1. C

    GMS 2.3+ "Invalid Shader" Error Message

    Hello! I've been trying to find a solution to this issue for a couple of hours now. Every thread I found seemed to come to the conclusion of reinstalling direct_x or something from Microsoft (I forgot what it was called already). Anyways, all I'm doing is trying to make a fragment shader that...
  2. DrScoop

    SOLVED Cropping an objects sprite with code

    Hello there, Im attempting to add a mini game to my game like a tower stacking game. In this game, we have a block the player drops which the player has to try their best align properly with blocks already dropped. So, when a player drops the block on another, if the block misses being aligned...
  3. berobloom

    Weird sprite behaviour

    I am using Game Maker Beta IDE (Linux) On Pop! OS. Whenever I put objects in the game room it shows black bars or just shows 10% of a sprite I have placed. I tried tweaking the depth but that did not solve the issue. Sometime when I change a random setting in the sprite editor, the...
  4. Th3D0c0

    Objects always spawn the same sprite

    Hello, i am just starting to learn GMS 2 so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I was following a tutorial where i had to put a new Object (a gun) into my Workspace. But every object i place in the workspace becomes the sprite of my character. thx for the help!
  5. smashencoo

    Need help drawing a rope sprite from one point to another

    So I just need a simple rope design where a rope sprite stretches from one object to another. I tried using the draw_sprite_general function so I could use the width and rotation to have it follow the objects: var angle; var distance; distance = distance_to_object(obj_Buck_Plane); angle =...
  6. mbeytekin

    SOLVED Weird problem with %27 in jpeg or PNG filename

    I can't import PNG or JPG files with %27 in their filenames with sprite_add. Sometimes application crashes. Sometimes it changes the name. I keep the filenames I want to add in a ds_list. Then I load it when needed. Kog%27Maw.jpg -> KogMaw.jpg Cho%27Gath.jpg -> Cho 2.65249E-314ath.jpg...
  7. S

    Operation With Sprites without creating object

    I have generated a scroll view after watching a video where continuously generates sprites with a loop. but now I have to work with these generated sprites . if the sprite lies in a specific position then will change the index. Is it possible to create? I used these codes for scroll view ...
  8. Y

    GMS 2.3+ Make an animation last a fixed amount of time (The animation is triggered when pressing a button)

    I don't really know how to explain this as I am quite new to this. Basically, when I left-click, my character throws a pebble. I would like the pebble throwing animation to last a fixed amount of time, but presently it seems to be a weird mix of if my character is in the air and how long I keep...
  9. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ sprite_create_from_surface not working as expected...

    Hello! I have a question: Are sprite_create_from_surface() and sprite_get_texture() working normally? Because they're giving me incorrect proportions in my texture... See: 1 - This works: ftr_from_surface = view_get_surface(view_number); ftr_from_surface_tex =...
  10. 2

    How to Replace Line Drawing in Final Game

    We've been told to replace line drawing in final games so things render correctly across multiple computers and OSes. What would we replace line drawing with in the case of diagonal lines that change end points and angles over time, and rectangles that change dimensions over time? If we use...
  11. S

    GMS 2.3+ Has there any way to use sprites as a button or make sprites clickable?

    i want to click on sprites after drawing it with this code. draw_sprite(spr_btn,0,xx, yy ). Has there any way to do it without creating object or button ? Thanks in Advance.
  12. Gamedaypanda

    Windows Sprite Resolution Problem

    Hello Programming folks, I'm a supernewbie at programming with GMS 2 and just followed some tutorials on Youtube and just implemented the basics and some Artworks and just tried to run the game which works fine from the coding part. Here is the Problem: The resolution of the Player looks good...
  13. S

    Click On Sprite

    i want to click the generated sprites.Can anyone help me please ..Thanks in advance here is the code: for(i = 1 ; i <=50 ; i++){ yy = (((btn_height / 2)+spaceBetweenItem) * i) + scr_scrollable_get_scroll_data(oScrollable) ; draw_sprite(sLoot6,i, yy,250 ); }
  14. L

    Click do mouse

    olá, estou tentando fazer um código para alterar o sprite com o clique do mouse, mas não está funcionando, mas não sei como resolver. Se alguem puder me ajudar eu agradeço code: if mouse_check_button (mb_left) { sprite_index (spr_player_atack) }
  15. R

    drawings coming out on top of each other

    hello guys, i have a visual problem in the draw GUI. I'm making a store for my game, and I've managed to do a lot of the visual stuff but I've noticed something. I noticed that all my drawings and texts were being made one on top of the other, basically it was a bunch of sprites and text, I'll...
  16. T

    GMS 2 Sprite to play until its done, then go back to idle...

    im currently making a simple attack animation when pressing "F" but it keeps looping. and ive tried a lot of things :/ this is my first game maker project so yes. im a noobie. I have tried "Animation End Event" then Sprite_Index = sp_CombatOliver1IDLE but "animation end" includes the idle...
  17. Cartoon Nickname

    Graphics Sprite sizing thoughts.

    So, I'm still new to GMS 2. I've made a few sprites now and I'm having issues on deciding the sizing of them. You see, for the game idea I had, there's two groups of sprites. Adults and child. for adults I made the sprites in a 64x64 grid, for the kids, I did 32x32. Now its hard for me to...
  18. J

    SOLVED How to store Sprite in variable? best way??

    Hello everyone, I'm new to GameMaker (not programming) and I would appreciate advice for how and where to save sprites definition for use. Right now I have them in an global variable like this: #macro DIRECTION_UP 0 #macro DIRECTION_DOWN 1 #macro DIRECTION_LEFT 2...
  19. yukaccino

    SOLVED sprite_nineslice struct not hiding corners of a sprite

    Hello! I've been using the nine slice in my code to make it easier to adapt some portraits in menus without losing quality, which were doing really good. I apply the hide tilemode and everything is fine in most cases. However, in some situations where the top/bottom guide meets the left/right...
  20. AsAboveSoBelow

    SOLVED GMS 2.3 Change sprite with press of Space

    So I want my sprite to basically "transform" into a different one after pressing space bar, I have set up my sprite index and defined the sprites. I am super new to this and not the brightest to GML or a lot of coding. Thanks in advance! -ABSB /////////////////////////Player Movement and...