1. kamiyasi

    GMS 2.3+ Issue with Spine and transparency

    This is a Spine animation I am drawing to a surface using draw_skeleton. As you can see, there is an issue with semi-transparent pixels not rendering properly. You can tell around the edges of the individual elements of the rig that instead of being partially transparent and letting the sprites...
  2. Lord KJWilliams

    Solved : Has YoYo games fixed the problem with having to use a rollback for Spine's .JSON files?

    I am not aware if YoYo games fixed this problem in thier updates, but I watched a youtube video where this guy explains that GMS does not accept .JSON files from newer versions of Spine due to the fact that GMS depends on the version number associated with the .JSON file for compatibility...
  3. Veini

    SOLVED draw_skeleton and skeleton_attachment_set not working together?

    Hello this my first post :) When I use that draw_skeleton is skeleton_attachment_set not working. When I use draw_self() is skeleton_attachment_set working. draw_skeleton(Blume, "", "", image_index, x, y, 2, 2, 0, c_white, 1) By using draw_skeleton() is draw the Image + Attachment Slot only...
  4. Andrey

    SOLVED Spine update

    Hello! Spine 4 is released. Are there any plans (and what is the timeline) for updating Spine to version 4 in GMS2? There is no information on this in the roadmap.
  5. Kezarus

    Spine bounding box and image scale

    Hi everyone! I need my bounding box to be a fixed size (256x256) for a combat grid system. I did that to everything but the characters. Now I'm having a problem with my Line of Sight system. I use image_xscale and image_yscale a lot on an object that uses a sprite that is a Spine skeleton. If...
  6. P

    SOLVED [Spine] draw_self works but not draw_sprite(sprite_index,image_index,x,y)

    Hello, I'm using Gamemaker I have trouble with drawing the spine sprite. Before I used skeleton functions to draw sprite but now I need to mix animations so I need to fix this problem. The sprite draws fine using draw_self() but when using anything else (even simply...
  7. Leonardon

    Where to officially track the latest Spine version supported?

    Hello GameMakers, Is there an specific documentation/page where we can track what is the latest runtime supported version of Spine? Spine has been having some updates but it looks like GMS2 supported version is still v3.7.94 (not sure) Thank you
  8. huperephanos

    GMS 2.3+ [Spine] Error importing JSON, using 3.7.94

    Hello, all! I've been using GMS2 + Spine for about 6 months now and just ran into an issue for the first time. I'm animating a very simple sprite as I've always done, exporting it the same way I've always done and GMS2 triggers an error when I try to import it, either by dragging and dropping it...
  9. M

    HTML5 SPINE - skeleton_attachment_set() alternative

    Hello, i've been working for a while on a project which uses spine on HTML5. Basically, skeleton_attachment_set() does not work on HTML5. This was an old bug, and was fixed on 2.1 iirc, and then reintroduced again in 2.2. Original ticket was reopened when i reported this 6 months ago...
  10. GapingPixel

    GMS 2 How to implement Spine Inverse Kinematics

    So I want to implement a Spine animation with this behavior, but I can't find a function for IK. The only thing that seems close to it is the function "skeleton_bone_state_set" which lets you set the angle of a bone, but that would only work for a bone. This is a very essential animation...
  11. K

    SOLVED How do I loop through part of a Spine skeleton animation?

    SOLUTION ------------ As usual, writing my question on a forum helped me solve it. All I needed to do was set the unit's animation again before setting its new frame. if name == "Loop" { skeleton_animation_set("AnimName") skeleton_animation_set_frame(0,10) } ------------ I have skeleton...
  12. B

    What to expect before purchasing gms 2?

    Hello everyone. Completely new here and was just a little curious about the engine you guys use. I'm thinking about buying a license but have a few concerns. The 100 dollar license(something I can afford) says I can export to Windows, Mac, Linux. I also plan on using...
  13. Skull_k

    HTML5 Spine bounding box with HTLM5 : Bug ?

    Hi, I did some tests and i think there is a bug on bounding box from spine in html5. So, I imported in GMS2 a skeleton from spine without a bounding box. I used draw_rectangle (bbox_left, bbox_top, bbox_right, bbox_bottom, true) for the red rectangle. Compiling for windows : OK Compiling for...
  14. Z

    Legacy GM move_contact_solid not working with Spine

    Okay, I was trying to make a slope by using move_contact_solid, and it works perfectly fine with objects with sprites made with Game Maker However when I use the very same object, setting its sprite with the ones I loaded with json files made with Spine, the move_contact_solid code wouldn't...
  15. gkri

    [Answered] Multiple spine "skeletons" inside a single spine export. Is it possible?

    I was wondering if GMS2 can handle more than one skeleton from same json file (single spine export). I see on line many examples with a single skeleton but nowhere a case with 2 or more. I can not even tell if possible from the GMS2 manual. Can anyone confirm it?
  16. U

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] Need consultant with experience implementing Spine in GMS2

    Greetings! My animator made some awesome animations in Spine and i'm working to implement in the game. We're having a few issues: 1. Exporting at the right size/resizing the art in-game 2. Mixing the animations correctly I'm looking to pay somebody who has some experience implementing Spine...
  17. Posho

    Skeletal Animation with SWF

    Hello, I've been making some animations using Spine that have been working fine on GameMaker, but due to the large amount of textures the project size is starting to get a bit heavy, specially considering it's for a mobile game. All of my animations' textures were done in Flash and the...
  18. Daniel Mallett


    Not sure if this is the correct place for this question but it's not really a programming question. Sorry in advance if I should have put it there. I have a number of questions regarding spine compatibility. This is my first time using spine so I know next to nothing. 1) When will Game Maker...
  19. L

    Windows Spine animation loop problem

    i made an animation in spine.it has 61 frames(from frame 0 to frame 60). And frame0 is defferent from frame60 when the GMS2 play this animation. it will play 60 frames but not 61 frames. the image_index will be 0 to 59. when image_index is 0. GMS2 will draw either frame0 or frame60. it seems...
  20. D

    GMS 2 Import Texture Atlas from Spriter Pro

    Hey all, recently started working with GMS2, lots of fun compared to other engines, but already encountered a problem I can't solve on my own. Hope for some good advise :-) I want to select animations and modify skeletons of my sprites in the engine. Apparently GMS supports importing a JSON...