1. Luke Pierson

    State Change please help

    Hey everyone. So I will be making a game that has 3 inventory slots. When an item is placed in a slot, it will set a variable as true. In addition, there is an item selector that moves between each slot. When you pick up a certain item (the whip), you enter the whip state. If the selector moves...
  2. Rackover

    Windows [SOLVED] sprite_index breaking the code

    Hello, I'm having my first steps on GameMaker and after following the tutorial to create a basic platformer game, everything works perfectly : I can move my character, jump, and I correctly collide with walls and ground. But if try to add some conditions to change my sprite using sprite_index...
  3. zendraw

    Legacy GM Sprite_index VS Image_index

    Hi, so for some time now ive been wondering about this, which is better to use for static images like on the HUD or just some object in the room, 1 sprite with 100 images or 100 sprites with 1 image? ive heard that its better to use sprites with single image.
  4. F

    Legacy GM Replacing a sprite from a external file directory Problems

    I am making a program to pose characters using a ragdoll setup and I have been trying to make it possible to replace a sprite for a body part from external image file directory. .png 200x200 But when I replace say the left arm on one doll, all the left arms of all the other dolls change...
  5. S

    pathfinding canghe sprite

    hi guys, i have a object. this object must go in a specific point. to go in this point it needs avoid other object. i do it with pathfinding everything works. I have a problem with change sprite. The object have a different sprite for every direction.3 change sprite work good but when object go...
  6. E

    Help with weapon sprite change

    I've been using GM for several months, but i'm stuck at this one for almost 3 days. Help will be very much appreciated. And sorry for my bad english. The problem is when i pick up obj_m16 and obj_pistol which are completely similar with different sprites and some options. Both of the weapons...
  7. Axl Trauts

    Legacy GM SOLVED: Player movement sprites

    Hi, I know the basics of how to move a player. In my case it's a plane in a top view shoot-em up game such as 1943, and I know how to change the sprite when it moves to the left, stops at a frame while the left key is pressed, and when I stop pressing it, the sprite changes to the starting...