sprite editor

  1. jonahrobot

    Question - IDE Missing Transform Menu in image Editor?

    In gms1 there was a transform menu with all kinds of tools like shifting sprites a certain amount of pixels in any direction. In gms2 I can't seem to find the equivalent... Am I missing the menu or is this not included in gms2?
  2. erayzesen

    Question - IDE About The Image Editor

    Hi all. I was trying gms2 in last times. I was disappointed about the image editor. I need your tips about these issues. 1-I can't transform(rescale,rotate) when I select an area. If it's true, it's like a joke. It's a simple thing.Is it? 2-I can't find configs like color saturation...
  3. X

    Mac OSX Apply button not working

    Hey there, I think I have found a bug for the mac version of gamemaker studio 2. In the window where you can change a sprites size there is an option to choose between "none" and "linear" interpolation. When I change it from none to linear and then hit the apply button the change does't get...
  4. Cofefe

    Question - IDE Drawing Individual Layers of a Sprite

    Hi guys. So I've got a question related to drawing the layers within a sprite. I mean the layers like the ones inside the sprite editor, not the 'Sprite Layers' which you can create in the room editor through code. The reason I ask is because I am currently making a game where I assemble the...
  5. P

    Question - IDE Frequent crashes/issues with sprite editor

    I've been meaning to start recording my entire dev/art sessions in GMS2 so that these issues can be documented properly; they happen so randomly that I just haven't been quick enough to pull up OBS in time. There are two major issues that I experience on a regular basis: 1. While using the...
  6. C

    Discussion Feature request - Shortcut keys for moving back and forth between Sprite Editor frames

    Hello, I just want to strongly suggest that a shortcut for selecting previous and next frames be implemented. Having to move your hand/cursor away from the editing area just to scrub the timeline is a brutal oversight. When you want to quality control areas down to the pixel, this results in...
  7. E

    Design GMS2 Sprite editor hotkeys

    Hello, does gms2 sprite editor have hotkeys for moving from one frame to another? I know the left and right arrows work, but only after you click on a frame, if you start drawing again, they stop working. Thanks
  8. E

     GMS2 Sprite editor bugs

    Hello, here are some bugs i've noticed but i don't know what causes them since they happen randomly. 1- After deleting a selection by pressing "supr", the pixels inside that deleted selection start re-appearing when they become in contact with a line im drawing while holding the mouse. 2-...
  9. E

    GMS2: Is there a way to hide cursor brush?

    Hello, is it possible to hide the cursor brush im GMS2 sprite editor? I would preffer to draw with the mouse cursor, because the brush keeps blocking the entire pixel im drawing on. Thanks
  10. Zack

    GMS 2 Sprite-Based Level Generation (video [15:00] + text versions)

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: zackbanack.com Links: Video Link Summary: You may know how to design levels in the YoYo Games’ GameMaker Studio Room Editor. But, what about in its Sprite Editor? This Step Event tutorial will show you an artsy, unconventional...
  11. Kleber_Ferreira

    GMS 2 Sprite Editor is messing my colors after importing [SOLVED]

    This is happening with multiple images (JPG, PNG [Photos, vectors]) For example: This is how the image is supposed to be: And this is how it is inside Game Maker Studio 2 after importing: GMS2 sprite editor has an obsession with blue. Anyone been through this? How can I get the colors right?
  12. Dr_Nomz

    Legacy GM Blend/Replace hotkey? (For switching color mode) [sprite editor]

    Any chance there's a button that changes the color mode for the sprite editor? It would be REALLY convienient if I could just press a button to switch between Blend and Replace.
  13. B

    Design SOLVED Change font in sprite editor

    Dear all, I`m a bit confused with the integrated text editor for sprite creation in GM studio 2. Perhaps there is a topic already but couldn`t find it. Sprite editor -> Toolbox -> Text editor When you are in the sprite editor you can type a text on the sprite. Previously you could then change...
  14. P

    Windows Copying and Pasting in the Sprite Editor

    Just started using GMS 2 to make an entry in the compo, and it seems like it has trouble with copying, cutting and pasting in the sprite editor. Sometimes copying and pasting just doesn't work, either from sprite to sprite internally in GM or back and forth from another program. Am I missing...
  15. B

    Windows How do I delete brushes?

    I didn't want to create a brush when I copied a sprite area and I want to know how to get rid of the brush
  16. chirpy

    Windows Copy Pasting In Image Editor Ruins Frames; Can't Undo with Ctrl-Z

    I realized today that (in my case) it seems to have something to do with the Image Editor's "Layer" functionality not reloading externally edited frame png files. It happens to me multiple times and I've reported the bug to YYG. The workaround may be apparent but I think I'd share: For...
  17. H

    GMS2 Image Editor Palette

    I think the image editor in GMS2 is lacking in palette functionality. If anyone here has used the program Aseprite you will understand the huge different in palette behavior between the two programs. It is very clunky to change the palette and I think there should be an update to this feature.
  18. OrangeBit

     GM7 Sprite Editor

    When I started using Game Maker, I came up with a good method for creating seamless textures with the sprite editor for my 3D projects. I would stretch it to 300% then paste the old sized image back in rows of 3 so I could use the blur feature to smoothly merge the borders of the image and then...
  19. M

    GMS 2 [FEATURE REQUEST] Allow GML-access to sprite image layers

    Feature Request: Being able to toggle the visibility or adjust the alpha of a particular layer of a sprite-image through GML code would be very beneficial. Note that I'm not referring to a room layer, rather the layers that you can use in the GM Studio 2 Sprite Editor. Use-case: Sprite image...
  20. S

    Legacy GM Sprite editor keyboard shortcuts not working on low end pc

    So I'm developing my game on a low end pc, and I've had no issues so far except for this. Everytime I make a keyboard shortcut, such as CTRL+Z or something as simple as pressing "DEL", they never do anything on the first attempt and hardly ever work. This worked on my decent-ish pc, but for some...