1. CrackedGamer§

    GMS 2 Stamina

  2. K

    How do I set a cooldown for a dash mechanic?

    Hi, I am going through the DnD tutorials for GMS2 and in the movement tutorials it does not cover sprinting/dashing. I wanted to incorporate this mechanic into the game but I am getting stuck in doing so. Is there a way to code/DnD a dash for the player character? Thanks, Kyak
  3. S


    hello im a new programmer and i dont know where to get sprites for 2d pixel RPG characters and monsters.
  4. Z

    Sprint Button

    How would I be able to make a button that, makes the sprite animation move faster and changes the player's speed? - Thanks
  5. V

    Legacy GM SOLVED | Different action on "tap key" vs "hold key"?

    EDIT: This has been solved with the assistance of jo-thijs, solution in second post! --------------------------------------- Heya folks! First of all, this is my first post on the forums here, so hi! I'm Veerdin, I'm currently trying to make an action RPG inspired by the Dark-Souls series. And...