can load (at runtime) images into a sprite. This code does do that, but I want to be able to load lots of images (from disk) into the sprite frames, instead of...
  2. Z

    Asset - Demo Now released! Pixel perfect sprite rotation around any pivot point

    I really hope this helps people, I worked hard on this one to figure out all the math, and make is as simple and as elegant as possible. This is very readable, compact, but incredibly powerful when it comes to rotating sprites. https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8364/sprite-rotation-toolset
  3. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Is there a easier way to import spritesheets?

    When I make my own spritesheets I always like to put a green background on each frame and then separate each one with a 1-pixel transparent margin, so I know where the frame begins and where it finishes, but lot of spritesheets on the net doesnt follow that 1-pixel margin rule, and therefore I...
  4. K

    Windows Is there any way to cut apart a spritesheet larger than 999 frames?

    I have a 16x16 very large spritesheet that I was using the image editor to cut apart. But the image editor would not allow me to go over 999 frames. Is there any way to go over this limit?
  5. Suzaku

    GMS 2 How to use the "_stripN" import trick correctly?

    I have some spritesheet to import on gamemaker and I like to use that trick but I feel that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, so II wonder what are all the prerequisites to use that feature correctly. Thank you.
  6. remka

    Small tool to create a tile sheet from an image

    TL;DR: I made a small script that takes a grid-based image as a parameter and creates a tile sheet, getting rid of all duplicated tiles. I am more of a designer I guess, so when I am working on tile-based games, I often work directly in Photoshop, copying and pasting tiles when they already...
  7. T

    Splitting Sprite-sheet into individual sprites?

    So I've been looking for forums and just solutions in general, but at this point I'm looking solely to see if there's any option within the engine to split a sprite sheet into individual sprites? I've refused to do the sprites individually by hand, because it is grossly inefficient to do 10...
  8. J

    Question - IDE Sprite Sheets?

    Does GM2 pack individually added sprites into a larger SpriteSheet/TextureAtlas when the game is compiled? What sprite/texture optimizations are automatically performed on behalf of the developer, if any?
  9. Big_Macca_101

    GML Should I use a surface?

    I'm currently working on a little prototype RPG and each character needs to draw part of a sprite sheet multiple times for each of the armour layers.. EG: draw_sprite_part(skin, 0, floor(xFrame) * frame_size, floor(location[state, dir]) * frame_size, frame_size, frame_size, x, y)...
  10. Isabella Ava

    Pixel Character Maker - Unique Generator

    About: Hi everyone, i want to introduce to you the software that i am developing. It's a tool that allow you to create your own character and his/her portraits for your project. It has a very simple user interface that anyone can get used to it in no time and very powerful at the same time...
  11. JAG

    Question - IDE Tilesets with separate pngs

    Hi there Im coming from Godot, which I like well enough but feels unpolished. I just bought GMS2 and am excited about it so far. Is there a way to create a tileset from separate pngs? In Godot you can do this, but in GMS2 the tile images seem to need to all be on one sheet. Thanks!
  12. Bretonator

    Choose sprite from a larger mastersheet

    I am working with a game that uses procedural generation of sprites, and there is a spritesheet laid out like a 3 dimensioned array. In pseudocode, I imagine referencing it something like this: image = imgMatrix[3, 2, 0]; imagine a spritesheet called imgMatrix that is laid out in quadrants...