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  1. E

    Loop animation sequence

    I have two animations: idle animation attacking animation I need following order or animations idle for 3 seconds attack for 1 second idle for 3 seconds attack for 1 second ********** loop steps 1 and 2 (until the sprite will be killed by player, or player die) At the moment, I'm looping...
  2. E

    Current object position (x, y)

    I have to sprites: Warrior_Idle (width/height - 65/52) Warrior_Attack (width/height - 110/60) So when I use sprite_index to replace "idle animation" with "attack_animation", the animation jumps to the right. Before applying new animation, I need to adjust postion, e.g. set x -=42, y -=2. How...
  3. M

    How to change the size of sprites

    I am not very experienced with gms 2 and I am still a beginner. Lately I have made a design on paper and imported it in gms 2 so I could animate my design. It was a normal picture made with my phone, but it had a width of 4032 and a height of 3024. Know my sprite is way to big and I don't...
  4. E

    Question - IDE Texture Pages and Subimages

    According to the manual, GMS2 will not split up a large sprite resource across multiple texture pages. Which makes sense, for single images. It's the word "resource" that has an unaddressed ambiguity: If all of the combined subimages of one sprite resource do not fit on a single texture page...
  5. E

    Platformer: Weapon Mask Follows Player; The Sprite Does Not

    I am working on a Multiplayer platform game that utilizes various choices of weapons and characters. When the player attacks, the weapon mask creates itself and follows the players movement. However, when I draw the sprite of the actual weapon it stays in the same spot from when the action was...
  6. T

    How do I change sprite animation for running and when I'm idle?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to game maker and gml itself been learning for about 4 days and so I'm working on a side scroller ( like mario or sonic) and I looked through the manual and things the only thing I can gather from it is something about sprite_index I'm not sure if that's what I use and it'll...
  7. reallifeed

    GMS 2 Image Editor and Real Time Animation

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: Using the image editor to make and modify sprites and animations for your video game. I also cover the new features in the image editor including how to animate in real time as well as using layers in GameMaker. Tutorial:
  8. T

    enemy won't change sprite based on direction

    I'm using the enum and motion planning function for the first time in an attempt to create AI for a 2D Action RPG. I'm wondering why my enemy's sprite won't change at all when it changes direction. Also, based on what I have, do you think I am on the right track for making sufficient AI. Create...
  9. S

    GMS 2 Sprite reflection on turn

    Evening all, I seem to have an odd error I can't place. Basically, when the enemy walks to the right it looks fine but when walking to the left the sprite is mirrored, playing facing both left and right at the same time. The facing and (variable) xScale updates as intended, the same way as the...
  10. A

    GML Sprite animation canceling out other animations(SOLVED)

    So, just have a look at my code: if(hsp != 0 && vsp = 0) { sprite_index = spr_player_running; image_speed = 0.3; } else { sprite_index = spr_player; } if (vsp < 0 && !place_meeting(x,y,par_solids)) { sprite_index = spr_jump; } else { sprite_index = spr_falling; } That is...
  11. J

    Cant Stop Sprite Animation

    Im making a beat em up game and I cant seem to figure out how run an animation once(an attack animation). if State = "Attack" { //variables script_execute(VisionDistance) ReachDist = 90 script_execute(directionTo); script_execute(g2Player) //attack behavior /*Far...
  12. A

    GML F = State Attack, but the sprite animation only lasts a frame, using state machine. SOLVED

    So, basically, when I press F it should change the player state from idle to an attack state, but the problem is it only lasts one frame, I'm wondering how I could do to make the whole sprite animation play to the end and then change back the state to idle. Code: scr_input(); if (state == 0) {...
  13. A

    GML Sprite animation not working, new to GML and help would be appreciated.[SOLVED]

    So yeah, title basically says it all, I've set a key to trigger an attack animation, but it won't work, I have an idle animation, running anim, jumping etc. I'm thinking the idle and running animations are screwing up, and if they do, any way to make a line of code to stop the anim whilst...
  14. L

    Creating a new sprite from 1 image index of another sprite?

    I am trying to create a new sprite from one of the image frames of another sprite using GML. Is this possible? something like this: new_sprite=sprMonster.image_index(4); this (if it was real code) would make a sprite from frame 4 of the Monster sprite animation
  15. D

    GML Best solution to cycle through sprite sub-images

    Hey guys. So I'm a little stuck trying to figure out the best way to structure the different subimages/animations for my player object. I'm making a classic scrolling topdown shooter. The player controls a plane which has 3 different looping animations; one for turning left, right or going...
  16. S

    Portfolio - Art Artist/Animator For Hire

    I've got 25 years of professional illustration experience, and over 10 years of game creation experience. I've created thousands of sprites, animations, UI, and marketing art for published games for the PC, Wii, and Mobile markets. I have worked in every style - from pixel to cartoon to...
  17. M

    GMS 2 [FEATURE REQUEST] Allow GML-access to sprite image layers

    Feature Request: Being able to toggle the visibility or adjust the alpha of a particular layer of a sprite-image through GML code would be very beneficial. Note that I'm not referring to a room layer, rather the layers that you can use in the GM Studio 2 Sprite Editor. Use-case: Sprite image...
  18. king javo

    Jump Animation Basics

    This should be a simple question, but I can't seem to find anything useful with my initial searches across the web. Here's the question... if I have a set of frames to show a jump animation, is it (a) better practice to have each frame's canvas size with a tall enough height to allow the frames...
  19. G

    GMS 2 "Sprite speed" is inaccurate; sprite speed set by instances; how to animate sprites w/o instances?

    I'm using draw_sprite to draw images in the Draw GUI event with a controller object named obj_gui. The problem is that "sprite speed," "image speed," and the number of frames that will be drawn are all tied to the obj_gui instance's sprite, that sprite's speed, the number of instances in that...
  20. A

    [solved] image_index going to wrong index

    I'm having a weird animation problem. I'm forcing the image_index to stay within a subset of the sprite based on direction. Code: var inst = argument0; with (inst) { // for animation, testing image_speed = 1; image_index = round(image_index); // facing (0 down, 1 up 2 right...