1. R

     Any Spine Game Maker integration e-books of any worth?

    GM Version: 1.4 but thinking of upgrading to 2.0 soon. Target Platform: PC I've checked out some you tube videos and the yoyo web page on spine but wanted some e books that might help me get a better understanding on coding spine animations into your game. Anyone know any?
  2. C

    (SOLVED) Need help understanding Animation Event (Spine)

    I'm a little bit confused on how to pull data when using the *Animation Event* If anyone can explain or show an example on how to use this ? I'm using Game maker EA 1.9 and animation is creating in spine 3.4.02. In spine you can set Events to trigger during animation like footsteps. And...
  3. T

    Question - Code Does GMS2 support Spine Inverse Kinematics?

    Title says it all. When manipulating bones with functions such as bone_state_set (changing a bone's angle to track the mouse, for example), are IK constraints in Spine respected? In my game I have a character holding a gun with two hands. In Spine, I want to constrain the secondary arm (holding...
  4. deni

    Legacy GM Spine - worldAngle from Spine animation gives the value "<undefined>"

    Hello GM people, I hope I put this on right place :) I came upon an error in newest Early Access regarding Spine animation.. I'm sending You example in the attachment, just run it and You will see what I'm talking about.. When I read worldX and worldY from Spine skeletal animation, everything...
  5. S

    Spine DragonBones

    I really need to get 2D bone animation software for my game. I want to have bone-driven events, characters moving their heads to look at things, and smooth transitioning between animations -- all awesome stuff that can't be achieved if I just import the frame-by-frame animations from any of the...
  6. benway

    Windows [SOLVED] Issue importing spine sprites

    Hello! I'm not able to correctly import a sprite created by spine on GMS 2.0.5 I import the .json file, but what I see both in the "preview" and in the sprite when I run the project is a strange mess of the sprite parts... ... Nevertheless, the same json (and atlas) work PERFECTLY on GMS 1.4...
  7. W

    Help mostly about Spine but other stuff too

    Hi everyone. I been working on the same game for many years now and its been very frustrating and its always something. I just wanna find out now if there are real solutions to my problems or if I should just throw the game in the trash and accept that I wasted close to 3 years of my life on...
  8. F

    Legacy GM Creating a Pause Menu and Spine Animations

    Q1. So we have been using Spine to create animation in our current project. Our problem is this...We have created a pause menu room separate from the current room that the animations are being played in. When the player hits the pause button the game saves and jumps to the pause room. We do this...
  9. D

    Discussion Animation Event example missing

    There is a flaw in the instruction manual for GMS2 (may be also be for GMS1 but I haven't checked). Under the subject "Events" the tab for "Animation Event", the text explains the event but stops after it says "for example,". Would anyone be willing to provide me an example on how to use this...
  10. D

    Discussion GM2 and Spine compatibility

    I'm fiddling around with the trail version of GM2 and I like the interface a lot. However, since it is the trail version, I can't really play around with the advanced features that I really want. One of the major questions I have is how compatible is GM2 with Spine animations? I know that in GM1...
  11. O

    Spine Animation Play ONCE

    This should be simple I guess. I just need to play a spine animation, when it ends I want to do anything else. Like this: play animation (shoot); when animation shoot ends, or sprite index is 12, or godamn spine frame is 12, end IT,END IT END IT, FOR CHRIST SAKE END THIS! and go back to this...
  12. G

    Spine animation issue: it only intepolates at default anim speed.

    If you change image_speed to something slower than 1 you don't get any motion interpolation as it still interpolate at predefined rate.This still apply if you draw the skeleton by the drawing api. This just looks as spline animation are not interpolating at all at runtime, but get...
  13. Ruimm

    pausing a spine animation

    Hi. I'm using a Spine animation in my game but I'm not sure how I can pause the animation. In Spine usually you'd set the "time scale" property of an animation to zero, but I can't find anyway of setting that in GameMaker? Has anyone done this before? Thanks ;)
  14. P

    Game Maker 2 change color of single Spine Skeleton attachment

    Hello Guys, I am new to this forum but I have a lot of practise with Game Maker and now with Game Maker 2. I love it. Nevertheless I am using Spine beside Game Maker to animate my characters. I want to have randomized characters with randomized colors but I don't know how to change the color of...
  15. DukeSoft

    Legacy GM How well is spine supported?

    Hiya, I'm planning on using Spine for a game I'm working on, but I need to know if it can do what I need it to do. I don't want to buy spine, then find out GM doesn't support my needs. I've tried the skeletal animation tutorial, but thats broken (there are no spine files anywhere). I've...
  16. W

    Windows Spine support

    Would there be any possibility that GMS2 support the newest version of spine?
  17. K

    Windows I can't preview my Spine sprites on Texture Pages

    Hello. I enjoy helping you guys on the community forum, but now I need help. I also looked all over the internet, but I could not find a solution to the problem I'm having. I use Spine to create animations and they look great when I import them to Game Maker Studio, but I cannot preview them...
  18. G

    Legacy GM Errors with spine

    I'm on 1.4.1763 Spine:3.0.10 essential This rig has 16 gigs of memory 660ti i5 2500k I can import the spine files just fine into gamemaker with no errors. With a blank room with no objects I get the same problems. If i change the sprites to something not from spine it works fine.Spine exports...
  19. mazimadu

    Question - IDE Are Spine Events Animation Events?

    I was looking at the most recent version of the Beta and found that in the "Other" animations section, there is a new event added under "Animation Update" called "Animation Event". For months I have been wondering if this event is the "Spine events" we have been asking for, where it is...
  20. kamiyasi

    Do Spine Pro Features Work in GMS?

    I am a user of Spine, and I am considering upgrading to the pro edition, but I was wondering if the pro features are compatible with GMS? The pro features are IK/FK joints, skin weighting, mesh based distortion, etc. I already know that color blending of spine attachments doesn't work, but what...