1. zendraw

    GMS 2 draw surface pos

    i noticed there is no draw_surface_pos function? so my question is can i somehow make that happen? basicly i want to draw a surface with the top end squished in creating the illusion of 3d. there is the option of making the surface a sprite, but i will be drawing on the surface every frame, so...
  2. zendraw

    Question - IDE sprite->object

    is there a way to instantly make an object for each selected sprite? in the resourse three. and i do need it in the resourse tree becouse i have to put them in specific places in the room editor, cant even code that out.
  3. Telorr

    SOLVED Changing Sprite (Animated ON/OFF Button)

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie here I need your help I want make a object (oButton) which when I click it in OFF condition, it will change to ON condition and vice versa. But, i can't make it. I can't set the animation precisely. It will loop continuously. This sprite has a total of 24 frames. Frame 1...
  4. M

    Discussion I deleted my sprite...

    Please tell me GMS2 has some way I can recover a deleted sprite. I've been working on a sprite animation for a bit and I accidentally deleted it thinking it was something else. Is there any way I can recover it? I tried Ctrl + Z to see if I can pop it back, but once it's gone I guess you...
  5. orSQUADstra

    Alpha Classic Sprite Editor - The old GameMaker sprite editor remade in GMS2!

    About Classic Sprite Editor is a project aiming to bring the old sprite editor to life in the style of GameMaker Studio 2. Every aspect of the good ol' editor is being brought to life once again as close as possible! Yes, that also means that pasting an image will be made a selection, and not a...
  6. AssoAndrea

    GMS 2 SWF Image import Error

    When i import a SWF image on game maker i see only a big white square
  7. rob2d

    Windows Background layer shows above sprites

    Hi, Recently started to get familiar with Game Maker after a long hiatus from any kind of hobby game development and found that in GMStudio 2 (Beta v23.1.1.67), I am having issues where the background always draws above sprites. If I check the room settings, the depth of the background layer...
  8. angelwire

    Asset - Scripts AESnips - A powerful and easy to use sprite animation system [free]

    AESnips is a system that allows objects to effortlessly handle simple or complex sprite animation playback for you. Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9275/aesnips-animation-system Summary: Create "Snips" and simply tell an object to play the Snip animation and the...
  9. Reddoka

    Don't know how to deal with sprite animation :(((

    I want my animation doesn't loop so I can add the transition after it, but here's everything I can thing about, and of course, it doesn't work if skeleton_animation_get_frames(sprite22) = 10 { image_speed = 0; Slidetrans(TRANS_MODE.GOTO, room3); } else { image_speed = 1 } I'm...
  10. U

    SOLVED I want to make the enumerator correspond to the item sprite

    Hello. We are making an inventory. The image is a picture of the item used for inventory. I draw a picture every 64 pixels. I want to use draw_sprite(); according to the order of enumerators below. How can I make this sprite an enumerator? enum item{ none, draw_set, mirror, ball_w, ball_b...
  11. A

    Advanced sprites with (kind of) physics

    I’ve played a lot of metroidvania style games, and I’ve wanted to mimic the functions of some of them. The only problem is I have no idea how some of these mechanics were done. A few examples: in Timespinner, the Asure Queen has weapons on the end of intangible chains. The chains fold and...
  12. A

    SOLVED collision check for draw_sprite_ext?

    I'm going to make a game with a lot of sprites. Making all sprites as objects creates a lot of trouble. I wrote the Main rules in a rule object and managed to draw it with draw_sprite_ext. However, I cannot check Collision. Briefly; How to make a collision check of a sprite drawn with...
  13. UnderdogKeeper

    GMS 2 GML, How to Change Sprite depending of a mouse placemant?

    Hello, guys and gals. I'm very new to the GameMaker, and even newer to this place. So I hope I'm posting this in a right thread, and I hope my problem will not irritate you or something like that. Before all of this I just want to repeat that I'm a rookie beginner, so all of this stuff is pretty...
  14. TreysterGames

    Graphics Sprite-Sheets

    this is just a question that I have. I've been trying to get into animating sprites, and seems the only way to do so is to upload a sprite sheet; is there a way for me to create one of those, because I don't have much experience with that process.
  15. Architheutis

    Transparent images with filthy lookin´ edges

    Hey there, hum, I converted my (almost) ready game. My texture rate is set on 2048 x 2048. I always remark ugly edges in my transparent sprites esp. in my BG-textures (I sometimes import prepared images, made via Photoshop). I created .png-files with transparent BG, 72dpi, RGB, 32bit. Any ideas...
  16. Jesus17

    GMS 2 Could you guys please help me? Text and talking sprite animation

    Hey guys I'm new at this. I'm from Colombia bu I had to come here bc I can't get enough information for my "problem" As you can see at the title I wanna know how to stop my sprite animation "How to stop its mouth when the text finishes (bc it is a typewritter effect)" because its mouth keeps...
  17. T

    SOLVED How to make a Sprite not cycle through frames but change a frame when something happens

    I am making a tower defense game, and you are protecting a house. I have different frames in the house sprite for different levels of being broken by the enemy. I would like it to stay on the first frame, but if something happens, such as the health going down by 25, it will go to the next...
  18. D

    GMS 2.3+ Glitched-looking sprite after deleting associated tileset.

    Step 1) Assign a sprite to a tileset. Disable export is selected. Step 2) Delete that tileset Step 3) Use that sprite in a room. It can be attached to any object. The sprite looks glitched now, like a black/white checkerboard pattern - but only when running the game. The sprite in the room...
  19. Dr_Nomz

    GML [SOLVED] How to play an animation?

    I'm trying to have an enemy attack, and then switch back to it's normal state after attacking. Problem is I can't figure out how to make it play the animation properly. It'll start, stay on the first frame, and do nothing. I start off in the CREATE event with a simple state engine, one for...
  20. bebesnuggles

    How can I reset a sprite's animation? (DnD)

    I need to reset a timer bar from going all the way down so it doesn't dock the player points if they hit a target. Been looking through all the DnD code and syntax but can't find anything that would help me. Good thing yall are much smarter than me! Thanks Ya Boi