1. MrBazooka

    Free Chippy Golf (IOS & Android) - A Hole-In-One Golf experience

    An addictive hole-in-one golf experience. Take aim and beat the high score! Never play the same level. An indie game by Rude Koala Games (Jano Booysen) Download: IOS or ANDROID Cheers and have a great day. Jano
  2. mar_cuz

    Sports Draw System: How would you code it?

    Hi guys, How would you create a sports draw system? So you have say 18 teams and need to create a random draw for the sports season so you have 9 games every round? Then the player plays each round against the drawn teams up to the play offs. I'm stuck on how I would even attempt this. Please...
  3. D

    Android Project Foosball Android + HTML5 I made this little game to prove to myself I could finish a project, well it doesn't look pretty but it ain't too shabby :p I know there are some bugs (features) but idk it's still fun. I recommend you actually download the android version and play...
  4. S

    Android Penalty Practice Pro [Free] [Android] [Game]

    This is a new penalty shootout game made completely with Game Maker. It makes use of GMS features to make a fun and playable experience. It features a unique (we hope) way of build shot power up by shaking the phone. There are then 2 modes for aiming the ball and scoring the goal. You can...
  5. D

    Windows Sports Game: How to store teams and their players

    What would be the easiest way to for example have 8 teams in a sports game that each have their own players. The teams will have backup players as well so in a match players must be able to swap in and out of the game. I am thinking that each player will have to be an object that is stored...
  6. mar_cuz

    Legacy GM Make ball travel in curve

    Hi GMC, I'm having trouble making the ball in my sports game travel in curve or arc. Using a gamepad at the moment I get the direction from the player left joystick, speed of the ball is determined by how long player presses X then every step ball speed is decreased by -0.01. How could I make...
  7. mar_cuz

    Legacy GM Sports Game Intricacies Brainstorm

    Hi all, I'm currently working on a sports game. I believe I have a good plan to handle general play and ai of the players and that part should be o.k. I just don't know how I would go about handling the intricacies of the sport. For example in soccer when there is a free kick awarded, the...
  8. V

    Please test my game too! :(

    AHEM: I might just drop the idea of multiplayer and even the AI. Perhaps I'm going to abandon the whole project because of the lack of interest. :/ What's the point of working very hard on a game if noone even bothers to play with it? MegaSports is a 2D sports game. This includes Football and...
  9. I

    HTML5 Net Heads

    Net Heads Headbutt volleyballs to victory against a zany cast of increasingly adept opponents! Net Heads is a mastery sports game that can be played in browser on any device. You can also play with a friend in our two player mode! Play free on our site - Art by Gabriel...
  10. S

    Released Croquet Pro ~ 3D, Multiplayer Mobile Game

    Croquet Pro a game by Top Secret Studios LLC | Contact Originally released: December 2015 ~ Last Updated: October 2016 Trailer: Description: Grab a mallet and ball, stake the wickets, and enjoy this refreshing take on the classic outdoor sport. Shoot, stroke, and knock your way through a...
  11. D

    Android The Seasonal Twelve

    Released for Android and Windows 10 !!! The Seasonal Twelve have made it! This is the last game of the season and it comes down to this one last play to determine who will be crowned Champions!!! Its a toss up as to who will grab The Championship Title this year! Get Ready For Non Stop...
  12. sman

    Steam Ragdoll Runners [Steam + HTML5 demo]

    One key per leg. This time you cannot count on pounding your keyboard to achieve victory. You require coordination and mental strength, like a true athlete. Try the free web demo! Watch the trailer. Ragdoll Runners invites you to take part in 8 events of 4 types: sprint, long jump, triple jump...
  13. K

    Released Hockey Charged (iOS & Android) - Mobile Air Hockey!

    Hello GMC! I've been developing games using the Game Maker engine for almost 7 years now. While not many games I've developed have seen the light, I continued on to make something I felt was worth the time and effort. And with that, I present my first ever mobile game called Hockey Charged. The...