sprite sheets

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    Sprite Sheet Animation Ideling to animate blinking eyes

    Hi guys first thanks for any advice im pretty new here! :) I just draw a personal sprite sheet of a character with the dimensions w: 1664 height: 512 pixels so thats basicly 128 px grided character with 13 frames for each direction AND the first 3 frames are ideling and blinking eyes!!! i want...
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    Splitting Sprite-sheet into individual sprites?

    So I've been looking for forums and just solutions in general, but at this point I'm looking solely to see if there's any option within the engine to split a sprite sheet into individual sprites? I've refused to do the sprites individually by hand, because it is grossly inefficient to do 10...
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    Need help to make sprites from sprite sheets

    Hi, I have some big trouble to make some sprites from sprite sheets with Game Maker. When I try to create my sprite from strip in the GameMaker' Sprite Editor, it's not perfect Here what the sprites look like (swf format) Hoplite Black Idle and In motion: https://db.tt/o9FRd5Gd Hand ...