1. mbeytekin

    Changing Spine Bone Parent

    I tried with skeleton_bone_state_set and skeleton_bone_data_set for changing a bone's parent to "root". But it doesn't work. in documentation; var bone_map = ds_map_create(); skeleton_bone_data_get("head", bone_map); ds_map_replace(bone_map, "parent", "body"); skeleton_bone_data_set("head"...
  2. J

    Previous Spine Version Support

    Anyone remembers what version of Spine was supported before the v2.2.2 update? I've been on v2.1.5 for a super long time due to a bug. v2.2.4 fixes this bug but breaks my skeleton system from Nux. I intend to roll back to v2.1.5 and replace Nux's skeletal system with Spine and then upgrade back...
  3. penpen

    Unable to load SPINE file using sprite_add() in HTML5.

    Hello. I'm trying to load a SPINE file in the local directory using sprite_add() in HTML5, but it doesn't work. If you build with HTML5, you can get async_load. However, the content of status is -1. I have confirmed the following: - A png placed in the same path has been load normally. -...
  4. X

    Discussion Spine 3.8 incompatible with GMS2

    My programmer I'm working with could not have a Spine 3.8 .json file to work in the current GameMaker Studio 2. I am assuming this is out of my control, but is there any way to circumvent to version restriction or will there be a compatibility update soon enough? Also, I have not used any new...
  5. C

    Spine & GMS2 Rotating bones without IKs

    Good evening, I have been frantically searching aorund for a tutorial or some good documentation around bone movements wihtin my Game code. I wont be using IKs at this stage as I dont have the budget for Spine Pro. if anyone could point me in the right direction as goodly is letting me down...
  6. Kezarus

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Spine 3.7 and GM Studio 1.4

    Hi, Oh god, I think I screw up big time... I updated my Spine to 3.7 and I am using GM Studio 1.4. I can't import any skeletons anymore. I tried to down grade my Spine to 3.6 or 3.4, reverted my spine backups and nothing... Can any one help please? o.o Spine Error : Spine : Multiple atlas...
  7. Deadly Serious Media

    GMS 2 Spine 2D Animations Not Changing

    So I'm trying to use Spine 2D to get my characters looking more alive and I've come up against an issue early on. I have 2 animations to start -idle -idleback GM2 will let me change from idle to idleback but won't change back to idle. Here is the create code: skeleton_skin_set("Brian")...
  8. Guitarmike

    Is Spine worth it?

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm working on a platformer involving ninjas who do a lot of fancy martial arts moves with various weapons. Seems like a good use case for a tool like Spine. I'm weighing whether it's worth the money and time spent learning. Are there any drawbacks? Thanks...
  9. Didjynn

    Ragdoll and physic with spine / skeletal animation

    Hello everybody, Did any of you already used a spine skeletal to make a ragdoll ? It would be perfect for what I'm trying to do since I could use my already animated characters and make them ragdolls when they die without much more work. Also, how to make it consider what the ground is? I saw...
  10. R

    GMS 2 Spine + bbox does not react properly?

    Hi fellow-coders, I am running into a strange issue (at least it is strange for me) and hope that someone of you might recognize this and help me out. So far I think it might be a bug in GMS2 but yeah I just want to be sure :) I am using the following code to let sprites react to slopes...
  11. TitanAnteus

    Windows Texture Swaps

    I'm stress testing my game. I have the main character's art pretty much done. I added 20 instances of that object and have 20 texture swaps. If I was using regular pixel animations I know I wouldn't have this many swaps. I'm using Spine animations though. Is this normal? How do I reduce the...
  12. Redspark

    GMS 2 Skeleton Function Question

    I was interested in creating support for Spriter or Dragonbones. I noticed that the Skeleton functions allows you to modify a rigged sprite. Is it possible to create a rigged sprite from scratch using these functions or does the image import for a Spine-based sprite setup the sprite a...
  13. Didjynn

    Question - IDE skeleton ingame broken since the update

    Hello everyone, I made some animations on spine 2 month ago and they were workin fine as skeleton in gamemaker. But since the last update it looks like this ingame even if the sprite imported look fine in the viewer : I exported them again to see if it could fix it (so new export from...
  14. Leonardon

    Question - Code GM2 - Spine Mixing Animations

    Hello, I am having some issues and I was hoping someone could help me. My player is on Idle state: if (skeleton_animation_get() != "Idle") { skeleton_animation_set("Idle") } When I change it to any other state like "jump" or "walk" the animation looks mixed...
  15. A

    Question - Code Is it possible to import spine sprites from included files?

    Quickly flipped through the manual, but found nothing on the subject.
  16. Didjynn

     skeleton - swf and spine - procedural animation interpolation

    Hello everyone, big troubles (in little China of course) here, I am working on a new project and we have some ... technical wonderings. 1- is it possible to get a vectorial image used with a skeleton ? As far as I know swf and json don't work together to create a usable image (without...
  17. R

    Changing images in Spine, but images does not loop with the skeleton animation

    So it's my first time using skeleton_animation. In my spine animation, my sprite changes image to make the animation more alive. However, once the image changed it never goes back when it loops. The skeleton is showing the last image and it never change back. The skeleton amimation loops as it...
  18. S

    Question - Code Rendering skeleton after setting attachments

    Hello everyone. When using skeleton_attachment_set(), the changed attachments will not be rendered unless you use draw_self(). So using draw_skeleton_time() to produce a smooth animation will not work. Is there any workaround to use draw_skeleton_time() to render skeleton with altered attachments?
  19. D

    GMS 2 recognizing multiple Spine collision boxes

    Spine allows you to make multiple bounding boxes in an animation. Do any of you fine chaps know of a way to differentiate between them in GMS2? Such as during a collision event returning which bounding box the collision happened with.
  20. B

    Job Offer - General Looking for someone experienced with Spine and Gamemaker