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    SOLVED Help with certain acceleration?

    Hey all whom use this forum! I was wondering if someone can help me tackle a problem? I have my acceleration and deceleration working the way I want it. I have a "sprint" button as well. The problem that I'm having is my speed won't decelerate to the desired number, but instead jump to that...
  2. K

    How do I set a cooldown for a dash mechanic?

    Hi, I am going through the DnD tutorials for GMS2 and in the movement tutorials it does not cover sprinting/dashing. I wanted to incorporate this mechanic into the game but I am getting stuck in doing so. Is there a way to code/DnD a dash for the player character? Thanks, Kyak
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    Legacy GM Game crashing whenever I sprint into a wall

    Hey everyone! So I just ran into this issue where the game crashes whenever I sprint into a wall. This is a screenshot of what happens: ... and it just stays like that until I quit the game. There isn't much code involved in the game yet, but what I have has apparently caused this crash. This...
  4. Z

    Sprint Button

    How would I be able to make a button that, makes the sprite animation move faster and changes the player's speed? - Thanks
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    Tapping a button repeatedly to dash rather than one press

    I can set up a character and give him the ability to move faster if I press a certain key. Is there a way to set it up to where I can press that button repeatedly to slowly reach max speed rather than instantly with one single press?