1. S

    Spine Multiple Animations with separate speeds

    My question is if there exists somewhere in code for the skeleton spine object to have each of it's separate animations run at different speeds. For example: animation 1: you animate a scarf flowing in the wind that a person is wearing (flows at image_speed 2) animation 2: the person is...
  2. JasonGames

    Mac OSX Spine .json Import Issue (Get a Permission Error)

    Hey everyone- I've been trying to import the .json file from Spine into GMS2 and just get this- "Permission Error : Unable to obtain permission to execute". The atlas file and .png are also in the same folder. I'm using Spine 3.4.02 and GMS 2.1.3 (both on Mac OS X). Any ideas what could be...
  3. breakmt

    Discussion Get Spine examples which will run in GMS2

    Hey! I wanted to try Spine with GMS2, but I have a problem. I downloaded trial version which is 3.6.49 now and I tried to import to GMS one of the examples (from "Spine Trial\examples\hero\export\"). When I run the game GMS shows me error: I guess this is because Spine version is 3.6, instead...
  4. F

    HTML5 (Solved) Black screen when using skeleton_animation_get_frame

    Hello, currently I'm try to get a spine animation to play in the html5 target. Everything works fine until I use skeleton_animation_get_frame(0). Once I use this in any way and test the game, the screen is black. Example Code: (In step event) var frame = skeleton_animation_get_frame(0)...
  5. Strawbry_jam

    GMS 2 Deferred Normal Map Lighting w/ Spine

    Note: This asset is no longer being supported or updated. Description This is a normal map lighting engine using deferred rendering, made and designed for GameMaker Studio 2. Features: Easy to drop into any project and implement lighting Highly optimized Supports sprites and tilemap layers...
  6. L

    GML Spine / Sprite Look-up Table ?

    o_player Create o_player Step o_player User Event 0 - move_state get_direction_facing Script Ok, currently the above code mostly works. I'm able to switch from left to right sprites, and the "IDLE" animation currently plays. Unfortunately, the "IDLE" animation constantly plays, and...
  7. jf_knight

    Shaders Using pixel shaders on spine/JSON files

    Is it possible to apply pixel shaders to spine files? I am trying to apply this free shader to a spine JSON file https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5888/outline-shader-by-matharoo in the "outline_start" script you have... var _spr; if (argument_count<=2) _spr = sprite_index; else _spr =...
  8. S

    Discussion Compatible Spine version with GM2?

    Hey real quick guys, couldn't find anything in release notes in GM2. GM1x was limited to a specific spine version I know, but what about GM2? Thanks for any feedback!
  9. jf_knight

    Shaders Pixel shaders to a Spine Json?

    Anyone know where I can find a tutorial/example on how to apply pixel shaders to a Spine Json file? I just need one good example I can work off of.
  10. jf_knight

    GML normal maps to JSON skeleton

    What is the skeleton equivalent to "sprite_get_uvs" and " sprite_get_texture"? I'm trying to apply some normal maps shaders to a JSON skeleton made from Spine, though I'm having some trouble translating functions. Here's a piece of script code. It is what it would look like if it were a normal...
  11. L

    GMS 2 [Solved] Spine Skeletal Animation

    Hello All, Please look over my code, and make any suggestions. o_player Event Create o_player Event Step Thank you for your time.
  12. M

    Question - Code [Spine] Setting custom slot color through code...

    I have a question about the current Spine integration. There seems to be no easy (and optimized) way of changing color of single slots through code... When this simple functionality is going to be added?
  13. Crask

    Asset - Extension Environment Image Distortion

    Environment Image Distortion - https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6098/environment-image-distortion What this asset does?: Environment Image Distortion allows you to distort images, sprites with very efficient way. What are advantages of using this asset?: every created image can be...
  14. lukbebalduke

    GML Animation update intercepting bug?!

    Hey Folks! There is a strange issue in my game right now: There are two OBJ_PLAYER in a room, each of them has it own local variable M, that points to the direction where the player is looking at. At the OBJ_PLAYER animation update the angle of a certain bone is set to M. Both OBJ_PLAYER has...
  15. BlessHayGaming

    Question - Code Accessing skeletal sprites' json files

    Hay, I was asked from Twitter to go here Concerning: GameMaker:Studio 2 + Spine Question: Is it possible to somehow access the skeletal sprites' json files through code? Elaboration: As some people may know, I use Spine together with GameMaker a lot. In the past when I have needed to access...
  16. andev

    GML [Spine] Change the draw order at runtime?

    I've had a good look in the manual, but I don't seem to be able to find any way to change the order that the attachments get drawn through code. Is there any way to achieve this, or perhaps a hacky workaround if it isn't immediately possible? Failing that, are there any intentions to implement...
  17. lukbebalduke

    Game Maker Studio 1.9 Animation Update not working

    The animation update is not working correctly in my project; There is object that has it's own Spine animation, the animation is running, and the Animation Update event is not triggering. Although this problem is not happening in all objects, there is a specific object where it is not working...
  18. R

    Legacy GM Which Spine versions does GM:S 1.4 support?

    Hello. I'm interested in making my animations using Spine but I noticed that Spine lets you choose which previous version of Spine do you want to use, which made me wonder, which Spine versions does GM:S 1.4 support? I've already search but couldn't find that information. Thanks in advance.
  19. A

    Windows Problem with spine import

    Hello! I've been toying with spine lately but I have a problem with importing a spine skeleton to gms 2. Everything works and looks fine in spine but when I export it to gms it looks quite pixelated and ugly. I have searched the forums and tried to change the spine export functions but nothing...
  20. jf_knight

    Best software for cutscenes?

    For a Point and Click game project. Aside from character skeletal animation, Is Spine also suitable for creating :30+ second cut scenes? Cutscenes won't be too detailed. I'm going for a similar art detail as LucasArt's "The Curse of Monkey Island" to give you an idea. Or does Adobe Animate sound...