1. Jase217

    GMS 2 Sprite_get_texture gives varying results?

    I've noticed that sprite_get_texture will give a different value for every sprite that's on the same texture page. Is this normal? I wanted to check if a texture page has changed, but I can't do that if the value isn't consistent. For context, I've built a sprite batching system for 3D...
  2. M

    Legacy GM Inconsistent sprite_get_texture() behaviour cross PC and Android

    So basically I am bad with shaders, so I can't really explain it well, but here is my issue: using vertex_submit() to draw a sprite created from a surface bahaves different on Windows and on Android. On Windows the wrong size is used (e.g. sprite is 200x300, but is displayed with transparent...
  3. W

    GML [SOLVED] Need help with using sprite_get_texture with shaders

    In this example here (under the title "Arbitrary clip area via shaders"), @YellowAfterlife explains how to create a sprite clipping mask from a surface texture. I'm trying to make it work with a sprite texture, but for some reason it isn't working. My code is more or less the same as the...