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  1. P

    Question - IDE Image editor question

    Hello, as the title says, I have a question about the image editor. In the drop down menu at the top of the screen I can find options to mirror or flip the current frame, but rotate only works on all frames. How do I rotate a single frame of a sprite? Also, what does IDE mean?
  2. K

    Can I edit multiple frames of a sprite at once?

    I decided to make a small adjustment to my main character sprite but editing every frame one by one seem daunting and probably inaccurate so is there a way to edit multiple (or all) frames at once? I'm a complete noob at this so I apologize if its a dumb question :)
  3. S

    The relation between image sprites and Memory / size of games

    Research: The relation between image sprites and Memory / size of games Software verson: I use GM8.0 to test but this feature is available to ALL version Viewpoint: The memory occupy of the image sprites in GM only relevants to the dimension(width and height,eg 100X120.NOT sizes, eg 12KB) of...
  4. M

    GMS 2 Run Animation 1 time.

    Hello! I've been kicking my head against the wall for way too long so I'm here asking for help. This sounds pretty simple in my head but I can't seem to figure it out, I want to run an animation one time, and then go back to the original sprite. Let me lay it out really quick: I have...
  5. M

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio 2: Effects and Animation

    Hello, in GM1, the sprite editor has some cool function, such as animation effects like fade to color, or rotate the sprite in x frames and so on. Does this come in GM2 too, or do i need some extra software for this ? If not, can you please tell me some good animation and sprite making software...
  6. C

    Windows Layers don't work properly in the sprite editor?

    I wanted to create a character animation using separate layers for front arm, front leg, back arm, back leg, etc. However, when I create a new frame the images start switching themselves to other layers and it gets extremely glitchy. Has anyone else had this problems/found a way to get around it?
  7. C

     "Selections automatically become brushes" is bothersome. (+ Other Sprite Editor Feedback)

    Using the copy command after making a selection with the wand tool (or the other selection tools) doesn't need to make a custom brush by default; it certainly doesn't do that in any other graphics editor I've used. A more sensible route would be to map what you have going on to: "right click on...
  8. C

     Sprite editing behavior is strange.

    I wrote a bug report on this because it took a while to figure out the cause of the problem, but now that I know what's going on it looks more like a strange design choice. In the menu for a sprite, there's an icon under "Image:" and "Size:", right next to the width and height of the sprite...
  9. jackquake

     Sprite Origin doesn't change after rotating sprite

    Perhaps this has also been addressed in next release, but wanted to mention it. After creating sprites, Middle-Center was selected. Then sprite was rotated. The Middle-Center did not change, as expected. Seems that the desired behavior would be for this to update after rotating the sprite...
  10. csanyk

     Collision Masks, Sprites, Image Editor

    Imported a project from 1.4. Built, ran the game without needing to change anything, but noticed some collisions looked funny (collisions registering without the sprites touching). All sprites are 32x32. So I opened up the sprites in the editor to look at the collision masks.... then noticed...
  11. Dani

    Question - IDE Import from strip and removing background?

    Hello! In GMS 1.x we can import an animated sprite from a strip, and also remove the background color at the same time, like this: Is this option still available in GMS 2? If yes, where is it? Otherwise, adding that feature back would be very useful and handy, as it was on 1.x. Thanks. Dani
  12. K

    Sprite animation - interval between frames

    Dear community, I want to create a sprite animation where the duration between each frame is different. For instance, in the Idle animation, I want the first frame to show for 2 seconds - then the second frame to show for 1/10 second - and then loop back to the first frame. Game runs at 60 FPS...
  13. S

    Need help to make sprites from sprite sheets

    Hi, I have some big trouble to make some sprites from sprite sheets with Game Maker. When I try to create my sprite from strip in the GameMaker' Sprite Editor, it's not perfect Here what the sprites look like (swf format) Hoplite Black Idle and In motion: https://db.tt/o9FRd5Gd Hand ...