1. Dagoba

    GML Sprite inside of a string?

    Hey, is there a possibility to have a sprite inside of a string message? I am creating a sign that guides the player and in the message it should display like: "Press X to Jump". The X would be replaced with a sprite of X, because the player could for example modify their keyboard settings and...
  2. foreverisbetter

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] simple collision with rotated sprite not working

    Hello, surprisingly I didn't find the question already asked here in the forum: why is an instance running one pixel into a wall to its left when it rotated around 180° ? The sprite is 16x16 pixels, the origin is the middle center and its collision is set to be precise. the movement code is...
  3. R

    Draw GUI scaling

    Hi all, I have experienced a number of issues when it comes to drawing graphics to the HUD. The current issue I am facing is a simple sprite scaling issue. For example when I collect a gem I would like my HUD gem to scale up slightly and then back down. I seem to be having problems with it. Am I...
  4. R

    Background visible through solid sprites

    Hi all, This may be an obvious one for any of you pro's out there but for some reason my level looks transparent and the background can be seen through it. Even stranger is this only happens sometimes. I have have about 10 layers for game objects and game functions and then 7 background layers...
  5. S

    SOLVED Can I change the colour of a sprite, and save it as a new sprite?

    Hello, Very simple question: Can I create a duplicate of a sprite via code, and give it a different colour? - and how? This is to allow for compatability with some shaders that don't take into account the image_blend = skin_col line inside draw events. I'm using GMS 2.3. Many Thanks...
  6. thom

    How to prevent cheaters from editing game sprites

    Hi, The online community of my game Ultimate Racing 2D found out that people were cheating in online multiplayer. The game uses an (invisible) grass sprite to detect when someone is driving on the grass and should therefore be slowed down. However the cheaters have been able to change this...
  7. Pelican Police

    Legacy GM Is it possible to edit game maker texture pages like a surface?

    For example, if you wanted to tint/change the game environment, you could redraw all the sprites in their new form directly to the texture page, rather than doing it in real time every step using a shader or even image blend. I'm sure this could lead to other problems, similar to the problems...
  8. Dreary

    SOLVED Sprite Parts as Particles?

    I have created a disintegration effect that breaks the sprite down into a bunch of objects containing part of the sprite. It works as intended, but is incredibly inefficient. What I want to do is to find a way to make it so that I can disintegrate multiple enemies at a time without taking the...
  9. D

    (Solved) How to remove sprites/objects from room?

    I have a sprites/objects in a room that I cant double click or right click to remove it. Any advice?
  10. DGNNY

    SOLVED Get X POSITION of sprite

    Henlo on my draw GUI event, I draw an icon for an ability and draw text over it to represent the cooldown i want the position of the text to be relative to the position of the icon, but i don't know how to get the x position of it. sprite_get_xoffset returns 0 because it only gives the position...
  11. Elystia

    SOLVED [SOLVED] Black Screen on Space Rocks DnD tutorial

    Hello Dear cCmmunity, Full of envy, hope and will, I embarked on the GameMaker Studio 2 adventure. Knowing that I have no experience in computer code, I started by following the tutorial "My First Game - DnD - Setup & Movement - Space Rocks" put forward on the welcome page to familiarize myself...
  12. Jochum

    Drawing small sprites gives hard pixel edges?

    Hey Gamemaker community 🧩, Problem: I am developing a crypto game. For this game, I want to draw a number of sprites with a different scale. Drawing and resizing the sprites works well, but on the small sprites, a hard pixel edge is created. If I don't change the sprite scale (use the normal...
  13. Sargonnas

    Cutscene sprites

    Hey I've been having some issues with sprites, but I'm wondering if I've missed something. Can different frames of a sprite animation exist on a different texture page?
  14. Sargonnas

    Sprites not rendering

    IDE v2.3.1.542 Runtime v2.3.1.409 Hello all, I'm at my wits end here. Ever since one of the updates way back (I don't remember which one), some of my sprites stopped rendering. It took me a while, but I found out that if I manually added a draw event (draw_self();) it would work fine. For a...
  15. Epicrex

    Windows Importing Sprites

    I have 4 frames for a character of mine. All four of these characters don't have all pixels connected. What is an easy way for be to bring these from Aceprite to GML. I've used ...strip4.png before but that only works when all pixels are connected. It would be great when I could immediately...
  16. jf_knight

    GML Exporting a scaled sprite image

    I'd like to scale a sprite (in half horizontally) and then export it as an image file. I'm able to export it but it does not scale. What can I do to fix this? var s = get_save_filename("PNG images|*.png", ""); if (s != "") { obj_image.image_xscale *= .50...
  17. IVqi

    SOLVED Stick a sprite to the player

    Hello guys, i just started to use Gamemaker and im following the video tutorial to create asteroid. Anyway, as im following the tutorial, im taking more steps to improve the game, like creating custom sprites and adding more elements and particles. I have my "player" spaceship : (moving and...
  18. fizzog

    Mac OSX Hand Drawn Sprite events ignored

    Hello All, I noticed this issue with hand drawn sprites using GMS2 that events are ignored. What am I missing? If I import an image to use as a sprite, I can see all events received as expected. GMS2 > IDE: v2.3.0.529 Runtime v2.3.0.401 -------------------------- Model Name: MacBook...
  19. Slashyboiii

    Windows Failed to Load Image/could not open file.

    I started a new project and am starting to have a problem with all of my projects. The starting room (or title screen) is supposed to look like this: But instead, when I run the game for testing, it tells me this: And then proceeds to show this screen: I'm not really sure what to do...

    GMS 2.3+ Problem with sprites/object

    Hello, I'm new to Game Maker Studio 2 and I'm following Shaun Spalding's tutorial for making action rpg game. The thing is - my object/sprite is not showing at all during runtime At first I thought that something was wrong with a handmeade sprite I did for the game in FireAlpaca, but with sprite...