1. benway

    Windows [SOLVED] Issue importing spine sprites

    Hello! I'm not able to correctly import a sprite created by spine on GMS 2.0.5 I import the .json file, but what I see both in the "preview" and in the sprite when I run the project is a strange mess of the sprite parts... ... Nevertheless, the same json (and atlas) work PERFECTLY on GMS 1.4...
  2. H

    How to change sprite depths for character to move around an object?

    I have my player with a mask around his feet (that way his feet check for collisions, allowing his head to poke through). However, since the object has a front and back, I would like for my sprite to go behind without walking down through the planters, and get in front of the planters too. The...
  3. H

    Changing object depth for player to move around the object?

    I'm trying to make my character sprite go in front, but also behind both of the planter sprites. They are currently set at 0 depth, whereas my player is set at 1 depth. How do I change the depth of the planters depending on where the character goes?
  4. R

    Can you put sprites in an array? (2d array)[SOLVED]

    I know there are some workarounds(yet I know only 1though) but can an array itself contain sprites or can it only contain floats integers and strings somthing like: arr_menu[0,0] = draw_sprite(blabla,0,75,75); arr_menu[0,1] = draw_sprite(blibli,0,75,75);
  5. M

    GML How to Clip a Sprite Outside a Rectangle

    I'm trying to figure out how to clip a drawn sprite so it can't be seen outside of a defined rectangle: (sorry if this image is a bid crude) I assume this can be done with surfaces or blend modes or something? I'm aiming to make this as efficient as possible, since it may have to be used a...
  6. J

    [Solved] Image coloring (grayscale) issue

    Alright so this is blowing my mind. Some Details about the game: Top Down View Enemies have own health bar that is in draw action so animation needs to be done here as well using the following to animate enemies to face the player when walking towards him...
  7. V

    Graphics Xbox controller UI

    I started making some really, really basic sprites as UI elements for xbox controllers. I started it with an xbone controller buttons design, and it's not done yet, but I'll keep you guys updated. I'm also going to include a random project to show how it looks Download Xbone design - WIP |...
  8. jb skaggs

    Legacy GM sprite losing image and crashing

    Hi, as I was loading sprite files into new sprites- my sprites would suddenly cause my GM to crash. It started with 17 sprites in the wrong order, so I moved them in the assets window into ascending order- then as I did this the sprites actually began swapping textures / sprite images then GM...
  9. jb skaggs

    Legacy GM (Solved) Is there a way to count the number of sprites in a game?

    How would I go about counting the number of sprites in a game and then sort them into groups? lets say I have 500 sprites- but I need to find out how many are floor sprites versus weapon sprites? i'd assume I would name the sprites: sprite_floor0 sprite_floor1 sprite_weapon0 sprite_weapon1...
  10. M

    Legacy GM Character Sprite Not Changing

    Hello! :) I am a user who is pretty new to Game-maker Studio, and I recently hit a problem. I was incorporating some sprite animations into my work, and they seemed to be working well until I hit the play button without debugger. Then, the character that showed up was an early draft that I...
  11. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM Check if using either gamepad or keyboard

    Hello, I want to fix an issue that I have overcome when making controller support for my game. Moving the player object work fine enough, but I have doors that check for collision, and if there is, they change sprite. But the two sprites I have are spr_door (normal door), spr_door_down (door...
  12. D

    (SOLVED)How can I make an object face the right direction when on a path?

    Literally been trying to do this for like 3 weeks now lol I just moved on with other parts of my game haha I really need to do this now though, I have tried everything I could think of, I have tried using xprevious, image_scale, path_speed. I dunno what else to try, could someone please help me out.
  13. zendraw

    Legacy GM Sprite identifying

    so i figured the only way to identify a specific sprite in the resourse tree wuld be with sprite_get_name() but how do i return that string into a real value which then i wuld use to assign that sprite to an object? in the manual is suggested sprite_get_index() but such a function doesnt exist...
  14. K

    Question - Code Treating Sprite Images from Tilemaps as Objects

    Hey everyone, I'm about to start working on a project and I have a fairly large tilemap set up. In the game, I would like the user to have their own sort of editor. I envision them being able to open up some menu, select the tile they'd like to draw with, and proceed to create their own...
  15. K

    Legacy GM [solved] Is there a way to detect a sprites image_index changing?

    Is there a way to detect a sprites image_index variable changing? What I am doing is trying to create an object, that whenever the sprites sub image number changes, creates a burst of particles. I have all of the particles worked out, and they show up when the object is destroyed (I have them...
  16. H

    Legacy GM Sprites That Don't Take Up A Page Each

    So I'm making a game where you basically create your own sprites for many of the objects in game (it's a tycoon game where the player is building different objects to sell. Every object they create to sell gets it's own custom sprite). I do this by transferring the sprite the player makes to a...
  17. H

    Discussion Access to Sprite layers?

    This is just a random thing I thought of when messing with 2.x. I thought it would be cool to be able to access layers of sprites to do things like change the alpha or toggling visibility completely. Is there some things under the hood that are happening that makes this not possible? I just...
  18. Null-Z

    Introductory post

    Hello everyone of the forum, I'd like to use this post to ask for directions and initial tips as well as show off some of the sprite work I've done. so first off, I'd greatly appreciate some directions to good videos/pages for a beginner to learn the basics of Game maker. hotkeys and the such...
  19. S

    Legacy GM Keeping sprite from disappearing after "check pressed" event ends

    I'm trying to build a menu where when a user selects an option, a sub menu appears to the right of the first set of options. Attached is a picture of what I have so far. The problem I'm having right now is that when use the following code to draw the next section of the menu - switch(mpos) {...
  20. S

    The sprites aren't working help I am new at this

    I am very new to GameMaker and I am trying to make a top down thingy. The movement is working perfectly and it's facing the mouse but the sprites are not changing. Help. /// Player controls var ukey = (keyboard_check(ord('W'))); var lkey = (keyboard_check(ord('A'))); var dkey =...