1. 2

    SOLVED No Sprites and Backgrounds Appearing (Maybe Firewall Problem)

    I'm having a problem with sprites and backgrounds not appearing in any room and was told is was likely a firewall thing in an antivirus. I have Avast. What settings should I change to allow GMS2 to work properly?
  2. R

    Click to move

    I wanted to make a click system to move to my player. I tried to use mp_pontential_step();, it worked but he doesn't find the shortest path, besides swapping sprites with 8 directions. Another thing ... I wanted my enemies to follow a path, and when they get close to the Player, start...
  3. conman06

    GMS 2 I guess I don't understand image_speed..help?

    So, basically, the problem I ran into was that the object's sprite just freezes. I read up on the Manual, and I was correct that it is indeed a multiplier. My goal is to make the sprite's fps match the bpm, so I don't know what's wrong: -- CREATE EVENT -- image_speed = objSystem.bpm_fps / 2;//...
  4. B

    Nothing I do will show up as a preview

    I have done almost everything to try and get sprites/objects to show up on gamemaker for Windows 10. I have: -updated runtime -restarted PC -made new projects -drawn events (only gotten text) -removed avast -made objects persistent -changed background color -run other people's demos (WHICH WORK...
  5. Plubu

    GMS 2.3+ Pixel Sprites Scaling issues that happen in full screen

    Hello everyone, hope you're all safe, Now I have an interesting problem with pixels sprites scaling weirdly, causing pixel distortion and all of that you probably know about. I've seen PixelatedPope's videos about resoultion and scaling, but they were in GMS 1, tried it, changed the codes to...
  6. WasabiHeat

    SOLVED Block object with "Auto Tiling"

    This is more of a logic problem than a programming problem, but I've been putting together a block building/destruction system and wanted the block's sprites to dynamically change based on where blocks (of the same type) were around it, just like how the auto tiler determines tile sprites or how...
  7. sweep

    GML sprite issues

    Hope you can help,it's probably an easy fix but I can't find a solution. My player isn't switching to the correct sprite when I am climbing. The code is below. The player changes to its falling sprite while going up or down a ladder. Is the jumping and falling code overwriting the climbing ...
  8. R

    point of origin

    Hello guys, I was fixing some visual things in my game, to make it more attractive and make your gameplay cool. While fixing bugs and fixing a sprite, I noticed that one of my objects (a "gun" specifically) was creating the "bullets" at the point of origin. Follow the image below: this point...
  9. Epicrex

    Windows Importing Sprites

    I have 4 frames for a character of mine. All four of these characters don't have all pixels connected. What is an easy way for be to bring these from Aceprite to GML. I've used ...strip4.png before but that only works when all pixels are connected. It would be great when I could immediately...
  10. Palocles

    SOLVED Trying to display one sprite followed by another in same state

    Hopefully this is simple, I don't want to spam the forum with questions... So i've got a state engine and need a couple of states to run multiple sprites. This works ok for jump where a different sprite is running for upwards movement to the downwards movement sprite (if/else) statement. I'm...
  11. W

    SOLVED [SOLVED] Help with Just Dance's Pictogram system

    Hi, how are you guys? So... I started to work on a Just Dance fan-game on GML, and until then, everything is going well I was able to get video playback (through a extension), programmed lyrics and beat system Here is the current progress of the game: But, i'm having trouble with something...
  12. D

    GMS 2.3+ Can't load Sprites.

    After Updating, My project no longer loads any sprites it tells me: could not open file: C:\Users\(name)\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\bloodbarrelgame\sprites\Sprite6\954498f5-58aa-4ab1-a2c1-b8cd3f0c2684.png, using blank 16x16 replacement I've tried - Reimporting - uninstalling and reinstalling -...
  13. A

    GMS 2 Sprite problems

    My Sprites wont show! I am a beginner and I was making one of my first games (Following Shaun Spalding Platformer series) and for some the sprites won't show (and settings were set to "visible", The layer was in front, And the objekt I had was out on the background) What should I do? Can...
  14. T

    GMS 2.3+ Colors are wrong when importing an image

    Hi there, I've been encountering a problem with the image editor in GMS2. Whenever I import an image, the colors are always slightly off from the original. Even when I put in the exact hex code of the color, it's still wrong. Is there a way I can fix this? Here's an example. Original (its fuzzy...
  15. D

    Asset - Graphics Can I use sprites from Marketplace for commercial purposes?

    I have an app on Play Store and this is an add support app so I want to use some free sprites from Marketplace, can I use these sprites on my project? https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/1856/space-battle-sprites
  16. anjai

    Windows Animation / sprite change with sprite_index

    Hi, I have two moving objects in my document: obj_playerA and obj_playerB (playerA sticks to the bottom and and playerB to the top, both can only move left, right or jump). I used the same animation code for both, except for small changes, like any vertical stuff. For some reason it works for...
  17. J

    GMS 2.3+ Sprites not Drawing

    My project was working perfectly fine. I had a space ship shooting bullets at enemies. Had done several quick playtests to check things I was editing. Immediately after a playtest, I decided to edit my bullet and flash sprites (they are separate sprites assigned to separate objects). As usual, I...
  18. N

    GMS 2.3+ GMS 2.3 Not Generating Sprite Collision Masks

    Newly created sprites in GMS 2.3 don't have their collision masks generated. Automatic and Full Image modes do absolutely nothing, and masks can only be set and resized manually. Otherwise, mask coordinates stay at 0,0,0,0, as shown in the image below. Mask type has no effect either. I've tried...
  19. R

    GMS 2.3+ My Character sprite disappears when he's facing right.

    So, I started remaking a game I've worked on since about the GM6 days, using GM Studio 2 now, took a while to get used to the new interface after so long using older versions and being too stubborn to try the new one. That's not important though... What IS important is I have a very strange...
  20. FlatulenzaFiamm

    How to load and unload resources in GameMaker 8.0

    Greetings people! I wanted to know if there is any way to avoid the default option of GameMaker in which all the game assets are always loaded at startup. This causes performance problems, usually leading to the classic "An error has occured" or sometimes even "Lack of memory". Sadly, I have...