1. otterZ

    GMS 2 Question about Instances and Texture Memory [SOLVED}

    I am interested in how texture memory on a device is influenced by instances using sprites in different ways. I can't quite put into words exactly what I mean here, so here are some example scenarios below . . . Example A) If I were to create an instance that drew a large sprite, let's say for...
  2. M

    [Solved] getting body segments to follow head

    I have 3 objects, oHead, oBodySegment, oTail. The player controls the direction of the head which currently only moves up, down, left, and right, but does not adhere to a grid. The number of body segments changes. I'm having trouble getting each segment to follow the head all the way to point...
  3. sinigrimi

    GMS 2 sprite sizes = performance?

    Hello! The question is about the size of sprites, how big can they be done without losing a lot of performance? I tried pixelart and this is definitely not enough to realize my intentions, but I don’t feel like making a game exclusively for powerful PCs. Share your experience, please
  4. S

    GMS 2 sprites have been inverted with no change of code

    hey! so I havent changed any line of my code since earlier today after I tested it out. my character was moving exactly how I wanted it to, when I pressed left it changed to the left facing sprite and vice versa. the only thing i have done is, add a wall and change the background of the room...
  5. FoxyOfJungle

    Graphics Pixel-Art: In your opinion are they good?

    Hello, I have a problem. My friend and I are making a platform game about business for Android and Windows, a game where you need to build a wild mall (all 2d). I am the programmer who makes all the logic of the game, and my friend makes the art of the game, I told him that he can do it any way...
  6. TheMegax

    GMS 2 2D Sprites in 3D

    Using GameMaker Studio 2. I want to make 2D Sprites face the camera in a 3D environment, in a fashion similar to how the original Doom or Don't Starve do. I have seen a few tutorials, but I couldn't find much related to that problem. Can you please give me some advice or a link to a guide? Any...
  7. A

    GMS 2 Destroying sprites form layer

    Hi, I need to destroy sprites called sTree from my asset layer. All 10 of them. Can this be done, if so how? Thanks.
  8. Azenris

    GMS 2 Disable duplicate sprite removal

    Is there a way I can disable for Texture Groups the removal of duplicate sprites. In the currently options I only see toggles for "Allow Scaling" "Automaically Crop" "Generate Mipmaps" I would be allowed to have a texturegroup not remove my duplicates and keep them. I couldn't find anything in...
  9. R

    GMS 2 This may be too hard but... Help with player drawing sprites?

    Just wondering if there's a way I could setup some kind of box where the player could draw out their own sprites to use in the game? I think it would add an element of fun to my project... also since I'm not a great artist people wouldn't have to suffer with my stickman like art haha.
  10. Buddy Theoret

    Flashlight sprite Stretches to Mouse Coordinates.?

    Hey everyone. thanks for taking the time to help me with this very annoying problem I am having, but I can't do this without a little help from my friend's XD so my problem is that I have a flashlight object that aims at the mouse coordinates but I want to make the sprite of the flashlight...
  11. I

    image_speed - This is a bug hehe but i know you can fix it

    :oops:Hello GMC, last post i was finding out about tile bugs with my partner nocturne xD it was a bad function usage, but, this time i got a serious bug to fix, look... I use tools->create local package this because i wanted to create a package for backup and to create my full game version in...
  12. FloresSottile

    Objects are created, but for some of them sprites are not visible.

    I have an object named oSpawner which creates objects named oAlternativeHolder for a Candy Crush look alike game but with numbers written in the "candy". I've been testing my game with subimages made in the GMS2 Editor for my sAlternativeHolder and never bumped into a problem until now that I...
  13. jackrucel

    Legacy GM Is there a problem in have 50 sprites instead of 1 sprite with 50 sub images?

    Hi guys,I was wondering what is the consequence of having 50 sprites instead of one sprite with 50 sub images,I find that using a lot of sprites in some occasion makes the code way more readable, but what are the consequences of doing this?dos the compiler become slower?dos the game become more...
  14. S

    Sprite Swapping For Enemies VS Individual Objects

    I’m designing a platform game that will have different enemies depending on level/room and I was interested in whether just changing an object’s sprites based on the level/room was a potential way to go? For example: Each level/room would have an enemy that crawls back and forth along a platform...
  15. F

    Graphics Is Spine well Supported; also Scanning in hand-drawn art

    Hello all, I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who could give me some advice for bringing in drawings done with actual pen/paint/paper and using them as sprites. When I use a camera or scanner to get a digital version of my artist's drawings the resulting file is huge compared to...
  16. ViridianGames

    create_sprite_from_surface causing FPS drops and memory leaks

    Hello! I'm working with a code base that uses create_sprite_from_surface() to do a "reflective water" effect. This code create eight sprites from the bottom of application_surface and then draws them in reverse order, offsetting them to create the water effect. The problem is that even though...
  17. COWCAT

    Question - IDE GMS 2 annoyances and suggestions

    Even though I've been using GMS 2.0 for a while (for Nintendo Switch ports especially), I've only recently fully switched to it. While there are many aspects I love (tabs and bookmarks for scripts <3, CTRL+T to search on resource names...), there's also some inconvenient stuff. - The sprite...
  18. V

    Windows Cant import large sprites

    I have a sprite at size 12800 x 2140. When i try to import the image, it doesnt say anything and acts as if it worked, but the image remains blank. Anybody know whats going on? Is this going to have to be imported in pieces or something?
  19. Gigicom

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] 2 Sprites not drawing properly

    Hello, I am currently working on an inventory and am trying to position the slots properly over the inventory sprite. I already did this once before, just with a smaller resolution and with a little different system. For some reason though, the slots (blue) now are always a little bit ("half a...
  20. IE Entertainment

    Dynamic sprite size?

    Hello, everyone. Not sure what to call the thing I’m asking about but I want my sprites to dynamically change size based on their background depth. For example, imagine a side scrolling view but when ever your character walks towards the background, the sprite would appear appear smaller based...