sprite animation

  1. David Lorenz

    Walk animation start with unwanted slide impression

    Hello, everyone! I just started learning GML and, while I had some satisfactory results on one side, I fail in some very simple operations. :/ I'm moving a character by pressing keys, making it go through it's sprite animation's frames but here's the problem: The character moves before taking...
  2. RooksThe23rd

    Need Help: Game Dev Grind

    I love game making, I love the game I'm working on. Coding is fun, problem solving, figuring things out. But I'm at a point where most coding is set. Need to code more, but only after implementing more characters and sprites. Where in lies my problem. I took a break as I do sometimes. This...
  3. R

    Sprite only moves after I jump?

    Hello all !! I’m trying to figure a bug out I only started coding a few days ago and I have my sprites in and moving as far as the minimum basics but when I run the game my sprite won’t walk from left to right until I jump then after that it works like a charm any help would be great
  4. Enes

    Drag And Drop How to rotate screen by 180° with sprite

    Hello forum! I want to make a special elevator, that goes down but after a certain point, the elevator (which is a sprite going down) will rotate by 180° so that it looks like as if it would go up and the screen will also rotate too so that the elevator brings the player to a new place, which is...
  5. B

    GMS 2 Resizing a sprite's talking animation

    Hey, I was just listening to this video I was just following her orders when my character's talking sprite is too big But I found out the smaller the blue dog's sprite is, the closer the textbox would connect to the textbox. But I can't make the square sprite box thing any smaller. Her...
  6. C

    GMS 2 Need help with having player shoot out of gun instead of out of center of player sprite.(SOLVED)

    Hello! I'm new to GameMaker 2 and have undertaken working on a top down shooter. I've figured out how to get the player to shoot but I cant seem to get how to get the bullets to come out of the gun instead of the middle of the sprite.(the gun is part of the sprite, not a separate object) And...
  7. M

    Graphics Player/Hero - armor

    Trying to make my first platform game. I want my player/hero to be able to find different armor and weapons. But Im not sure how to design this. It will be a lot of sprites if I need to do a completely new sprite for each armor. I like the idea if I could do it with layers or in some other way...
  8. N

    GMS 2 need help with attack animation that keeps looping

    Hello everyone, i created a state machine for my character and am having a problem with my attack state, whenever i press the attack button my characters keeps on repeating the attack animation, here's the code incase it helps , thx ! switch (state) { case states.idle: {...
  9. T

    GMS 2 let attack-sprite finish before back to idle

    Hi, I know this is a basic question. Shame on me, but I am still somewhat new to this. I am testing around how to let a sprite (attack sprite) finish its 5 animations, once I click with the left button on my object. After I clicked it, the attack sprite should be casted one time and switch back...
  10. S

    GMS 2 Linking separate animations

    I've got an attack animation where I want to give a unique collision mask per frame, but I didn't find that to be possible. I found a solution here where it was suggested I break up the attacks, so I did so into three parts (pre, actual, and post). For the object, I added an Animation End...
  11. H

    Adaptive Rotation(Animation)?

    Hey, I am new to the software, using gm2, and I am working on a "press space dodging game" all the mechanics are pressing space. My question is, when I press space and it goes right, I want it to either play a sprite animation or rotate a static one to the right side, BUT if the animation or...
  12. S

    Drag And Drop Set Sprite animation on DnD

    Hello, I am trying to switch animation of my player using the DnD. So I use the "Set Sprite" action with "Frame" set to 0 and Relative. It is switching through my idle and walk animation, except that it loops only through the number of frames of my default animation. So my object use my...
  13. T

    Procesuraly add 3d effect.

    Hello internet, This might be very confusing, but here's my problem: I made a puzzle game where you have maze 'pieces' with a 3x3 layout with one or more entrences/exits. The premise of the game is that everytime the mplayer walks into one of these it turns 90° before the player can leave...
  14. S

    GML sprite stuck moving opposite directiong after moving left.

    Hi, beginner coder here. I was following a platformer tutorial and everything was so far so good until it came to changing the sprite facing direction. My character has an asymmetrical design so using the image_xscale isn't really possible for me. The character can move to the right direction...
  15. polarizeme

    GMS 2 Tricky animation end question

    Hi all. Long-time listener, first-time caller. For real. I'm very new to this, so please keep that in mind. =P I'm trying to figure out how in the hell to manipulate how an animation plays, and I'll try to describe this as best I can. - My player object currently only has two sprites: idle &...
  16. C

    Job Offer - Artist 2D Sprites and backgrounds needed for political satire game

    I need a sprite artist to create a number of animated characters for a 2d shoot-em-up style game. The characters would be political satire cartoon drawings of the current administration + other topical notable figures. Think - "Dodge-ball with Trump & Friends" Anyone up for the challenge...
  17. F

    Steam I need help with sprite animation.

    I have a vary complex running animation, in the sprite editor its set to loop, but in the game its set to ping-pong. how to I set it to loop in the game? ps. I'm new to GameMaker and I'm using DND.
  18. K

    GMS 2 Animation Single Loop

    I'm currently experimenting with GMS2 and I'm essentially doing that with the SNES Link to the Past sprites. I have movement and I can make Link swing his sword. The main problem is that I can't find a way that I understand that makes it so that his sword swing animation happens only once and...
  19. S

    Question - IDE Pyxel edit imported animation problem

    Hi. I havn't found a solution to this in game maker or online so I post the question here. I use pyxel edit for making my sprites and animation. In pyxeledit you can input the speed of individual frames in an animation to make it look more smooth or natural. However, exporting this to...
  20. G

    (Drag & Drop) How do i change sprites

    I'm asking this here because I can't find tutorials anywhere for drag and drop. So I'm trying to make a fighting animation, and a walking animation, but I can't figure out how to do that with drag and drop. Can you help me?