1. K

    Legacy GM Spine OK to v3.0.10

    Did some extensive testing, loading versions of spine, exporting and importing into GM and thought I would share my results. Everything seems OK up to and including v3.0.10 (pro). Something changed to "weightedmesh" in v3.0.11 that causes GM to be unable to load the json file, saying it's...
  2. S

    Spine animation not playing

    I bought spine and I'm just testing it right now. My game literally only has the player sprite and player object. I assigned the JSON file to the sprite, assigned that sprite to the player and in the player step event I only have one line of code skeleton_animation_set("Idle"); I get no errors...
  3. T

    New to Spine--> Attachments

    Hi all, I don't usually want to waste people's time with my questions as I figure that's part of the learning process, but I had to join up here because I'm stuck. So hello all, first post! I recently got Spine and have gotten animations and everything working great in game maker (I figured I...
  4. J

    Spine animation problem

    So i currently have this character which is using his running animation on track 0 skeleton_animation_set_ext("run",0); Then when i press on the mouse button he will do a melee attack(While he is still running) skeleton_animation_set_ext("melee",1); The problem is that the melee animation, does...
  5. J

    Having issues making bones move with code(Spine)

    So i'm trying to make one of the bones in my character follow the mouse but it just ain't working. I even used the gamemaker test code to see if it would work then, but it didn't. Here's the gamemaker code.(Put it in the step event) var map = ds_map_create(); skeleton_bone_state_get("head"...
  6. Tim

    Legacy GM Spine (Esoteric Software) and GameMaker intergration

    There has been a bug chillin' in the YoYo Games database for about two years and I am wondering if we might get some traction on it. It is about allowing GameMaker to 'hear' event triggers set into Spine's animation timeline. The bug is here: http://bugs.yoyogames.com/view.php?id=16582 If this...
  7. BlueSlime

    Will there be any more Spine runtime updates?

    According to this page http://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216753748-SDK-Version-Support GM:S is only compatible with Spine 2.1.08 but Spine is up to version 3.3 already and we don't even have access to a Spine 2.1.08 and can't download it again according to this page...
  8. G

    mirror spine-sprite HTML5

    Hello! When you try to flip a spine-sprite in HTML5 it turns: image_xscale = -1; windows and on other platforms all is well ..: also by reference to the root bone game freezes. What am I doing wrong? Help! :) (v 1.4.1757)
  9. Sam

    ERROR: Using Spine Meshes and Weights

    Hello! I've been using Spine by Esoteric Software to create animations to import into Game Maker. Here's my steps before I get an error: 1. I can add an image to an animation. 2. I can give the animation motion through translations and rotations. 3. I can export to Game Maker at this point...
  10. B

    Legacy GM Spine Animation with more than one image for Atlas.

    hi everyone, here's my question. I'm using spine for handle animations in my game. The animation handles many skins and it requires many images, so that the Atlas splitted all these images in two square 1024x1024. Unfortunately it seems that Gamemaker doesn't support the "multiple images"...
  11. A

    Legacy GM How to scale spine assets?

    Hi Guys, I wanted to learn working with spine assets and bought one from the marketplace. They are working fine so far but they are to big. So I tried to use image_xscale = .1; and image_yscale = .1; but nothing happened. Can anyone tell me how it works to scale these assets? :( Thank you!
  12. FredFredrickson

    Windows Fatty Rabbit Hole - A cartoon arcade game where you eat all the junk food!

    Fatty Rabbit Hole is a game that I'm working on - where you play as a rabbit, falling down an endless hole, eating as much junk food as you can. DEMO: You can play the game in HTML5 form here: fattyrabbithole.com It's not the full version of the game, but it's playable from start to finish, and...
  13. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Graphics TMC OPTPiX SpriteStudio API

    TMC OPTPiX SpriteStudio API Outputs: All Type: Scripts Included: Scripts. Demo Objects and demo resources Demo: Windows Demo Marketplace: https://marketplace....pritestudio-api Description: This set of APIs will allow you to use your OPTPiX SpriteStudio animations in Game Maker...