1. Sargonnas

    Cutscene sprites

    Hey I've been having some issues with sprites, but I'm wondering if I've missed something. Can different frames of a sprite animation exist on a different texture page?
  2. Sargonnas

    Sprites not rendering

    IDE v2.3.1.542 Runtime v2.3.1.409 Hello all, I'm at my wits end here. Ever since one of the updates way back (I don't remember which one), some of my sprites stopped rendering. It took me a while, but I found out that if I manually added a draw event (draw_self();) it would work fine. For a...
  3. Epicrex

    Windows Importing Sprites

    I have 4 frames for a character of mine. All four of these characters don't have all pixels connected. What is an easy way for be to bring these from Aceprite to GML. I've used ...strip4.png before but that only works when all pixels are connected. It would be great when I could immediately...
  4. jf_knight

    GML Exporting a scaled sprite image

    I'd like to scale a sprite (in half horizontally) and then export it as an image file. I'm able to export it but it does not scale. What can I do to fix this? var s = get_save_filename("PNG images|*.png", ""); if (s != "") { obj_image.image_xscale *= .50...
  5. IVqi

    SOLVED Stick a sprite to the player

    Hello guys, i just started to use Gamemaker and im following the video tutorial to create asteroid. Anyway, as im following the tutorial, im taking more steps to improve the game, like creating custom sprites and adding more elements and particles. I have my "player" spaceship : (moving and...
  6. fizzog

    Mac OSX Hand Drawn Sprite events ignored

    Hello All, I noticed this issue with hand drawn sprites using GMS2 that events are ignored. What am I missing? If I import an image to use as a sprite, I can see all events received as expected. GMS2 > IDE: v2.3.0.529 Runtime v2.3.0.401 -------------------------- Model Name: MacBook...
  7. Slashyboiii

    Windows Failed to Load Image/could not open file.

    I started a new project and am starting to have a problem with all of my projects. The starting room (or title screen) is supposed to look like this: But instead, when I run the game for testing, it tells me this: And then proceeds to show this screen: I'm not really sure what to do...

    GMS 2.3+ Problem with sprites/object

    Hello, I'm new to Game Maker Studio 2 and I'm following Shaun Spalding's tutorial for making action rpg game. The thing is - my object/sprite is not showing at all during runtime At first I thought that something was wrong with a handmeade sprite I did for the game in FireAlpaca, but with sprite...
  9. DevilKap

    GMS 2.3+ All of my sprites became hidden in the asset browser.

    I had a bunch of sprites in my asset browser, but now the sprite folder shows up as empty. The sprites are still "in" the game, and show up when I run it. As seen here: Another reason I know for a FACT that the sprites are still somewhere in the game is that when i create a new sprite, it...
  10. K

    Objects Not Showing Up

    Hi, I have no past in coding and programming, and i wanted to try gamemaker because friends told me it is an easy software, but i have a problem. when i place an object in any room, i just can't see it... what should i do? (the visible checkbox is ticked) here is a video showing my problem ...
  11. V

    Windows Game is deleting my sprites and is saying they're variables

    I open my game in the project editing window. It says "The variable sprite_index = sPlayerA (name of sprite) has not been set." Obviously, not a variable. It's a built-in command designed to interact with a sprite. A sprite which I have made in the game. It does this with another sprite called...
  12. angelwire

    Asset - Scripts AEColorMask - Apply color to sprites with pixel-perfect precision [free]

    AEColorMask is a shader with a collection of scripts that let you apply a color to specific sprite areas using a mask Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9420/aecolormask-recolor-sprites With these scripts and shader you can color objects to add variety to your game...
  13. Posho

    3D Flipping a Layer?

    Hello :) I've been trying to figure out how to do 3D with billboarded sprites. I've been reading a bit into how GMS2 works and found out everything is already being rendered in 3D. Turns out you can draw regular GM sprites in the XY plane and adjust their "Z" by using the layer's depth...
  14. mbeytekin

    SOLVED Making a grid with sprites and rotate them based on an anchor point

    I didn't think this is difficult but I'm stuck and need an advice. My goal is making a grid with sprites based on given parameters like horizontal and vertical sprite numbers. This is easy. But I want rotate them all like group from a given origin point with a given angle. All parameters will be...
  15. V

    Windows Problem when I run a project after the update to 2.3.0

    Hi guys, after the update to the 2.3.0 version when I run a project (converted to 2.2.5 or not) I can only see the background and hear the music, nothing else. Object and tilesets seem invisible. I have already reported this problem as a bug to YoYo. They suggest to switch the graphic card to a...
  16. VincentHellberg

    HTML5 Graphics does not show up in safari using HTML5 export

    Hello everyone! I have this strange issue where my graphics does not show up i Safari. Works great on every other browser. Just not safari. Tried googling to see if this was a common issue but couldn't find anything :S You can still interact with the game. But the graphics are entirely blue...
  17. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2.3+ 2.3 Sprites converted to Animation Curves

    So I just noticed after updating that all my sprite assets are gone and are now animation curves by default and it even duplicated them... Anyone else had this issue and can it be reverted? Thanks
  18. K

    SOLVED Sprite Distortion from Decimal Movement

    I've already solved this issue, but I wanted to share it anyway (I couldn't find anything related to this through searching). If you're using a small resolution scaled up, and any of your objects move in decimals (e.g. using lengthdir to handle movement), AND your application surface is the...
  19. gkorn

    SOLVED Sprite Loop doesn't change

    [Sorry if I'm posting this in wrong section] So, first time here. I'm kinda new to Game Maker (not to game development), and am making a game for the Metroidvania Month. Now I'm updating my rectangle mockups withh some free art mockup, so I can get a better feel of my FSM. But, I ran into a...
  20. zendraw

    GMS 2 draw surface pos

    i noticed there is no draw_surface_pos function? so my question is can i somehow make that happen? basicly i want to draw a surface with the top end squished in creating the illusion of 3d. there is the option of making the surface a sprite, but i will be drawing on the surface every frame, so...