sprite animation

  1. DivineEd

    animation getting cut off while using collision_circle

    So im using collision_circle and it's doing its job fine but I'm having one small issue. Whenever the player is in the zone briefly then instantly leaves the zone the enemie's attack animation gets cut off or just doesn't complete. How can I make it so that once the enemy has started its...
  2. Andrew Simms

    GMS2 Can't recreate collision bug, but it still exists

    So I have this little arcade enemy swarm game. The combat system is that when you press the button, the protagonist is unmovable but summons a magic spell that you can then control directionally and detonate over nearing enemies to clear them. This will then create an orb object that shoots back...
  3. R

    Sprite Sheet Animation Ideling to animate blinking eyes

    Hi guys first thanks for any advice im pretty new here! :) I just draw a personal sprite sheet of a character with the dimensions w: 1664 height: 512 pixels so thats basicly 128 px grided character with 13 frames for each direction AND the first 3 frames are ideling and blinking eyes!!! i want...
  4. S

    GMS 2 sprites have been inverted with no change of code

    hey! so I havent changed any line of my code since earlier today after I tested it out. my character was moving exactly how I wanted it to, when I pressed left it changed to the left facing sprite and vice versa. the only thing i have done is, add a wall and change the background of the room...
  5. F

    Cutscene Performance: Sprites versus Layer Changes

    My game performs fine but I see value in learning optimization now for future application. I have some segments of the game which are simple animated scenes that react to very limited inputs (space to start, space to stop... that sort of thing) and so far I have been building them like old...
  6. O

    Stop background sprite animation

    I read this post, which seems very closely related to my issue: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/sprite-animation-just-1-time-and-not-a-loop.8996/ In short, I want to stop the animation of the sprite assigned to my room background before it loops. The solution above talks about...
  7. N

    GMS 2 Having Trouble Moving Sprite Animation Frames along X and Y axis

    Hello all, Haven't used game maker long but I love it so far! My current issue is that I have an Action_Selector Obj with an attack option, when the user key_check_pressed(ord("A")) on that selection I want to hide the Idle_Character_Obj and un-hide the jump_to_target animation then wait at...
  8. R

    Need help with walking animation

    So I'm working on a top-down farming RPG similar to Stardew Valley and I just finished working on the sprite walking animations. There are three walking animations, one walking vertically towards the bottom of the screen, one walking vertically away towards the top of the screen, and another for...
  9. E

    Glimmer Effect above Sprite

    So I'm currently working on a game where some objects are mineable and others aren't. I want those that can be mined to stick out a little bit but not to destroy the atmosphere. So here is an example, I want the object with this sprite: to look like this: I manually animated this one...
  10. Steve Potts

    GMS 2 Sprites and level restart

    Hi guys I have 2 problems I`m stuck with. 1) I have a cannon moving across the screen which fires at random. The sprite is made up of 9 frames and I need frame 0 when not firing and to run the animation when it fires once. All I can do is have the cannon on frame 0 all the time or run the...
  11. M

    Mac OSX Attack only playing first frame of Animation

    I'm still pretty fresh to gamemaker and am currently trying to animate a player w/ attacks. I have a character as an object and a claw (the weapon) as a separate object so that attacks can still be done in the air. Here's part of my code for the claw. This is the only part of the code that...
  12. F

    GML Do animation before shooting and prevent spam key

    So i have a problem with the animation. when i hold key_shoot for 3 sec the player animation will play, and when i release the key, obj_ball will out. but even i not hold key_shoot for 3 sec the obj_ball will out only by released key for 1 sec this problem make my player can spam a bullet only...
  13. William Garrison

    GML Unique Object Collision

    I have a Collide event with the character that swaps the sprite of a flower to an animated sprite. Problem is when the character triggers that one flower then ALL the instances of that flower object change sprites. Can you point me in the right direction to fix it so just the one flower reacts...
  14. C

    GMS 2 Help! Sprite Animation

    So I am new with GMS and I am working on some player movement. I have used a premade sprite sheet for a place holder and have used multiple sprites for a walk animation. I did some tinkering around and I was able to get it working properly (ie when the user holds "A" the sprite moves left with a...
  15. Didjynn

    json and optimized sprite for animation

    Hello world, I have an "optimized" sprite with all the pictures I should have in my animation. Since it is quite big, I would like to optimize the sizes with sprite optimizers, but it means I won't be able to strip the image with gamemaker's editor. It means the character can be vertical...
  16. I

    Animated Sprite Doesn't Work!

    hello everyone, I am facing an issue on GameMaker Studio 2, regarding a sprite animation. I have done several sprites for the hero (the character the player can use), one if the hero object dent move, one if for when the character uses the stairs. I have a problem with this exact sprite, the...
  17. E

    Gamemaker 2 Sprite editor/creator

    Hello Everyone. I've been having a little difficulty with the gamemaker sprite editor. I have an UGEE tablet monitor I use to draw, and I've been trying to create the sprite animations using gamemakers built in editor. The problem is, I have no idea how to create the next frame for animation...

    Legacy GM when room start start sprite at specific image.

    hey yall, wanted to start this battle bar at a specific sprite when the room starts and can be changed by pressing the arrow keys, anyone have any examples?
  19. P

    Discussion LOST AND DUMB.

    Hey guys, I've been trying to fix two problems I've been having for a while now and I cant seem to understand the solutions that others mention so if you do understand the isssue that im having dumb it down reaaaal good. 1. My sprite has some weird subpixel movement going on during its...
  20. G

    GML Need help with animations[SOLVED]

    I have a sprite when obj_enemy dies but I don't know how to put the sprite spr_explosion on the obj_enemy. I tried putting that if enemy_life = 0 {sprite_index = spr_explosion} and it doesn't work. Need help! Thanks!