sprite animation

  1. Z

    Need help designing Top Down Water sprites

    I'm working on a top down shooter game with an emphasis on realism (mainly realistic physics so far) , just want to know how one can make believable water sprites in a top down game. Is something similar to Source Engine water possible on GMS2, using its sprite editor.
  2. ashurlee

    Issues occurring when using walk animation

    I have just created a walk animation for my character, which I initially implemented using this piece of code... if (hspd != 0) || (vspd != 0) && (sprite_index != spr_hairdresser_walk) { sprite_index = spr_hairdresser_walk; } else if (hspd = 0) && (vspd = 0) && (sprite_index !=...
  3. A

    GMS 2 Do you need to make two different sprite arrays if you have an asymmetrical character?

    Hello all, I recently got my state machine working with a sprite array, however, I come to a bit of an obstacle, my character is asymmetrical and that design choice is a large part of the game's story. So conceptually speaking, is there a better way to mirror an asymmetrical sprite ? As far as...
  4. D

    SOLVED How should i change my sprites when i have many of them on my player?

    Hello! I'm trying to achieve a cleaner and reduced code to animate my character, basically it has 16 directions and it's respectives animations on each one of them (Idle, Running, Attack...). For now i'm making it work with 16 " if " statements for each direction but also, i'm repeating these 16...
  5. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Graphics BLOOD EFFECTS (animation sheets)

    A set of high quality animations used to spice up your games! Currently working on Platformer & Topdown perspectives with these variations: 1. Gush 2. Light splatter 3. Heavy splatter 4. Spray and more... Follow the main page on Itch.io for updates or download directly through the...
  6. R

    draw_sprite for animated sprites

    hello guys, I just need to take a doubt, something much more basic how do i create or draw in the animated sprite case? I was looking in the documentation but I didn't find anything to help me, and I also didn't want to create an "obj" to just draw something basic (example to better understand...
  7. G

    Please help. Black screen, disappeared sprites, Animation End event stop working...

    Several issues appeared after updating version. I don't know if it correct to declare several problems in one post (Sorry if not), but all this things happened one after another when I try to solve it. The first, after updating Game maker for I noticed that Animation End event...
  8. DevilKap

    GMS 2.3+ NPC sprite direction (need help)

    I have this test NPC, but it wont change its sprite direction. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm using an image_index based on direction: direction = point_direction(x,y,other.x,other.y); image_index = CARDINAL_DIR How would I format/structure this into a switch statement...
  9. Schtipadoo

    GML Simple question (Sprite somtimes freezes)

    when i make animations i want some to stop looping, i do that by setting the speed to 0 when it reaches the last frame i use it for basic stuff and it works fine most of the time, only on the jumping sprites something wierd happens when the animation plays it will stop and transition to the...
  10. B

    Animated a sprite only on mouse click?

    Hi, My sprite is currently animated, and it's animated the entire time. Is there a way to make the sprite only animate if it detects a mouse click? I have a bunny in my game that hops, and I want it to only hop when I click the mouse to move it forwards. Thanks!
  11. A

    GML Reactive object help. This noob found a solution, but I know it's the wrong way.

    Game Maker version As you'll probably guess I'm following Shaun Spalding's tutorial but along the way I added a crouch action and multiple oPlayer"weapon" objects using a collision instance_change to allow weapons changes that also change the sprites and how it shoots. I have a car...
  12. DannyDuque

    4 directional Idle animation

    I was trying to make an animated sprite, and I was able to create the running animation and an idle animation that plays when the character stops moving. However, no matter what direction I input, only the right facing animation plays when I have frames for up, down, and left as well. Is there...
  13. gkorn

    SOLVED Sprite Loop doesn't change

    [Sorry if I'm posting this in wrong section] So, first time here. I'm kinda new to Game Maker (not to game development), and am making a game for the Metroidvania Month. Now I'm updating my rectangle mockups withh some free art mockup, so I can get a better feel of my FSM. But, I ran into a...
  14. orSQUADstra

    Alpha Classic Sprite Editor - The old GameMaker sprite editor remade in GMS2!

    About Classic Sprite Editor is a project aiming to bring the old sprite editor to life in the style of GameMaker Studio 2. Every aspect of the good ol' editor is being brought to life once again as close as possible! Yes, that also means that pasting an image will be made a selection, and not a...
  15. G

    SOLVED Using the same image for multiple animations

    I've been creating some player animations lately for what is supposedly going to become a game sooner or later. Some of the animations' sprites use the same image, for example whilst facing right, the player can turn his head to the left but he can also turn it towards the camera and blink. The...
  16. Hell wither

    GMS 2 How can I delete the useless areas of sprite

    I want to remove the white area of this sprite, because the invisible edge may bother the interaction, is there any button to do that? I can't upload pictures due to some unknown reason. If anyone could help me, I can send the problem by mail, thanks
  17. bebesnuggles

    How can I reset a sprite's animation? (DnD)

    I need to reset a timer bar from going all the way down so it doesn't dock the player points if they hit a target. Been looking through all the DnD code and syntax but can't find anything that would help me. Good thing yall are much smarter than me! Thanks Ya Boi
  18. orSQUADstra

    Windows Droplet - A sprite editor and animated sprite stacking tool, made with GameMaker, for GameMaker

    Droplet is a drawing software, specifically for animated sprite stacking. It utilizes a UI made from the ground up, aiming to achieve ease of use. Currently it lacks some functionality, but should already be enough in its current state to be used for making simple pixel art and stacked sprites...
  19. DivineEd

    animation getting cut off while using collision_circle

    So im using collision_circle and it's doing its job fine but I'm having one small issue. Whenever the player is in the zone briefly then instantly leaves the zone the enemie's attack animation gets cut off or just doesn't complete. How can I make it so that once the enemy has started its...
  20. Andrew Simms

    GMS2 Can't recreate collision bug, but it still exists

    So I have this little arcade enemy swarm game. The combat system is that when you press the button, the protagonist is unmovable but summons a magic spell that you can then control directionally and detonate over nearing enemies to clear them. This will then create an orb object that shoots back...